KKB…..Journey of Souls…. Episode 32

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Abhi: Alka di, Very bad , Very bad!
Alka : What?
Abhi: Ravi was your best friend and now you are asking him just to be your friend!
Alka being confused: Best friend? When?
Ravi smiles
Abhi: He is Ravi Suket Sharma the one who was with me in music school, whom I used to call centimeter and you used to…..
Alka: I used to scold you for calling him Centimeter.
Ravi laughs: Exactly…
Alka again hugs him but this time with utmost happiness: After you left music school you never ever came to meet us.
Pragya : That’s because we all got shifted to Mumbai when Ravi was 16 or 17.
Alka broke hug; But Ravi in childhood you never introduced us to your siblings!
Ravi: Lier, Once I did…
Abhi: oh yes I do remember, we went to music school but music school was off that say you came with a fatty girl, don’t tell me she was pragya.
Pragya: So? I was fatty, what’s wrong in it.
Abhi laughs, sam also laugs
Sam: That’s why I used to call her motti…
Alka laughs.
Pragya: You all are so bad….. I don’t want to talk to you.
Sam: Thank God.
Pragya: Sam bhai don’t jump so much or else I will tell all of them about what happend last night.
Sam hurriedly came to her and closed her mouth : Okay i won’t call you Moti but don’t tell this to anyone
Abhi: What are you talking about?
Sam: Nothing
Abhi: Something?
Sam: Nothing…..
Pragya laughs.

Sam: Ravi leave them, come with me.. I will show you your room
Ravi; But Mom dad.
Pragya: They need some time…..
Sam: But you should come with me leave mom dad, dadu would be scolding papa.
Pragya: very bad sam bhai.
Sam laughs and takes ravi with himself , alka follows them , abhi was standing there while pragya looked and stepped towards him.abhi didn’t noticed that pragya is coming to him so he turned to go but pragya stopped him by helding his hand, abhi looked back.
Pragya; Thank you….
Abhi: for what?
Pragya: For everything you did for my family.
Abhi: Your Family?
Pragya: Yeah My family.
Abhi smiles; Still you haven’t accepted me pragya, abhi looses his hand from pragya’s and continues: I will be glad when you will call it as Our family!
Saying this abhi left
Pragya: He is so upset that still I havn’t forgiven him, yes what he did was worst but what I m doing is more worst.
While pragya was lost into thoughts screen got shifted to suket, who was slowly entering into Aadesh’s room……..aadesh was sitting at bed, he realised someoen is entering into his room so he said: If you are here to seek forgiveness then I am sorry , I can’t give you that, I had one son
Suket while closing door: Papa don’t say like this, don’t use past tense, you know How much I love you.
Aadesh: How weird this is!!!!! I just used past tense and you have tears in your eyes but just tell me how many times you used past word for Ravi? Didn’t you regected him? (Aadesh stood up and went to suekt) He was your own son even he was not adopted but he was your own son, your own blood but you kept regecting him!
Suket was silent
Aadesh: you kept him away from you for so many years!!!!! How can you do this? Just tell me how can you?
Suket had no answer
Aadesh: Go and talk to ravi, not because I am ordering you but because ravi has always longed for parents love.
Suket stood there like statue
Aadesh: let me give you some time, think how will you face Ravi!
Aadesh leaves from room whike suket breaks down into tears.

