Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhimanyu asking Gitanjali how is she. She slaps him. Inspector arrests him. Gitanjali says I m very happy seeing you handcuffed, than the day when you filled sindoor and married me. He asks what did I do. She says I don’t care if you did not do any crime, you deserve to be in jail. He says Gaura…. She says don’t dare to call me by this name, I hate this name, you are dead for me, our relation ended, good bye. She cries and goes. Abhimanyu’s lookalike looks on and smiles. Gitanjali thinks you have given me much sorrow, I will return all that.

He thinks you took revenge from wrong man, your Abhimanyu will bear punishment, I know better acting than you. Rishabh calls Rajveer and says your way to play game was good. Rajveer says it was Gitanjali’s plan. He pays money to people who acted like Chamki’s parents. He says this was her plan that she will prove herself as Gitanjali, so that Abhimanyu is trapped in Chamki’s murder. Rishabh says you should have been here to see Kalyani and Bhavani. Rajveer says I promised my friend that I will be back in jail, I will come soon. Inspector says I will get your bail done soon, we will find who killed Choti Maa. Gitanjali comes to Rishabh and hugs him. She cries and says all my planning and courage ended, I felt they have….. when I saw you, I felt I m alive. He consoles her and says its time to celebrate. She says yes my revenge is fulfilled, my enemy is in jail, he will be there forever, don’t know why I m getting tears. He says love and hate are two sides of a coin, you have won today, maybe hatred wants to flow by tears, come with me.

Priyam sees him and Abhimanyu’s video. Abhimanyu sings lullaby for him. Priyam cries and goes to Kalyani. He asks do you know singing lullaby, you are Abhimanyu’s mummy, you would be knowing it, you are good and did not leave him like my mum did. Abhimanyu’s lookalike comes and says this is wrong Priyam, my mum left me after my birth. He frees Kalyani. She asks Abhimanyu what’s his new drama. He says not Abhimanyu, Aditya, you left me after birth. She says what nonsense, I just have one son. He says you maybe not knowing truth, your husband lied many times to you, you gave birth to two sons that day.

FB shows Bhavani getting glad hearing news of two sons. Daima says both sons are healthy. Pandit says one of your son will make your name shine, other son will become reason of your death, you have to leave this unlucky child. Bhavani says I will send him away from sight. Pandit says he will come back for your death, as written in his fate. Bhavani goes and asks Daima about the second child. He takes the child and says when Kalyani wakes up, tell her one of her child died during birth. He asks the goon to kill the baby. FB ends. Aditya says Bhavani wanted to get me killed, I still have the mark on my back, I did not die that night. He shows the wound mark. He says Munshi came there and saved my life, he gave me to one who raised me. Munshi comes. FB shows Bhavani’s Munshi giving the baby to Rishabh’s Munshi, asking him to promise and take care of the baby. Aditya says I m glad he did not hide any truth from me, I got my life’s goal. Kalyani says I did not know this. Aditya says I shouted and cried for you, you did not hear me as you had Abhimanyu. She holds him.

Rishabh cries. He says I was taught Rajput men don’t cry, I did not cry, tears stopped within making person hollow, I took support of this tree and cried my anger and pain with this. Gitanjali cries out her pain. She recalls Abhimanyu.

Aditya says I wanted to sleep in your lap, it was easy for Abhimanyu, he snatched everything from me, I hate him a lot, more than I hate dad, six years before, I did his accident. FB shows Abhimanyu getting Bhavani’s call. Bhavani says congrats, you married Gitanjali, just do as I say. Abhimanyu says I can’t do this, what’s her mistake, I can shoot Rishabh, but she loves me. Bhavani says enmity can’t have love, agree to me or stop calling yourself a Rajput. FB ends. Kalyani asks how do you know this. Aditya says I have always kept an eye on Abhimanyu, I knew everything about Abhimanyu and Gitanjali, I always thought why did he get my rights.

He recalls how he has spied on Abhimanyu and Gitanjali. He says I knew I can become Abhimanyu, when he refused to take revenge of Ragini, I thought to show who is real Rajput, that coward lover, or me, so I did his accident and kidnapped him. FB shows some men keeping Abhimanyu captive. Aditya says I took his place and then met you. FB shows Aditya saying I will take Ragini’s revenge. Kalyani says I will help you and hugs him. Aditya says I m your son, Abhimanyu is a stain, I m real Rajput, I would have not left him, he got free from my clutches, I have sent him to jail instead me, I will sleep in your lap. Kalyani worries by his madness.

Abhimanyu says I m getting trapped, someone caught me. Inspector slaps him and asks him to stop his filmi stories. Abhimanyu says I will tell truth, I need to talk to Gaura once. Inspector calls Gitanjali and says Abhimanyu agreed to confess, he has a condition, he wants to meet you. She says tell him, when he shouts, I will get peace. Inspector says its time to beat up Abhimanyu. Sevakram says I m glad Rishabh came back. Rishabh says its time to kick out Bhavani.

Aditya says Gitanjali will not leave Bhavani, he would have got alone. Kalyani says he is your dad, don’t forget this. Aditya says think of me, you did not get hurt when he tried to kill me. He asks her if she will go somewhere. She signs no. Gitanjali points gun at Bhavani and asks him to get lost. Kavya comes and says not so soon, Rajveer just got bailed, case did not end, if he wins case, he will still be troubled, Rajveer’s life is in my hands, I will leave from house, I will not take FIR back. Gitanjali says one day you will get under the burden of your lies, don’t come to me, I will forget you are my younger sister.

