Knock … Knock … Who’s there? LOVE -OS

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Hey everyone!! This is Riti presenting an OS with a complete different story line …
The beach, hotels facing the sea & all the near-by tourist spots were being evacuated by the army. Goa had never seen such an evening before. The army was trying its level best to reduce the number of causalities. The air was filled with the noise coming from the siren of the ambulances.
Beyond all this, near the sea shore stood ACP Devrath Dixit. He was facing a terrorist all alone on the beach. All of the terrorists were killed or arrested. Only this last one was left. He held a gun in his hand & determination on his face. He was ready to shoot, his fingers were stationed at the trigger. He knew that he must get hold of the terrorist at any cost, alive or dead, his mind asked him to shoot now but the sea that periodically washed his feet stopped his heart every time by splashing water on him. When any calamity occurs nature responds accordingly but today the sea was appearing playful.

Opposite to him,stood the terrorist. Her face was covered by a scarf. Only her big black eyes could be seen. Lined beautifully with a kajal, her eyes were teary. She too held a gun in her hand but beneath the scarf her face clearly reflected the pain she was feeling inside to face her love, today, in this way. Her mind told her to remove her scarf & take advantage of his weakness, Sonakshi Bose. The only person on Earth whom he loved but her heart was revolting. She tightened her grip on her revolver but her hands didn’t stop shaking. She looked at him, with love, with guilt.

The sea roared. It washed their feet again making both of them go weak in their hearts but their mind didn’t stop telling them to shoot. The sea tried again with even more force. This time it disturbed their balance. The two of them fell down. The mask covering the terrorist’s face came off.

“Sonakshi…” Dev finally saw her.
Both of them saw each other. The officers stationed near them shouted & ordered Dev to pick up his gun but Dev was sitting lifeless like a statue.
An arrested terrorist ordered Sonakshi to shoot him but she didn’t pay heed to him. The clouds roared with all their might & fell on Earth as if to destroy everything. The same rain had once witnessed their love blossom …

Dev’s POV: ACP Devrath Dixit … Sounds too good na? I have achieved all I wanted … Then why is there a void that I constantly feel inside me? Is it the need of a companion in my life resurfacing inside me? A feeling that I had numbed long ago … This church is the only place I find comfort in off duty.
He saw a girl on the other side of the road. She was buying all the balloons of a balloon vendor. He went closer. Who was she?
He followed her. She kept on walking & went near some kids who got elated at her side. Dev hid behind a tree. She gave all the balloons to the children.

She saw them run & play with them for a while & went back near the tree where Dev was hiding.
She patted on his back. He knew he was caught & made a puppy dog face.
“I have eyes of an eagle” she said
“I’m caught” Dev replied “What’s my punishment”
“Following a girl is a crime, isn’t it ACP Dixit?” She asked
“You know me?” He asked
“The ACP of Goa… jaanana padta hai” She replied

“ You seem to have interest in the police department Miss?”
“ Miss Sonakshi Bose”
It began raining. Dev stepped out of the shade of the tree & opened his arms to welcome the rain.
Sona looked at him in amazement. This meeting was planned but the effect that this boy was happening on her was unexpected. She felt that the rain was filling on the holes in her. Dev pulled Sona by her hand & drew her out of the shade into the rain. His touch made all her pains vanish.

Apni aankhein khali kar de,
Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de
Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de
Mere yaara tere gum agar paayenge
Humein teri hai kasam hum sawar jaayenge
Do ye saugat tum to zamane ki hum
Do ye saugat tum to zamane ki hum
Har Khushi se mukar jaayenge
Hum Mar jaayenge …

They grew into best of friends. On beaches, sometimes on duty, in the casino … By coincidence Dev always met Sona. Brief conversations occurred initially which developed into long late night chats. Both of them were getting dissolved into each other completely. Unknowing love knocked on their hearts but realization was yet to occur.