Time passed, right now everything was going smoothly as soon as geeta and raj came to know about ravi so they thought to go and meet with pragya’s family, it was the time when everyone was seated in garden, it was cold outside and they were sitting in garden after some serious moments ended , raj geeta suket and sanvri were having random chit chat, thou the tensions still didn’t ended between ravi and his parents but ravi was happy atleast he can live with them, abhi was not there which made pragya desperate, sam and alka were sitting in garden too but were sitting seprately looking at this disha tried to gain everyone’s attention
Disha: Aunties….and uncles!
Geeta: What happend?
Disha: don’t you think this house should again be decorated like wedding venue!
Sanvri: Actually disha is saying right!
Disha: Aunty it means you are thinking same as I am thinking!
Geeta looks at sam and alka: I think I know what are you both talking about.
Preet; I am with you girls, I also understood what you all are talking about.
Aadesh: but about what are you all talking about?
Suket: I also do not have any idea.
Pragya who was getting worried about abhi just said in flow: Oh ho, they all are talking about alka and sam
Raj: What?
Sanvri: they look so cute together.
Geeta: exactly, alka looks so cheerful whenever she is with samarth
Suket: I don’t think they will agree for this marrige.
Raj: exactly… Once I asked alka for another marrige so she said to me that she will end up taking drugs but won’t marry again.
Pragya (trying to call abhi through phone): Uncle ..what drugs are you talking about? Your beloved daughter and my beloved brother , both love eachother…
Aadesh who was drinking water spilited his water and started coughing, preet massaged his back: Mad!
Raj: What?
Pragya ended the call as abhi was not picking up and said: Last night my beloved brother proposed your daughter !
Geeta; How Romantic
Sanvri; What romantic? They hid it
Disha: so what do you want aunty? They shood do everything opendly
Preet: Dishaaa
Disha: okay sorry.

Suket; but even for once they didn’t told us.
Aadesh: rather than getting angry you all should get happy atleast they found their soulmate! And we are sure that their relation would work out and would be stronger.
Samka comes there
Alka: whose relation?
Sam: and who found soulmate.
Disha without thinking says: You found
Pragya pinches her and says : We found a soulmate for you.
Sanvri understood pragya’s plan: Samarth please get married.
Suket too understood that pragya and sanvri are acting so that sam should confess himself that he loves alka, so he whispered whole plan to raj, raj smiled widely and started to narrate the plan to geeta while sam and alka stood confusingly
Sam: Mom I already told you that….
Sanvri: you don’t want to marry, but this is my last wish my son, please do it please.
Pragya whispers: Over acting… maa
Sanvri: sorry sorry!
Disha: bhai you should get married, alka dii you are his best friend make him understand.
Alka looks at sam
Suket: Till this day I haven’t asked anything from you sam
Pragya: So that’s why he is going to ask you to get married.
Sanvri: pragya , the dialouge was of suket why did you jumped in middle.
Suket: let me complete it… Till this day I haven’t asked anything from you sam but now please get married.
Sam and alka were confused to depth.
Aadesh: Sam I have found a girl for you , tomorrow is your engagement!
Sam: What’s wrong with you all.
Pragya: Again you will be married to ronita.
Sam shouted: Whatttt
Suket: her dad came and apologized me so I….
Sam: So you again agreed for marrige
Alka: Congrats Sam.
Sam: What congrats?
Alka: Go and get married.
Sam: My marrige life looks a circle to you, it started at ronita and would end at ronita? Huhhhhh Papa maa i am not going to get married that’s it.
Suket in sad voice: Fine it was first time that I asked something from you.
Sanvri: May be I die tomorrow , it was my last wish…
Ravi: Bhai agree for marrige!
Aadesh: please
Pragya: please
Preet; please
Disha: please
Suket: please
Sanvri: Please
Geeta: please
Alka: You should agree
Sam was getting irritated to core and so blurted out (holding alka’s shoulders tightly): If I had to marry Ronita again then why would I had proposed you…
Alka freezed over the point while rest of them were struggling to hide their smile at same time Ravi came: Bhai, you proposed bubble?
Sam realised what he said: No…Yes…Ma…
Sanvri: what? You….
Suket: Sam?
Disha: bhai
Sam with innocent face: Yes… I love her
Pragya couldn’t hold anymore and started to laugh loudly, rest of them joined pragya!.
Sam and alka stood confusingly, later sam realised what’s happening…….
Sam: pragyaaa, you told them?
Pragya nodded her head, sam was going to scold her, while sanvri said: don’t you dare to say my daughter anything!
Geeta: So my alka loves sam..
Alka was blushing.
Disha went to alka and hugged alka by side: oh so love haan?
Preet: what are you waiting about? Com’on congratulate eachother.
Alka was blushing hard and hugged geeta..

