KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 30

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The episode starts with Rhea saying that MAMMA will do the AARTHI for the HOUSEWARMING PARTY. All are surprised, Ranbir’s beeji asks her, Rhea putar, “Whom do you mean as MAMMA???”, Rhea continues, “Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to mention, Prachi’s mom, is my MAMMA” Abhi is in for a shock, while PURAB, DASI and MITALI look on smilingly. Aliyah and Priyanka get frustrated, while Meera disappointed. Pallavi asks her, “But I though you dislike Prachi!!!” Rhea continues, “It’s true that I dislike Prachi and can’t stand her at all, but her MOM, is my INSPIRATION, MY GUIDE AND IN A WAY MY GOD, the way she saved me that day from the fire risking her own life, only a MOTHER could do that, and only she understands me and takes me in the right way always, so I think we should let her do the AARTHI, SHE IS THE MOST AUSPICIOUS PERSON I COULD THINK OF”, Abhi eyes fill with tears thinking, “On one side, you hate your mother to the utmost core thinking that she is a very BAD WOMAN, while on the other side, you LOVE and RESPECT HER TO SUCH EXTENT without even realising that she is your MOTHER, Rhea, FUGGY, you are the best mother in the whole world.” Aliyah asks Rhea raising her voice, “Have you gone out of your mind??? The housewarming is FAMILY FUNCTION, and you want someone outside the family to come and do it for us!!!”, Abhi shouts “Aliyah!!!!”, and then calms down, thinking of the others there. Purab tries to take control and says, “I think PRACHI’S MOM would be a great person to do the aarthi for our housewarming, after all she has done so much for our family.” Vikram continues, “That’s right, Anuradha ji is really such a sweet PERSON, I think Rhea choice is great!!!” Rhea smiles beamingly and goes to have her breakfast, she taps on Aryan and asks him sit beside Mishti as she wants to sit and have a chat with Ranbir, Aryan looks on at Ranbir, Ranbir signs him NO, but Aryan jerks and gives his place to Rhea. Ranbir stares at him. Vikram whispers into Abhi’s ears, “Rhea has already accepted Anuradha ji as her mother, while you are having a CRUSH on her from a very LONG TIME, so why don’t you both start dating???” Abhi stamps his foot, Vikram cries out in pain, Beeji asks him, “What happened???” Vikram replies, “Nothing Beeji, just got hurt while talking about CRUSH!!!” Pallavi gets shocked, “Vikram are you having a crush on anyone!!!” Vikram gets nervous, “No no Pallavi, not at all, I was just….” then he looks at Ranbir and continues, “I was just talking about people in our office who pass on letters to their CRUSHES secretly through FILES.” Ranbir chokes on hearing that, while Aryan gasps. Vikram asks him, “What happened Ranbir???” Ranbir stares at him angrily and says, “Nothing Dad, you continue.” Aliyah continues “Vikram, these tactics are very common among the MIDDLE-CLASS PEOPLE, I just wish my children, Rhea or Aryan should never fall for THEM.” Aryan chokes, Aliyah stares at him, Mishti gets concerned and helps him. Ranbir asks, “Dude, what happened to you now???” Aryan excuses himself and takes leave saying that he has to go to the college early, Ranbir asks him to take Mishti along with him, Aryan tries to deny but before that Mishti gets up and comes along. Aliyah continues to stare at Aryan, this Pragya has started to play with my LIFE once again, she has already manipulated my Rhea, while her DAUGHTER I doubt is manipulating my Aryan, I will have to do something fast!!!” Rhea asks Ranbir in a low voice, “Ranbir, wold you like to have coffee with me, this evening”, but Ranbir tells her, “I’m sorry Rhea, but I have already made plans with Aryan for this evening.” And he leaves from there ignoring her, while Rhea looks on at him, dismayed.

At Pragya House, In Prachi and Shahana’s Room

Shahana asks her “Prachi what did you just say??? You and Ranbir??? Prachi don’t try to hide form me, I’m noticing changes in you from this morning!!!” Prachi feels embarassed over her blunder and tells Shahana, “Okay, okay, calm down Shahana, I’ll tell you everything!!!!” she continues, “You remember Aryan had come to our house yesterday to give me a file, well in that file there was a letter….” Prachi continues till she reveals everything that happened between her and Ranbir. Shahana stays impatient and when Prachi finishes finally, she jumps in joy, catching Prachi, “Oh Prachi, Prachi I’m so happy for you, and MY SISTER, you have taken the right decision to accept Ranbir’s love, I can’t believe that Rhea could PLOT such CHEAP THINGS against you, Mr. Mehra is so kind, while his daughter, a DEVIL.” Prachi smiles and starts getting ready saying, “Now get ready fast for college, Ranbir and Aryan are going to come to help me for the fashion show event, Don’t fight with Aryan today, and spoil his mood, such that he will not come here anymore, only with his help, Ranbir is able to….” She stops while blushing, Shahana notices it and says, “Oh ho!!! Fashion show is just a REASON, the real motive is that you and Ranbir want to spend time with EACH OTHER, right!!!” Prachi gets embarrassed, “Stop it Shahana!!!” and quickly leaves to the washroom, Shahana smiles seeing her happy, “So good to see you happy like this Prachi, and why I would spoil your happiness by fighting with Aryan, because I have started to feel good while staying close to HIM!!!”


To be continued

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  1. Please update soon by the way the episode was amazing. Suggestion: can vikram know the about relationship of Pranbir and rabbit tell the truth to rhea?

    1. Updates please?

  2. Your ff is really nice Aleyamma

  3. Please update soon

  4. Jasminerahul

    it’s true that though rhea hates her mom she admires pragya without knowing that she is her mom.vikram saying that since rhea accepted anuradha abhi should date her was funny.vikram should know that she is abhi’s wife pragya only.prachi shahana scene was good.I wish shahana had told about her feelings for Aryan to prachi

    1. I want Vikram to know about Pranbir relationship please update soon.

      1. Aleyamma

        Be patient Hajera!!! Don’t get restless !!! You will have to wait!!!

  5. Steeva

    There is so much to LEARN from Aleyaamaa!! Loved the update!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Thank you Steeva!!!

  6. When u are going to update next ff

    1. Aleyamma

      Done Sarah!!! 👍

  7. Steeva

    Aleyamma!! I need help with making my banner for my kdb ff!! HOW DID YOU MAKE YOURS???

  8. Aleyamma

    I did not make it but I got it online, Rishi and Priynka I added through editing, while manish goplani and anupriya’s photo was also added through editing because I felt they will fit well into Sunny and Kiara/Rakhi’s role.

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