KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 28

In the previous episode, there was a complete progress in Pranbir’s love story, with which I should say their characters will be slowly subdued in my ff, there is more focus of Arhana, Abhigya, Sunny, Kiara, Rishi, Priyanka and to a certain extent Mishti. Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea will be still present but as sub characters.

The episode starts with Prachi and Ranbir on her flat’s terrace. Ranbir says, “I know how to handle Rhea Prachi!!! But let us not concentrate on her for now, let us concentrate on US!! He leans forward to kiss her, but Prachi shuts his mouth, she says, “Then, you return to your house first, before anyone in my family especially Shahana sees you, get yourself freshened up and take rest!!!” Ranbir frowns in dismay saying, “But, Prachi I want to spend time with you!!!” Prachi gets up and slowly leaves, Ranbir calls her out, “Prachi!!!!”, Prachi continues smilingly without turning back towards Ranbir. “Come in the evening with Aryan to help me for the fashion show event!!!!” Ranbir smiles and slowly leaves from there.

In Abhi’s guest house,

Aliyah is still thinking about Aryan and says, “If there is any woman in my son’s life, then I need to find her, before he follows Purab’s footsteps, and falls for any MIDDLE-CLASS woman, she keeps walking up and down and then gets an idea, “Since Aryan and Rhea study in the same college, she should know if there is really someone in Aryan’s life!!” Aliyah goes to Rhea’s room and notices her getting dressed for college, she knocks on the door, Rhea asks her “What is it BOOJI???” Aliyah says, “I’m noticing that you are trying to get dressed better and better nowadays, who is it Rhea that you want to impress??” Rhea thinks of Ranbir and blushes, Aliyah sees it and smiles, “Oh there is someone special in your life, huh??? I hope you have chosen someone from our CLASS!!!” Rhea replies, “Don’t worry Booji, you all know him, and he is already like a family member for you and DAD!!!” Aliyah continues, “Oh I see, you are seeing a family friend of ours!! Now, I’m getting more curious, tell me who is it???” Rhea continues while blushing, “Booji, not now, I will introduce him to all my elders, when the right time comes!!!” Aliyah says, “Okay, as you wish” Aliyah continues “Rhea, I want to know something else from you!!!” Rhea asks her the matter when Aliyah asks, “Rhea, do you know any woman whom Aryan is interested in or who is interested in him!!!” Rhea first gets reminded of Aliyah-Purab’s anniversary party, when Dimpy told her that she likes Aryan, while Rhea warned her to stay away from. Then, she gets reminded of Dimpy & Shaina’s words of Shahana’s attraction towards Aryan, and how she herself noticed it during the Diwali party. Aliyah asks her “What is it Rhea, why are you lost??” Rhea tells her, “Actually, Booji, at first, Dimpy used to like Aryan, but then I warned her against it, and she never made any more moves towards him!!! But….” Aliyah “But then what??” Rhea remembering her promise to Pragya, takes a long breath and promises herself that she will only say the truth and will not do anything wrong to harm anyone. Rhea continues, “Booji, I think SHAHANA likes Aryan!!!” Aliyah asks, “Shahana, who???” Rhea says, “Prachi’s younger sister, SHAHANA!!!” Aliyah gets shocked. Rhea continues, “Booji, I don’t know much about it because I heard it myself from Dimpy and Shaina, but then, during Diwali party, I did notice Shahana’s eyes glimmering while seeing Aryan.” Aliyah gets frustrated and thinks, “Pragya, you are always spoiling my LIFE, first you sent Bulbul and Disha into my life and tried to separate Purab from me, now you are using your DAUGHTER against my SON!!! I will not let it happen!!! Rhea notices her and asks, “What happened Booji, Are you alright??” Booji smiles at her and says, “Yeah, I’m absolutely fine!!! Let’s go and have breakfast!!!” Rhea goes on, while Aliyah continues to think, “I will not let any MIDDLE-CLASS WOMAN enter my son’s life!!!!”

In Ranbir’s Room

Ranbir comes to the room, through his window, without being noticed by anyone, he goes and gets himself freshened up and comes to the mirror, he gets flashes of the previous night and how Prachi had confessed her LOVE to him, he is spraying his perfume and gets lost in his thoughts without noticing that he is continuously spraying his perfume. Aryan comes there and notices his lost state, he comes and keeps his hands on his shoulder, when Ranbir turns back and kisses him saying, “I love you, Prachi!!!” Both get embarrassed. Aryan shouts at him, “Eew!!!Have you gone nuts Ranbir, I’m Aryan Khanna, not Prachi Arora!!!” Ranbir screams at him back saying, “Who asked you come here now???” Aryan realises the truth behind Ranbir’s confused state and smiles asking, “So you have succeeded to reveal your feelings to Prachi, huh???” Ranbir smiles and says, “Yes and she too has revealed her FEELINGS for me!!!” Aryan is surprised, “What!!!” Ranbir continues to tell his whole proposal story when Beeji calls him down to have breakfast. Ranbir says, “Now I feel so happy, I feel I got the GREATEST TREASURE of this world!!! And yeah, today evening, we are going to their house, so don’t give any excuses regarding Shahana, okay!!!” Ranbir goes down, while Aryan continues to think, “It’s so good to see you happy, bro, I wish I too get that GREAT TREASURE!!! Oh God, I need to get silver anklets now!!!”

Pragya’s House, Prachi and Shahana’s Room

Shahana asks Prachi, “What happened Prachi, you seem to be so happy today???”, Prachi is taking out a bright kurti smilingly, still in thoughts of Ranbir and answers Shahana, “Nothing happened!!!” Shahana senses something weird about Prachi and says, “Prachi, since the time I got up, you have been continuously SMILING!!!!” Prachi realises it and tries to avoid Shahana’s question “So what if I’m smiling, SMILING is good for health and it has lot of other positive effects on our mind and body!!!” Shahana says, “Prachi, don’t try to avoid my question,,,,tell me,,, what happened???” Just then Rishi comes and knocks on their door. Prachi sighs a breath of relief and asks him, “What is it Rishi???” Rishi is quite nervous and says, “I just came to give this to Shahana!!!” He gives her a small box, wrapped neatly with a gift wrapper and ribbon, Shahana opens it and is surprised to find two peacock jhumkas, Prachi too is astonished. Shahana hugs and tells him, “Thank you Rishi, it is beautiful!!!” Rishi smiles when she hugs. Pragya and Sarita behen come there, Pragya asks “But today is not her birthday, then why did buy her a gift??” Rishi replies to her “It was just a way of showing gratitude for her help the yesterday.” Prachi says, “Now onwards, even if you forget your lunch everyday Rishi, Shahana will make sure to give it you!!!” Sarita behen says “Like a WIFE to her HUSBAND!!!” Everyone is shocked, Pragya looks on at Shahana and gets reminded of Sarita behen’s proposal. While Shahana’s smile disappears into dejection.


To be continued

  1. Jasminerahul

    ranbir trying to kiss prachi n telling her that he wants to spend time with her was romantic. rishana scene was sweet though I can’t accept them as a couple.oh sarita Ben told them indirectly about rishana alliance.how will they react?now that alia came to know about shahana liking Aryan what will she do?

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