KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 20

The episode starts with abhi going into room, as he enters , he looks at pragya, pragya was sobbing so hardly as if she has cried since hours, abhi got tensed he hurriedly went to pragya and sat by her side.
Pragya while sobbing: sta…stay away from me
Abhi laughed at her cute expressions

Pragya looked at him, her eyes were all red
Abhi cupped pragya’s face but pragya turned away her face
Abhi: pragya
Pragya didn’t responded
Abhi: i came here to tell you that i am going out with friends
Pragya got upset and said: okay fine go
Abhi smiled and nodded his head in disbelief, he stood and held his ears and said: Sorry
Pragya rolled her eyes and started looking in opposite direction
Abhi in filmy way: ye kaisa sitam kr rhy ho pragya (pragya what type of torture you are doing) yeh sitam humein maar dale ga (this torture would kill me)
Pragya stared him: are you mad?

Abhi: Tirchi nigaahon se na dekh aashiq-e-dilgir ko kaise teerandaz ho tum, zara seedha toh karlo teer ko. (Don’t look at this true lover with those piercing eyes … what kind of an archer are you, atleast straighten your arrow)
Pragya: What?
Abhi: Jaise tu hua tha,upar waale ki dua se, thodi mehnat se , aur bahut sari lagan se(The way you were born … with blessings from God, with a little effort … and with a lot of dedication)
Pragya in irritation got down from bed and was about to go out of room , but abhi pulled her back, pragya looked in his eyes,while her hand was placed at abhi’s chest: Humein chor kr kahan ja rhy ho hanseena(leaving me here, where are you going beautiful)
Pragya was getting irritated at his filmy dialouges and in irritation she replied: marne ja rhy hun (i am going to die, any problem?)
Abhi raised his eyebrows, pragya sighs what?

Abhi: won’t you forgive me?
Pragya nodded no.
Abhi: No?
Pragya: No.
Abhi in loud voice said: Maaa, he then sat at couch, he hid his face in his palms and started saying: Pragya isn’t forgiving me.. abhi then stood from there and in more filmy way said to pragya: tumhari naarazgi sehne se acha h m mar jaun, nhi jeena mujhe iss duniya m, marna toh waise hee hai ek na ek din, kyun na aaj hee mar jaun, Bhagwaan mein aa rha hun , swarg m mere liyea jagah bana dejiyea (it’s better to die rather than facing your anger, i don’t want to live in this world, fact is that we have to die someday, its better for me to die today, Bhagwaan I am coming, book a place for me in heaven)
Pragya couldn’t hold her smile so she turned in opposite direction. And she also truned filmy and said: Hey bhagwan, mere suhaag ki raksha karna (O God, protect the parting of my head)

Abhi: yeh anyaae h Bhagwaan (this is unfair O God) Yeh din dekhney ke pehle main mar kyon nahin gaya (Why didn’t I die before seeing this day)
Pragya: toh ab mar jao( so die right now)
Abhi: Maine tumhe kya samjha, Aur tum kya nikley!(What I thought you were and what you came out to be) cheee, ek muaafi hee toh maang raha hun or tum mujhe marne k liyea keh rhy ho(i am just asking for forgiveness and you are asking me to die)
Pragya in more filmy way: Tazeerat-e-hind , dafa 302 ke tahat, mulzim ko maut ki saza sunai jaati hai. (By the Indian penal Code section 302 the defendant is given the death sentence)
Abhi: Nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (Nooooooooo)
Pragya laughed and so did abhi,
Pragya: dramebaaz
Abhi: i didn’t knew that you are dramebaaz
Pragya went near her dressing table, she took her makeup products and one by one she started throwing them at abhi
Abhi: ouch, ouch
Pragya: an han, you hid it.
Pragya was still throwing things on abhi and abhi started comming to her, pragya held him by collor, she looked into his eyes and tightly hugged him, abhi didn’t hugged her back but slowly placed hands at her back,
Pragya: stupid(while hugging)
Abhi laughed.
Pragya broke hug , abhi held her hands and said: so you forgave me?
Pragya: i was not angry over you i was just hurted that’s it but now i am fine as i understood what so ever you did it was not easy for you.
Abhi: hmm.. (abhi stepped near to pragya) pragya got nervous.
Abhi: so now you know that….
Pragya: that…..
Abhi: i love you.
Pragya smiled and resisted looking into his eyes.
Abhi held her by chin, pragya looked at him
Abhi: i want your answer too
Pragya: answer?
Abhi: yes answer, i love you so do you love me?
Pragya pushed him back and while going out of room said: Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai, aur usse bhi zyada meetha hota hai … sabere ka phal(Patience is rewarding, but far more rewarding is … morning fruit)

