Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 16th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Priyam saying I won’t let anything happen to Gitanjali. Chanda asks Kavya to wake up. Kavya scolds her angrily. Chanda says Kavya is not waking up, Choti Maa will be angry on me. Priyam recalls Gitanjali. He throws water on Kavya’s face and asks why did you not listen to Chanda. Kavya gets angry and runs after him. She asks Sevakram to catch Priyam. Priyam comes to Choti Maa and asks her to save him. Kavya scolds Priyam. He bites her hand. Choti Maa stops Kavya and asks her to stop it. Priyam hides. She asks Kavya to listen to her, its something important. They leave.

Priyam finds the library door locked. He looks for keys. He gets the keys and goes to open the door. Choti Maa says I have locked Gitanjali in the walls passage, she has seen me with Radheshyam, when I was paying him money. Kavya gets shocked and asks if Gitanjali dies, getting scared of darkness. Choti Maa says let her die. Kavya looks at her. Choti Maa asks her to inform others about Gitanjali’s death. Priyam enters the passage and finds Gitanjali. He sees her unconscious and asks her to wake up. He sprinkles water on her. She gets conscious.

Kavya worries. Choti Maa says what could I do, I was helpless. Chanda gets water for Kavya. Choti Maa says I will keep an eye here, go and see Priyam. Kavya cries and drinks water. Priyam gets Gitanjali out. She cries and says I was in darkness for long time, I can’t bear the lights. He asks her to come fast, Choti Maa has come. Choti Maa comes there and checks the door.

Priyam and Gitanjali run out of the haveli. She sits crying. She says I have seen Choti Maa, there is a cupboard in her room, a secret door, Choti Maa and Radheshyam are together, it means she killed Abhimanyu, she locked me there to kill me, I heard everything, Kavya… I love her a lot, I respected Choti Maa as my mum, how could they fool me. Priyam says now you got to know who is yours and who not. She asks will Rishabh know all this.

Rishabh is on the way. His car stops. He asks Munshi did he do the work. Munshi says yes, this is bank accounts and mail accounts of Choti Maa, you always check it when you didn’t get to know anything, you don’t trust her. Rishabh says you know Choti Maa’s family background, any accident can happen any time. Gitanjali says no, they are cheating Rishabh also, I have to tell him that Choti Maa is behind Abhimanyu’s death. Rishabh leaves.

Munshi gets a call and says yes, given to him like always, don’t worry. Priyam says no, you won’t tell anything. Gitanjali asks why, my brother should know, we have Abhimanyu’s murderer in our house, she tried to kill me. Priyam asks will they believe you if you say, they will want proof. She says he will agree, as this happened with me. He says no, Choti Maa and Rishabh will say you were dreaming. She asks what proof shall I get. He says you have to catch Radheshyam alive. She says he has run away, is it joke to find him. He says my mum used to tell me a devil’s story, devil’s life was in parrot, think, Radheshyam’s life is in Chanda, catch her to control him.

She says if anything happens to Chanda, he will come out, he will tell everyone about Abhimanyu’s murder. Priyam smiles. Chanda gets dizzy. Sevakram says you are pregnant, take rest. Gitanjali and Priyam come. Gitanjali says he is right, take rest. Choti Maa goes to library door. Gitanjali calls her out. Choi Maa gets shocked seeing her.

She asks you here. Gitanjali asks why, what happened. Choti Maa says I m surprised, you got tea. Gitanjali says Chanda should rest, she is pregnant, why, is there any problem, leave it, what will you answer, have tea, be careful, tea is hot. Choti Maa says you look happy. Gitanjali says yes, I m happy. She says Chanda should have someone with her to take care of her, sorry, her husband is dead. Chanda says yes. Gitanjali says if Radheshyam left you, what’s your mistake, we should get you remarried. Chanda gets shocked.

Gitanjali asks do you want this stain to be on your head, will it look good if everyone taunt your child a illegitimate, child should get father’s name, Chanda can get remarried. Choti Maa says her second marriage can’t happen, who will marry Chanda. Priyam says groom is in front of you, Sevakram. Gitanjali says we will get Sevakram and Chanda married. He says I m Baal Brahmachari. Gitanjali says its chance to show your loyalty. Choti Maa asks Gitanjali to stop it. Sevakram agrees on Gitanjali’s pressurizing.

