At Disha’s house

Kiara wakes up on bed and sees Disha sitting near her.

“ are you ok now? You scared the hell out of me. I got so scared. What happened?” asks Disha concernly.

“ Nothing aunty, I am fine. It was due to weakness.” Replies Kiara thinking about her flashes.

Kiara’s pov

I want to know how did Kiara die, I am feeling there is a connection between me and her.But…. I don’t it is the right time to ask.  I should wait.

“ here, take this. It’s for you.” saying this Sunny gives Kiara something.

“ what is this?”asks Kiara.

“ Poison.”replies Sunny.

“Sunny…”says Disha.

“ it’s an energy drink. Drink it. You will feel better.”says Sunny.

“ Can’t you ever be serious?” asks Kiara drinking.

“ well, Sunny come aside I have to ask talk to you.” saying this Disha takes him out of the room to speak with him.

“ what happened mom? What do you want to speak?”asks Sunny.

“ well, tomorrow is Aryan’s wedding. Aliya’s son.” Says Disha tensed about the reply from Sunny.

“ mom…” Disha interrupts Sunny.

“ listen, I know you hate your father but Aryan is not only Aliya and Purab’s son but also Pragya di’s nephew and I want to attend his wedding. And I want you also to…..” Disha doesn’t complete her talk as she gets scared by Sunny’s look as he closes his fist.

“mom, I am not gonna come and you are also not gonna attend.”Sunny replies curtly.

“ But Sunny, Aryan is not responsible for anything for what has happened and on top of it I want to attend the wedding for di and jiju. Please Sunny. We will just stay there for an hour. That’s it. Trust me. please Sunny.” Requests Disha to which Sunny agrees reluctantly.

Suddenly Kiara coughs so they run into her room. They make her fine.

“ well, Kiara I and Sunny will not be there for tomorrow night as we have to attend Aryan’s wedding.” Says Disha.

“ Aryan? Aliya mama’s son?” Asks Kiara.

“ Do you know him? ”asks Sunny.

“ She is jiju’s student.” Tells Disha. Kiara reveals everything.

“ so, till now I was working for Purab Khanna indirectly.” Shouts Sunny.

“ No, you were working for your friend.”tells Disha.

“ Mom,….” Disha interrupts Sunny.

“ I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Tomorrow we are going to the wedding, hope you know that. And that’s final. ”declares Disha.

“ Aryan’s wedding?” asks Kiara.

“yes. But you can’t . you know why.” Disha replies to which Kiara nods.

Kiara’s pov

“Didn’t Aryan propose Shahana yet? What’s going on? He is getting married tomorrow but… god please help Aryan. Please. “

At office quarters.

“ what happened? Why did Meenakshi aunty call you?”asks Prachi.

“ She said she wants me and Shashank to meet once. She asked me to come to her home and from there we are supposed to go to a wedding.”replies Shahana.

“ but tomorrow is Aryan’s wedding too. Won’t you come?” asks Prachi.

“ no. I will pass.” Replies Shahana sadly.

“ ok, well are you sure about this wedding of yours with Shashank. I mean don’t you think you are rushing ..” Shahana interrupts Prachi.

“ no, I don’t think so .” Shahana replies quickly and leaves from there.

At Mehra mansion

Ranbhir and Aryan remembers the moments one year back when they received Prahana’s death news. How weird and scared Rhea was. Ranbhir’s eyes were turned and he was holding his fist. He was looking like a tiger who wanted to give it’s prey a terrible death.

“ so it was Rhea all along. I will not spare her.” Ranbhir says.

“ Ranbhir, calm down. Listen, Rhea is Chuck’s daughter and she have everyone’s support in this house. And she doesn’t have the habit of telling truth so no onwe will believe you. We should do something for that, but if Prachi leaves  from here now  it will be very difficult to find her again. Everyone wants to wait till my wedding but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”says Aryan trying to calm down Ranbhir.

“ but what can we do. I mean Prachi promised Rhea. I can’t let Prachi break her promise. If she breaks her promise then she will feel bad and I can’t see her like that” Replies Ranbhir sadly.

“ but what if we do something that she has to break her promise but not for her but for other’s happiness. I mean Prachi is a girl who cares about others except her, so she will do anything for others.” Tells Aryan.

“ well, the idea is good but I am not getting any plans in my mind. Are you? ” asks Ranbhir.

“ I am thinking.” Replies Aryan

At night

At Disha’s hosue

Sunny is sitting in balcony on sofa and Kiara comes there. She sits beside him.

“ why did you lie to me that you weren’t working for Mehras though you knew my past?” asks Sunny.

“ well, I never worked for them…”Kiara gets interrupted by Sunny.

“ fine, you didn’t work for them but you were with them, right?” asks Sunny angrily.

“ I think you forgot something. Your promise. And listen, you held your father responsible for ruining your mother’s life but what did others do?” Asks Skiara.

“ they didn’t try to save my mother’s life. They didn’t speak when they were supposed to. What do you think, that I don’t love them? I love them all. I spent my childhood with them since my birth.” Replies Sunny.

“ then don’t hate them when you can’t. listen, it is difficult  to love the people who hurt us but you should give it a try especially when you know you love them. And as far as Aryan is concerned , he is a good boy. He is innocent. I know him. He can never do anything to hurt others. Don’t hurt him just because he is Purab sir’s son. Treat him the way he deserves to be treated. He deserves to be treated well.” Tells Kiara to which Sunny remains quiet.

“ well, that’s it?” asks Sunny.

“ well, this is for Aryan. It’s his wedding gift. Give it to him as I can’t attend.” Saying this Kiara gives the gift to Sunny.

“ After the way they treated you, you are still….” Before Sunny finishes, Kiara understands and replies.

“ I was treated that way because I was wrong. I should have told them who I was at first itself. I played with their emotions. I deserve this.” Saying this she was about to leave from there but Sunny holds her hand.

“ I think you should know this. People who brings happiness in other’s lives deserve to be happy. And you are one of them. So you deserve to be happy. ” says Sunny.

Kiara smiles to which Sunny responds with a smile. They wish good night to each other and leave to their respective bedrooms.

Precap- the wedding season starts.


Author’s note: Friends, I can’t upload for two weeks as I have exams. I am sorry. I will upload as soon as I finish my exams. Hope you can understand.

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