Dev had not been calling Sonakshi for a few days. She was worried about him & was getting irritated by this ignorance of his. One day she landed at his residence at Asagaon. A servant opened the door. She asked for Dev, the servant led her in. What she saw made her heart bleed. Dev was lying down on bed. She went near his bed & checked him.He had fever. She sat down near the bed & hugged him tightly. When Dev felt some weight over his body, he opened his eyes & saw Sona sobbing near his bedside
“Why are you crying?” He asked

“You’re not well.” She replied
“Acccha chalo smile.”
She refused.
“ I have to say something. Hope you’ll smile at this … Don’t kick me if you don’t agree to me” He said with a weird smile.Sonakshi … answer me okay?”
“Knock. Knock,” Dev said
“Who’s there?” She asked

“Love” said
“Who love?” She asked with innocence
“Duffer … I love you” Dev said
“Oh! Is the game over?” She had still not got it.
“ Ms Sonakshi Bose. I love you.”
Sona jumped at this. She hadn’t expected such a thing at all. She again landed on Dev & hugged him even more tightly.

From then on the two of them became inseperable. Sona behaved as a typical wife, well she had become half-wife of Dev. Dev & Sona both had a big void inside them. They became missing pieces of each other. Dev had no one for him in the world, now Sona became his world. Sona lived in some sort of darkness, Dev brought her back to light.

*********COMING BACK TO THE PRESENT******************

They looked at each other for a long while. Dev moved towards Sonakshi. There were innumerable questions in his eyes. He moved towards her.

“ I don’t know why have you done this to me but …”
Sona cut him in between, “ I love you Dev … I have only loved you … Take me out of this mess.”
Dev was in a dilemma. The girl standing in front of him is a terrorist, he should shoot her, for his nation but she is no ordinary girl she is Sonakshi Bose, his world, his love & when she told him that she loves him he knew she was not lying.

The sea could understand that both of them could not take the decision on their own. So it rose, rose to great heights till its waves became Tsunami & drowned Devakshi with them.
Below the sea, beyond this world, are Devakshi resting together. There is no difference between Dev, the martyr & Sonakshi, the terrorist… They are Devakshi moulded into each other, TOGETHER

Different story?
Isn’t it?
Do comment & let me know
Sorry if there are any mistakes

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  1. Nita D

    Wow….it’s awesome……A very different concept with Devakshi being ACP n terrorist…..Happy that I stumbled across through the recent posts….

    1. Riti1107

      Thank You Thank You??
      I’m glad that you liked it

  2. Awesome

  3. ShrutiP

    Wow Riti…It was really a different and wonderful Os…I loved it…Please keep writing Os too… Love you…???

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks dear
      Whenever I’ll come up with something new I’ll write an OS
      Love you too

  4. Dessertqueen

    Lovely story… A totally different kind.. ???

    1. Riti1107

      M glad that you liked it

  5. Akshita


  6. Rekhadhir

    Different story …..nice story

    1. Riti1107

      Glad that you liked it

  7. nice concept…lovely story

    1. Riti1107

      Thank You So Much Ekani

  8. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Super awesome as always????
    Twinny love you….yours Sammy?

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Sammy Madam
      Love u 2…3…4…

  9. different yet marvelous story line

  10. Richa144

    It was so different.. I never thought that Dev would be some ACP n sona would be a terrorist. But the love was pure..the end was beautiful. I never thought that end of their love would be so peaceful. Though they died in your story, there is no pain in my heart while reading it. I just loved it.. I wish I could write like you. Thank you for this os…loads of love

    1. Riti1107

      If they would have remained alive then the end wouldn’t have been peaceful…
      There was no other way to keep them together forever … M glad that u understood

      You yourself have an amazing writing style which is unique in its own way

  11. V.V.harshita

    OMG !!
    ACP and terrorist….hmm….
    Nice one….but at last there r dead ??
    Anyways it was nice

    1. Riti1107

      They would have not been together if they were alive.
      Supporting a terrorist would make Dev a traitor
      Nd he could obviously not kill her
      So let them rest happily together in the end
      Thats what I thought…

  12. Aarti32

    Very different..Or shud I day unique!! Nobody on earth cud hv thought of a tsunami in d end..

    1. Riti1107

      The tsunami, I feel, was the only way to keep them together

  13. Darshana a Acp..sona a terriorist!…truly it was so different..very different!!!!!!…
    i was completely drowned in the story…
    rarely it happens!…u have got great writing skills…
    keep posting such unique os
    love ya????