Abhi laughed and pragya left, with a smile at her face she was going downstiars and remembered that she shouted at disha hours ago for no reason.
Pragya: i should have control over my anger, she is not my bestfriend but she is abhi’s sister, i can not shout at her , i will ask her to forgive me.. pragya after sometime heard samarth’s irriated voice and alka’s voice, she looked at dinning area and found both of them sitting there, she just went near them, sam and alka didn’t noticed that she is there.
Alka: samarth , just now you shouted at aamir kaka, this wasn’t right.
Sam started pulling his hairs: ahh
Alka: i will tell you a story .
Sam: i don’t want to listen any…
Alka held his hand : please

Sam: okay fine
Alka: once a man was working when his boss started shouting at him , it made the man feel weak and useless. The man went home and immediately shouted at his wife accusing her of spending too much money, it made her feel small and helpless, so the wife shouted at their son for breaking the plate, it made the child feel clumsy and stupid, so the child shouted at dog and kicked it , the dog felt hurt and frightened so the dog ran outside and bit a women at street , the women was shocked and was in pain, she went hospital to treat the bite and shouted at the doctor because the treatment hurt, the doctor felt frustrated and unappreciated so the doctor went home and shouted at his mother for not having dinner ready, the mother stayed calm .she stroked his hair and said *tomorrow i will cook your favorite meal you work so hard and you are very tired, i will go put sheets on your bed so you can have a good sleep, you will feel better in morning* she kissed him on cheek and left him alone to rest . And so the circle of anger was broken with patience, forgiveness and love . Its so important not to spread anger if you find yourself caught in circle of anger ,just be sure that you can break it, if you are patient and willing to forgive and you are full of love.

Pragya and sam smiled, alka was sitting so pragya bended down and encircled her arms around alka
Pragya: exactly bubble is right
Alka held pragya’s arms and said so you forgave me?
Pragya: ahmm….
Abhi came from back and said: she is my wife so of coarse she can not remain angry for more time.
Alka: what a funny joke.
Samarth laughed..
Pragya said i am very much hungry so let’s have dinner.
All of them were having dinner , pragya looked at disha and disha with pleading eyes was looking at pragya.
Pragya: i am sorry disha.
Disha: sorry?
Pragya: yes you bumped into me and i shouted over you i am so sorry.
Disha smiled: its fine muff…. i mean bhabhi.
Pragya smiled.
Alka felt something fishy soon shalini entered the house.
Alka saw her , shalini came to them and greeted everyone.
Pragya: Shalu..
Alka: come, have dinner with us
Shalini: no alka, actually i was here to take tbe files from you.
Alka: oh yes, they are placed in my bed room so come with me.
Shalini: no first of all have your dinner
Alka: no i am done.
Shalini smiled and then her sight fell on disha.but before she could say anything alka dragged her to room.
Alka took the files and gave them to her.
Shalini still stood confused and asked alka: there was a girl at dinning area, was her name disha?
Alka: how you know?