Gitanjali says why to delay when we have groom and bride here, we will keep marriage today. Chanda worries. Gitanjali and Priyam get ready. She asks the servants to do good arrangements, inform everyone, its Chanda and Sevakram’s marriage. She asks Sevakram to go and get ready. Chanda asks Gitanjali not to do this, she will die but not remarry. Gitanjali gives her rope and ask her to die. She says marriage will happen any way. She asks men to play dhol, Chanda and Sevakram’s marriage is happening.

Servant gets pandit home. Gitanjali asks about arrangements. Pandit says the day is not auspicious. Gitanjali says marriage will happen today, go and do arrangements, now we will see how Radheshyam does not come out hearing this news. Choti Maa talks to Radheshyam. He says I will kill everyone if anyone gets Chanda remarried. She asks him to calm down, I will manage. Kavya comes and asks how did Gitanjali come out, you said you locked her in passage. Choti Maa asks him to stop it. Kavya says he is annoyed and threatened that if anything happens to Gitanjali, he won’t leave anyone, how will you stop Chanda’s marriage. Choti Maa says calm down, I will stop it. Radheshyam says I have to handle this now. He ends call. Choti Maa says I m scared.

Gitanjali comes and asks is everything fine. Choti Maa says you are not doing this right. Rishabh comes and asks who is not doing right. Choti Maa says Gitanjali is forcing Chanda to marry. Rishabh asks Gitanjali what is she doing. Gitanjali says Chanda is pregnant, doubt will go on every man in this haveli, what will she answer people, this is important, I don’t want anyone to taunt our family. Choti Maa says it does not matter if anyone say. Gitanjali says I can’t hear anything against my brother, maybe you don’t care, as you are step mum. She asks Rishabh why is he annoyed, blood relations and own and step relations are not.

Chanda asks Gitanjali not to do this. Sevakram comes and says I got laddoo for Chanda, she did not eat anything since morning. Gitanjali says aw, where will you get such loving husband. Sevakram asks Chanda to have laddoo. Chanda takes laddoo. Gitanjali sees laddoo and throws it. She asks Chanda not to eat it, it was poison, see the silver foil is changing color. Sevakram says halwai gave this asking me to give it to bride. Gitanjali goes and asks halwai did he send laddoos for Chanda. Halwai says I did not send it. Sevakram says there was some other halwai. Gitanjali says it would be Radheshyam. She goes to find Chanda. Chanda hides and says he won’t leave me, Radheshyam got to know I m marrying. Sevakram asks is Radheshyam alive. Chanda apologizes and says yes, Radheshyam is alive, he said he will get much money, he made me lie to everyone that he died, I did not know he is Abhimanyu’s murderer, he will kill me.

Gitanjali says I m not so bad to force you for marriage, I m doing this so that Radheshyam comes out and tells truth, maybe someone is using Radheshyam, maybe he did this on someone’s saying, we don’t know it, just he can say truth, its important for me to meet him, just you can help me, I won’t let anything happen to you and your child. Chanda agrees. Sevakram says if he killed Abhimanyu, he can kill you too. Gitanjali says I don’t care, I have to get truth out any way.

Rajveer gets a call. Someone says there is bad news for you, Gitanjali’s life is in risk, a guest in marriage will come there to kill Gitanjali, go and save her if you can. Rajveer tries to trace the call. He says Gitanjali has put herself in risk. Choti Maa and Kavya greet guests. Choti Maa says Radheshyam can come anytime. Rajveer comes and asks about guests. Choti Maa says Gitanjali made lists. Rajveer says I got a phone call, someone said Gitanjali’s life is in danger. Radheshyam comes in disguise along the dancers. Choti Maa looks on.