    1. Riti1107

      Thank u
      Nd I’ll try to come back with something new the next time

  14. Vinya

    Woooow….. That’s all I’m able to say….. I have no words to describe how amazing ur so is…. Keep writing and keep smiling

    1. Riti1107

      Keep smiling that was nice….

      Thanks for the compliments…

  15. This was a master piece….???
    You do have a writer in you…and the big thing is that you know how to carve your thoughts in words…. That too very beautifully?
    Loved it…??

    1. Riti1107

      The end could have been written in a better way but I was running short of time so I rushed with it…
      Thanks for the compliment
      Love u …

  16. Priya12

    Di, really it was a different story …unique…
    Actually di, I too thought of writing an ff on devakshi as dev as a police and son as a theif…and how they coincidentally meet and luv,.,
    And atlast…they died…I have read many os ending with their death ,…that time I feel pain…but in ur os …it was so smooth,,
    I didn’t feel that pain…
    Ur writing…it was really amazing…
    Really god has blessed u with a gr8 writing skills…
    Luv with ur writing….
    How r u writing like this??? Do give me some tips…
    Do come back with many os like this…
    It’s really veryy veryy different

    1. Riti1107

      If they would have survived then the world would not have let them live peacefully together …
      So that’s why this is the end

      You are also a terrific writer with ur own writing style u don’t need tips?

  17. Heshine

    Hey Riti…! Seriously…! My god…!
    I’m falling for ur writing really…! My gosh…! This is such an amazing os….! Wow. !❤❤?????
    U r great dear…! Awesome…fabulous…!
    Wonderful work…!
    Pls post yet again…!
    Love u…!

    1. Riti1107

      I’m falling short of words to thank you
      It is amazing the way you ppl respond …
      I just feel so lucky

  18. Nikkita0194

    Yeh kya hai mujhe toh kuch nhi samajha
    dii kya vo dono mr gaye sea ne bura kiya aise kisekr sakti hai km se km ek kinare pr toh lati chotu sa tha but why she is terrorists i mean agar woh hoti toh dev se ni milti na kuki he was acp
    N aisi kya afat aa gai ki vo terrorists bn gai she was a sweet girl n she was behaving half wife they were not married
    K was a gr8 idea different 1
    Post asap

    1. Riti1107

      Arey Niks itna hyper nahi hote
      Her meeting with Dev was planned by the terrorists to fool hhim or take out some info but she actually fell in love with him …
      In the end the sea could see that the 2 of them were torn in b/w their love & duty that’s why it took them with it so that they could be in peace in their death

      1. Nikkita0194

        Oh mr gaye ??

  19. Aamu

    Almost crying yaaaaaar…
    Chotu saa topic…chotu saa os n bada amazing
    Bole to chota packet..bada dhamaka…
    Sachvhi crying man..!
    Last part tsunami wala…n devakshi..???????…
    But it was indeed a cute one…
    Bole to..”short n sweet” n also heart touching one..
    N also a different one..
    Lovdd it..!!

    N tumne apna ff post kiya..? I had not seen..isliye

    1. Riti1107

      FF ka 19th part post kia tha wo shayad tumne nahi dekha

      Nd bole to thank you for all the compliments
      Your comment was bole to Jhakas?

      1. Aamu

        Hehe..bole to welcm…
        N i’ll check now only..thanx

  20. wow…super stry my grl..yeah yeah really unique.. I was gng through sme othr pages of tu and saw ths ff.. and I statrd to read..the way you described made me go ahead wth readng and land wth a cmnt..that was a really a nice ff…

    1. Riti1107

      Attracting people from other pages means a lot?

  21. Kriti249

    Awesome….it was out of the box. Something different. Please write more…would love to read.

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks …
      If some good idea strikes me I’ll definitely write?
      Btw UR DP ?????
      I just can’t stop looking at it

      1. Kriti249

        So u are a ib fan too

    2. Riti1107

      khidktod fan

      1. Kriti249

        Same pinch even I’m a big ib fan bole to khiditod

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