Shalini: oh so she is disha, i thought i forgot her face.
Alka: but how you know?
Shalini: why won’t i know her? Even pragya knows her more than me.
Alka: you mean pragya is her friend
Shalini: not friend but best friends.
Alka being stunned: best friends?
Shalini: yes, since 2 class they were best best friends but in college’s 2nd year something happned that runied their friendship.
Alka: what happend?
Shalini: i too don’t know as i was admitted in hospital due to my weakness for half year so still pragya hasn’t shared that incident with me.
Alka: oh.
Shalini: even they used to wear same bracelets as a sign that they are best friends.

Shalini: okay i am getting late , i will meet you tommorow at office, saying this shalini left

Alka: oh so it means there is a connection between disha and pragya … we should name this mansion as connection mansion.. everyone has connection with eachother through past…

Screen gets shifted to pragya and abhi in garden..
Pragya was walking with her arms folded, she was looking at sky which was full of stars , abhi was walking beside her with his both hands in pocket, he was looking at pragya, pragya flashbacked..
Fb starts.
Abhi: so now you know that….
Pragya: that…..

Abhi: i love you.
Fb ends.
A smile got formed at pragya’s lips…
Abhi: if you will again and again smile by remebering that i said I love you to you then i am pretty sure your smile would kill me.
Pragya: filmy dialouge.
Abhi laughed.
At moment abhi stopped and so did pragya, abhi looked at pragya and said: Promise me that you will never leave me even if i blame you for insane things or even if i do something stupid… Promise me…
Pragya: in that case you also need to promise me that you will always trust me and would share everything with me.
Abhi: promise
Pragya: so i also promise that i won’t ever leave you.
Abhi: but what about your answer.
Pragya: answer for what?
Abhi: the three magical words.
Pragya hiding her smiled: I don’t love you.
Abhi raised his eyebrow: an han?
Pragya: i am serious. Our marrige was arranged.
Abhi: but for me it was love marrige.
Pragya started moving from there , abhi followed her: You yourself would propose me.
Pragya stopped and said: what?
Abhi: I challenge you that you would propose me in more better way.
Pragya: no way.
Abhi: i would make you helpless and you would have no other choice except of proposing me.
Pragya: No i won’t ever propose you.
Abhi: You would
Pragya: no way
Abhi: challenge
Pragya: accepted.
Abhi: wow it would be so much fun… you would say me itni shiddat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai. (I have wanted you so much, so truly … that the entire universe has conspired for me to get you”)
Pragya: sapne hee dekhte raho ( just keep the dreams)
Abhi: Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai (It is saying that if you really desire something from the heart … then the whole universe will work towards getting you that)

Pragya: it seems the last movie that you watched was Om Shanti Om
Abhi: i really meant the dialouges.
Pragya: is it? Then tell me what is love? Pyaar kya h in filmy dialouges..
Abhi smiled: Pyar dosti hai … agar woh meri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti, to main usse kabhi pyar kar hi nahi sakta … kyun ki dosti bina toh pyar hota hi nahin … simple, pyar dosti hai (Love is friendship … if she can’t be my best friend, then I cannot fall in love with her … because love cannot happen without friendship … simple, love is friendship)

Pragya: whom were you referring this dialouge to? (Wo kon wo)
Abhi laughed: You… if you can not be my best friend then i can not fall in love with you.
Pragya smiled while bolna song’s music was in bg..

Pragya: an han, so how many times a person gets into love?
Abhi: Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai … aur pyar ek baar hi hota hai (We live once, we die once, we get married once … and love also happens only once)

Pragya: okay fine now just stop your filmy dialouges , abhi laughed.
Abhi: last ..last..
Pragya said noo, she kept hands at her ears and started going into the house
Abhi in loud voice: Tussi ja rahe ho? … tussi na jao (Are you going? … please don’t go)
Pragya laughed..
Screen freezed at pragya and abhi’s happy face..

Pre recap: Oh so Dadu has connection with nani…….. Hands, put your empty hands in mineAnd scars, show me all the scars you hide And hey, if your wings are broken
Please take mine so yours can open, too ‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you….

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