The family members laughed andshared hug with eachother, ravi was looking at all this smilingly, pragya was still tensed about abhi , the family members had little chit chat with eachother and then again were ready to share new relation with eachother, after all the things happend , pragya alka geeta and raj went back to sharma mansion..Time passed soon, it was late night and still abhi was not back, pragya was getting tensed to depth, she was keeping on saying prayers for him, soon she listened to car horn as soon as she listened to it, she came to know that abhi is back, rather than asking him where he was, pragya laid at bed and covered herself with the Quilt, she soon listened to the sound of opening door, she closed her eyes so that abhi won’t come to know that she is waiting, as soon as abhi entered he saw pragya sleeping and covering herself with the sheet, his face was giving the dull look, he went to pragya and sat by her side, pragya sensed it but kept herself freezed in the position…
Abhi in dull voice: pragya why don’t you forgive me? Why don’t you just scold me , I can not live without you pragya, You know how much I love you, I know I doubted on you, it was a mistake I admit but.. (abhi started sobbing, pragya felt bad) please forgive me, I promise you after this I won’t do it again! Please (abhi started crying bitterly, pragya was feeling enough bad for him) abhi continued: I wish to tell you how much your ignorance is killing me how much your words are killing me, the words IN THE COFFIN OF YOUR DOUBTS MY FEELINGS GOT BURRIED, are just killing me! You said you won’t be able to love me again , this thought scares me much, I feel like I am losing you!! For once please forgive me, today you know why was I out of home? the day I doubted you and scolded you, from that day I am feeling ashamed, i am feeling ashamed of facing you, how should I even face you? And right now why am I telling all these things to you? I have lost my right in your life (tears were flowing from pragya’s eyes) I am sorry….
Saying this abhi gets up and goes to wardrobe, Pragya assures herself that abhi is not around her and then she gets up(in sitting position) she wipes her tears, she then stands up and faces herself to wardrobe, as soon as abhi opend the door, pragya just jumped to him and gave a passionate kiss to abhi at his lips, abhi was first shocked but then he too replied back with his kiss, pragya broke it and tightly hugged abhi: I am sorry for being stubborn
Abhi: Pragya…You forgave me…
Pragya (while hugging): I am sorry….
Abhi hugged her tightly: I am sorry for the things i did to you…
Pragya broke hug: Enough of those, some mistakes you made, some mistakes I made, but just let’s drop this topic. Just tell me this that I sent you so many texts why didn’t you replied?
Abhi: Actually na… I forgot my phone at home
Pragya: very good, here I was getting tensed to depth and you are so……
Abhi: Sorry na….
Pragya folded her arms in anger: I hate you.
Abhi: Your hate can’t seprate our entwined souls because love will conquer hate and my feelings won’t fade….
Pragya: Our feelings won’t ever fade.
Abhi hugged pragya tightly, pragya also gave him bone crushing hug, after sometime they broke hug.
Abhi: Well Most shocking thing is….
Pragya: Is….
Abhi gave a sudden kiss to pragya at lips, pragya was taken back
Abhi: You kissed me at lips
Pragya: Why did you kissed me at lips so suddenly?
Abhi: because you kissed me at lips suddenly.
Pragya:: I kissed you because I am your wife
Abhi: I kissed you because I am your husband.
Pragya smiled
Abhi: we can again have a kiss!
Pragya: its getting late, bye good night
Pragya hurriedly slept over bed while abhi kept looking at her smilingly…..

Pre recap: Jaane nahin denge tujhe, Jaane tujhe denge nahin , Chahe tujh ko rab bula le
Hum na rab se darne waale ,Raahon mein dat ke khade hain hum ,Yaaron se nazrein chura le Jaane na tujh ko aaise denge hum ( We won’t let you go We won’t let you go Even if God calls you We won’t be scared of God We are standing in his path To try to look away from your friends No matter how much you try that We won’t let you go like this) …

Thank you souls…. Vigan here you go with characters, i can’t make the college of all of them so I am providing you the names…..

Televison actor Sumit Bhardwa as Ravi
Televison actress Aneri Vajani as Disha
Televison actress Rupali Ganguly as Saanvri
Nitesh Pandey as Suket
Jai kalra as Raj
Gautami Kapoor as Geeta
Raqesh Vashisth as Samarth
Riddhi Dogra as Alka…
Ratna Pathak as Preet
Naseeruddin Shah as Aadesh…

I hope the cast is clear, if you don’t know any of them google them, you would find them easily as all of them all popular. Thank you all

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