I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 13

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Thank fr waiting and thanks fr ur comments
Todays episode start with goury after 2 years goury comes to mumbai she lands in airport her friend prashanthi comes to receve her .goury comes and hugs her .they leave in mumbai .
Goury: did u find where is ishana she didnot get in touch after that incident
Prashanthi thinks in her mind how to say goury if u know thruth then it will hurt u i think i have not say anything now

Gou: what happened why u r silent
Pra:nothing i dont know any information about ishana
Gou: ok, we will find her soon and……..
Pra:whats the matter what do u want to ask
Gou :and …how was…. omkara.
Prasanthi give a sudden break ,what do u came for om

Gou:no ,loudly says no iam not came for him i just came for anika
Pra:what ,for anika what happened to her
Gou:nothing ,i iknow she was still in love with shivay .bcoz of me she broke she relation ship now i got a chance to unite them she was comming to mumbai next week fr a deal i wlll unite shivay and anika this time

Pra:that was a good idea we make all plan now onwards ,i think we want oberais help also at least one
Gou:rudra and om will help us first we have to know that shivay still love anika or not, if he got married we have no option
Pra: no ,om got married but shivay not
Goury gets shock and says did om got married .whose that girl ,is that same girl which he loved
Pra: tension sees on her face and says no i dont know about thatgirl i just know he got married but….

Gou: but… what happened
Pra:but his wife was died in an accident last year .they both feel bad .they reach their home and get fresh . in evening they plan to go to meet omru .they both go to art gallery .same time om was busy in paiting work . he draw a bueatifut girl picture in white dress a girl comes and girl stand in front of om in same white dress .om ups his to see the girl face and she was goury . om sees goury and gets shock and also observes same dress in painting and goury where but goury didnot see the painting . rudra also comes there to talk with om .he also gets shock by seeing goury . rudra says goury ji u here ……

Goury i came fr ur brother. they gets shock again .
Goury: iam not talking about om ,iam talking about shivay ,is shivay still love anika . they get relax and om says is anika still loving shivay
Goury:yes ,but she was saying she didnot love shivay ,but i know she loves shivay thats why she was rejecting all matches
Rudra:same thing happening in oberoi mansion also bhayya says he hates anika but he reject all matches without reason i think it was called telepathy .omsays shut up rudra goury u says what is purpose to come here

Goury: its my responsibility to settle my sister . thats why i want ur help .om says u r right i think its time to me to do something for shivay .goury thanks them and about to go and stops and says .i heard that u got married but u r wife had died iam sorry for that .omru look each other .she leaves . rudra says did she know about bhabhi .om says i dont know ,just leave me alone for some time rudra felt bad and leaves om goes to a personal room and takes a photo .
He talk to photo u have left me alone ,i was living with u r memories but today i am missing u badly , i am badly missing u ishana the photo shows and it was ishanas photo
he goes into fb

after goury leave to europe three brothers search for ishana she find in culcutta om felt happy but ishana gets angry on om she says i will never marry .shivay says he done all this for u bcoz he loves .if goury got bad today ,she will get good life tomrrow but there is no life for om without u .ishana convince by shivay word but she will not agree for the marraige ,om says this is last time ishana if u come and marry me its ok otherwise i will not my face to u again and i will not marry other girl also .ishana keep on thinking

nxt day maorning

om waits fr ishana in temple they three feit tension then ishana comes in bride avathar shivay and rudra do their marriage they come to home every one get angry by seeing them .they didnot agree ishana as bahu day by day every get happy fr ishana and om by seeing their love except pinky every time she argue with them that om has spoiled shivay life one day all family memebers go to attened a marriage on the way they got an accident to save om life unfortunately ishana die in that accident.fb ends

precap :goury comes to temple and see goury photo with a garland in her photo . she knows that ishana died and she she gets shock

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  1. Nice episode dear. update soon.

  2. Nice epi

  3. Interesting…..Make om and gauri together……I love them very much…..

  4. Excellent

  5. Nice one dear

  6. Awesome…….

  7. dear your awesome are you tamilian

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