Gitanjali gets Chanda there. Priyam shows Gitanjali to Rajveer. Kavya says I can’t see your insult, don’t go. He says the person can be anyone from guest. He goes to Rishabh and says I got a threatening call, Gitanjali’s life is in danger. Rishabh asks him to keep an eye, I will call police. A dancer performs. Rajveer sees Gitanjali. Radheshyam shoots at Gitanjali. Rajveer gets shocked seeing him and pushes Gitanjali. He gets shot in his hand. The crowd panics and runs. Rajveer runs after Radheshyam. Rishabh asks Gitanjali and Chanda to get inside fast. Radheshyam runs. He goes to meet Chanda and says if you marry Sevakram, I will kill you and Sevakram. Gitanjali lifts the ghunghat and shows her face. The lights come. Rishabh, Rajveer and Priyam look on.

Gitanjali says you acted to be dead for six years, you and Chanda did not let anyone know this, why did you kill Abhimanyu, you failed his car brakes, why. Radheshyam says I can’t say anything. Rishabh slaps him and scolds him. He aims gun and asks Radheshyam to say truth, did you kill Abhimanyu, tell me. Gitanjali asks on whose saying did you kill Abhimanyu, no one will let you go till you say truth. Rajveer says you will be caught by police, its better you say truth. Rishabh says I will count till 5, say truth. He counts. Radheshyam worries. He says I will say everything, don’t shoot, I will say who is behind this. He pushes Rishabh and runs. Rajveer runs after him. Chanda cries.

Rajveer asks Radheshyam to stop, else he will shoot. He shoots at Radheshyam. He asks everyone not to move, Radheshyam is hiding here. Radheshyam hides. Gitanjali says Radheshyam is alive, now game over Choti Maa. She asks Radheshyam to come out, you won’t get saved, till when will you hide. Radheshyam sees Gitanjali and holds knife. Someone pats on Radheshyam’s shoulder. Radheshyam holds Choti Maa as hostage and asks everyone not to come ahead, else he will kill her. Gitanjali looks on.

Radheshyam asks Rajveer to keep gun down. Rajveer keeps the gun and asks him to leave Choti Maa. Gitanjali asks Radheshyam to kill Choti Maa. Rishabh and Rajveer get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very interesting story line……Every episode has suspense….The writers apt as u don’t get bored for a second… I wud say in these days dramas are so dragged and people got accustomed to it…. But koi laut ke Aya has given life to dramas by really creating an exciting and thrilling script….. The starcast is also superb…. The show does not lack in anything…. I love this!!!!

    1. I agree with u…this serial won my heart…every episodes r epic ? I really feel bad that I’m not able to watch this serial i can only watch some parts of the episode ?

      1. Ankur

        you can watch all episodes on hotstar

  2. Ankur

    I didn’t understand one thing. Why Munshiji asked Rishabh to READ those papers which he gave him, while he knows very well that Rishabh is blind & can’t read anything?? Is it just the scriptwriter’s fault or is it an another upcoming twist that RISHABH IS NOT BLIND ACTUALLY?? Anyway, this show is a much needed break from the usual saas bahu dramas & nonsensical supernatural dramas. There are so many things happening in the story, but each event is connected to each other so well that one can’t help but appreciate the scriptwriter for his/her intelligence & logical sense.

    1. Munshiji mentioned about braille. Watch the episode, you will get to know.

  3. superb…..love this show……?

  4. Is choti maa the culprit? Remember Rishab taunting at her that there is evil in her blood itself!!??
    Please give some clues … I am going to die of confusion 😀

  5. Dilasha Amare

    This show has really won my heart..I really liked n appreciate the last episode of 16th April… Because the work of director and script writer was good..As I don’t feel bore while watching the serial.. Because immediately Radheshyam was brought home…N all other things…
    Means as such there is no dramas like other serials..N there is no useless extending​ of the episodes..I hope it would be same in further episodes…Love all the characters… Gaura n specially Cutie Priyam…??being a child..He has a great accent for all the dialogues of Abhimanyu…

  6. Hiii to all of koi laut ke aaya hai’s fans….A SHOCKING NEWS FOR U THAT our favourite Abhimanyu is alive…I’m sooooo happy..i hope u will also be happy after reading this news…??????????????

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