Bhavani says you are my daughter. Kavya says I hate you, name this property to me. Gitanjali says who thought Kavya will cheat us. Rishabh says none can harm us till we are together, how to get Rajveer out of this mess, we have to find real murderer. Gitanjali says Abhimanyu got everyone murdered, we have to make him accept this truth. Rishabh says its not easy to break him, he is trained by army. Inspector calls Gitanjali and asks him to send Abhimanyu’s clothes by someone. She says I will get it. She tells Rishabh that she will make Abhimanyu say truth, this is only way to make him accept truth.

Abhimanyu is tortured by police. Inspector asks him about chamki. Abhimanyu says I did not kill Chamki. Inspector says Abhimanyu did not say anything. Rajveer says he will break soon. Gitanjali comes and says I came to give Abhimanyu’s belongings, maybe I can make him say truth. Aditya says you still love him, I will kill him. Kalyani says no, he is your brother. Aditya says no, I know you will also love him. She says I love you equally. He says I will snatch his life. She calls him out and cries.

Gitanjali meets Abhimanyu and says I hate you a lot. Abhimanyu says I know you are lying. She says I m crying out of happiness. I was waiting for this day. He says I wanted to meet you and tell truth, I get hurt when you talk to me badly, I just have hope you still love me. She says you think I will take case back, I hate you a lot, accept your crimes in court, I had to see you in this way. He says you still have my valuable thing. She asks what nonsense. He says you are still wearing the anklet given by you, you still have feelings for me. She removes anklet and gives him. She says you don’t exist for me. She goes. He gets sad. Constable asks him to change clothes, he is getting shifted.

Gitanjali comes. Rajveer asks are you fine. She says yes. She sees Abhimanyu’s interrogation. Inspector asks what happened. She says he is not Abhimanyu, something is wrong. Aditya meets Abhimanyu in jail. Abhimanyu gets shocked and asks how do you look like me, who are you. Aditya says I m your shadow, you did not know whatever happened in your life is because of me, I snatched your life and family, Gaura’s love, I want it forever, I came to kill you today, so that you don’t return to ask for your rights.

Gitanjali says maybe we did a mistake, maybe Abhimanyu is innocent.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I wish I can say today’s episode was nice
    I dnt like it

    Kya hai yaar yeh
    Jab sabko laga k abhimanyu criminal prove hojayenga toh last mein gitu rajveer ki hojayengi
    Writers b naaa

    Shuru se bechara rajveer help kar raha hai gitu ki
    Aur uska wait b kar raha hai toh at last wohi deserve karta hai naa gitu ko

    Why this two two abhimanyu?

    Poor rajveer

    Mujhe toh andhey rishab par bilkul b bharosa nahi hai

    1. Mona146

      true poor rajveer. If adiya has kidnapped abhimanyu long ago then why wait for 6yrs to introduce priyam as well.

    2. One thing we can say with certainty is that it doesn’t appear that Rajveer if Saheb after all! Many of us suspected he was involved, but I don’t think so at this point. Aditya is Saheb and orchestrated everything. Just wondering why he killed Choti Ma.

      Poor Rajveer, it looks like he’s going to luck out yet again with Gitu. I am happy that Gitu and Abhi will be together afterall.❤?

    3. Mona, I believe maybe Aditya took the 6 years to work out his evil plan. During this time he adopted Priyam and started coaching him to become Abhi. It took a long time to ensure perfection.

  2. oh my god ! so many twists in the serial. It seems to be more interesting.

  3. Har ek serial mein double role!!!uff in writers ko koi aur story nhi milti hai kya.,so boring episode???


    I hope they show happy ending…

    1. I’m sure they will Shraddha! ?

  5. It’s a race against time now with only 3 episodes left to explain all the mysteries. This episode was good, at least we now know what happened to Abhimanyu and why. But there’s still so much to be answered.

    In North American shows, they don’t just end a show before the season is over. They complete it and if it didn’t do well, it doesn’t get renewed for a second season. Why didn’t they just finish the full 52 episodes instead of giving the fans a rushed ending? Watching this episode really upset me, I kept thinking how much better and more enjoyable it would be had it finished in August, as originally intended. ??

  6. tania-the fairy

    really hoping for happy ending..thought gitu raajveer will be one but writter made double rule.

  7. Whee… Finally geetu know the truth.. Poor abhimanyu.. So much torture.. Well now rajveer is innocent i think.. N now bcoz of geetu’s behavior with him he will go to kavya and put his heart out in front of her.. N as per the bhavishyavani aditya will be the reason of bhavani’s death.. Well i think whatever happened was bcoz of bhavani.. Bhavani used ratna and then to hide his mistake he married her to rishab’s father.. N as he had promised to get his sister married to him but broke his promise.. Rishab thought to take revenge from him.. But he really falled for ragini.. But bhavani didn’t wanted his daughter to marry a blind man and be ratna’s daughter in law he played a game which displayed like rishab betrayed ragini for revenge.. Which broke ragini and she died.. Rishab broke down by this news but never told anyone.. N after this all those revenge plan happened..

  8. I like this serial…It’s really full of suspence..after watching every episode we guess who is d master mind behind all these…but on d next episode we r proved wrong..like it..double role is not presented in an irritating way..this irony hs made d serial really outstanding…nw it seems ‘raazs’ will b disclosed one by one infront of us like cartains of d stage…

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