KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 48


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The episode starts with Sanju searching for Sunny everywhere, he thinks “Where is this Sunil Bhai??? He will have to do something really quick otherwise things will go out of our hands. I will do any DIRTY TRICK to win my Jaane-man but this plan of Priyanka Madam, I really feel it will backfire on me!!! Now where is this Sunil Bhai???” He keeps looking all around and finally he reaches the backstage just at the moment when Sunny reveals the truth of his identity to Aryan. Both Aryan and Sanju get shocked. Sanju gets thinking, “What Sunil Bhai is Purab Khanna’s elder son??? So, he is in fact Aryan’s elder HALF-BROTHER!!! This Rockstar, Abhishek Prem Mehra’s family is really WEIRD!!! I wonder if there are any other KIDS of that family lost anywhere else???” Inside, Aryan still in state of shock is unable to believe Sunny’s words questions him, “What, that is NOT POSSIBLE!!! Because I’m the first and only child of Mr. Purab and Aliyah Khanna, then how come….” Sunny cuts in and tells him in a louder tone, “You are right!!! You are indeed the first and only offspring of Mr. Purab and Aliyah Khanna, but you don’t know that before YOUR MOTHER, your DAD was married to ANOTHER WOMAN, with WHOM HE HAD A SON, WHOM HE DISCARDED AWAY FROM HIS LIFE COMPLETELY TO CHOOSE YOUR MOTHER!!!” Aryan is left speechless on hearing that. He had always respected his Dad and couldn’t believe that HIS DAD COULD COMMIT SUCH AN INJUSTICE TO SOMEONE. His eyes fill with tears as he looks dotingly towards Sunny, whom he realises is in fact his ELDER HALF BROTHER, while Sunny gets hold of Aryan’s collar and continues, “Let me be clear with you, I have not come here to ASK FOR MY RIGHTS NOR FOR LOVE FROM THE MAN WHO HAD THROWN ME OUT OF HIS LIFE,,, BUT I CAME HERE TO GET IT EVEN WITH YOU AND THAT DAD OF YOURS!!! HE THREW ME AND MY MA OUT OF HIS LIFE AND MADE US SUFFER FOR THE PAST TWENTY-ONE YEARS, now you see my little brother, I will make YOU AND YOUR DAD suffer in the SAME WAY!!!” Both Aryan and Sanju get astonished to hear the VENGENCE filled in Sunny’s heart. Sunny gets wild as he remembers all his pains and gets even more violent with Aryan saying, “You see Aryan I will make you and Mr. Purab Khanna cry tears of BLOOD for whatever me and my Ma went through!!!” Sanju gets anxious on seeing the violent side of Sunny goes near him saying, “Sunil Bhai, please leave this MAHABHARAT OF BROTHERS for now, we will have to do something fast or else….”  At that moment, Sunny comes back to his senses and realises the reality of the situation, he asks Sanju, “Did you hear everything what we had been discussing???” Sanju nods signing yes and says, “But Mummy kasam Bhai, I will never reveal YOUR TRUTH to anyone even to MYSELF!!!” Sunny frowns at him, Sanju realises his stupidity, giggles embarrassingly and continues pointing towards Aryan, “Bhai, Even I HATE THIS Aryan, his NAMESAKE BROTHER, Ranbir is the one who snatched my Jaane-man and him, he bet me black and blue on the Diwali night party all because I mistook his girlfriend, Mishti to be my Jaane-Man” Aryan gets irritated and tells, “Mishti is not my girlfriend!!!” Sanju gets vexed at that and demands him, “Then who is your girlfriend, Shahana??” That is when both Sunny and Sanju remember about Priyanka’s plan, while Aryan remembers Sunny’s warnings. Sunny says “Listen, both of you, the FASHION EVENT is about to start, so both of you go and stay close to that girl, Shahana!!” Sanju gets annoyed to work along with Aryan and tries to resist saying, “Bhai, I don’t want to work along with…” when Sunny sternly orders, “Just do what I said, Sanju!!” Sanju grumbles and goes outside, while Aryan keeps staring at Sunny while slowly making his move outwards. After they leave, Sunny thinks, “I will have to keep a close watch on Priyanka and see how she is going to execute her PLAN!!!”

The FASHION EVENT is about to start, all the contestants line up at the two sides of the stage for their turns to ramp walk. The organiser comes there and informs them, “In the first round all the contestants will walk to the front stage as PAIRS, while in the second round you will do it individually!!! So, the pairs of the first round are Mishti-Priya, Shreya-Pari, Rhea-Prachi…both Rhea and Prachi get shocked and shout out together, “I don’t want to RAMP WALK WITH HER!!!” The organizer gets exasperated at them and shouts, “Listen both of YOU, I’m the BOSS here and I will decide who will pair with whom, so you both better shut up and listen to what I order you!!” after saying that the organiser continues to call out the other pairs. Rhea and Prachi continue to stare at each other disgustedly, Prachi shakes her head and takes her move away when Rhea calls her out and says, “Don’t think you have won Ranbir, you GOOD FOR NOTHING MIDDLE-CLASS WOMAN!!! Let this Fashion event happen and, in the end, YOU WILL KNOW YOUR PLACE, Miss. Prachi Arora, because you will see what this Rhea Mehra can do to win her LOVE AND THE FASHION EVENT DIVA TITLE!!!” Prachi gets disturbed at her words and her eyes widen in anxiety.


To be continued.

(Next episode will be updated tomorrow, 13-2-2020)

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  1. Loved the way Sunny convinced Aryan and he also proved that he is capable of controlling that dumb Sanju. Waiting for more arhana scenes and of course kiarsu also. 😘😘

    1. Aleyamma

      That’s right, Sunny is the strong personality here while Sanju dumb!!!
      So you too are a Arhana fan, ALEYAMMA at your service because your wish is going to be granted with more of Arhana and Kiarsu scenes soon!!!

  2. fab episode!! i love how prachi finally stood up for herself and gave that look to rhea. curiously waiting for tomorrow’s episode 🙂

    1. Aleyamma

      Your wait is over!!! Check out the next episode!!!

  3. Jasminerahul

    shocking that sunny told Aryan frankly that he will make him n purab suffer for what purab did to him n his mother.though sunny went to meet Aryan to protect shahana he got blinded by vengeance.wonder what Aryan will do now.sanju’s monologue n dialogues make me feel that he is a clown.rhea prachi have to walk together .wow.but rhea’s stupid challenge.when will she change?

    1. Aleyamma

      Actually Sanju is indeed a CLOWN!!! He is more of a comedian than a antogonist in my ff because he has negative aspects but her closeness with Sunny is changing him!!!

  4. Osm!!! hope prachi win .waiting for next episode

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Sara, the next update is done!!!

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