KKB Fan Fiction – God’s will (Episode 2)

The episode starts with Rhea sitting remincing the moments in last two years.

Whenever she wanted to talk to pragya , she ignored him and abhi also didn’t talk to her the same way he did before.

” I am so bad. I killed my own sister, how could I?? My own Mom hates me so much” Says rhea crying

“You didn’t do anything dear that middle class girl prachi died because of her own deeds and that pragya she doesn’t love you,  I told you but your buji loves you dear” says aaliya with a smirk.

“No buji I am bad. I lost everything because of my own selfishness ” says Rhea hugging aaliya

“Don’t cry dear everything is with you , you haven’t lost anything,  rememberyour buji is always there for you “says aaliya while hugging back Rhea

While in Mumbai

Prachi and kiara returns back from work tired.

Both of them sat tiredly on the sofa when a video call rang.

“Hello, dad how are you?? ” says prachi making sad face.

Oh sweetheart I am good, how are you , you’re looking tired?? Says the person

“We just returned from work dad that’s why!!” Says kiara coming behind prachi.

Oh my daughter’s are tired , oh dear I told you both,  what’s the need to work?? You both come here in london and live like princess after all you both are king Singh’s daughters” says king

“Oh dad you know naa we work for happiness And we know that our dad is always there for supporting us” says kiara smilingly.

“Kiara, your answer is always the same” says king” but where’s my aashi lost??” enquiring about prachi who was lost in her own world.

Aashi !! Says kiara jolting prachi!

Prachi realized the moment and came out of her world,  after wiping her tears secretly , prachi smiled at king and said what happened dad??

I told you so many times aashi that you are my daughter now,  I don’t know what happened in your past but I know that you deserve to be happy

While in the flashback

King remembers that they were going to an important meeting when their car stopped in the middle of the forest ,down the Cliff he went to search the network to make a call, then he found a body covered in the leaves lying unconscious.

It was Prachi.

He shouted” Kiara come here fast”

Kiara reached there and asked “what happened dad??” they both check the pulse Pulse of the body they found that she was alive and the they took her to the hospital.

When prachi gains conciousness,  she was scared and tried to escape but kiara told her that she is her sister from now onwards. She asked her about her family , prachi started sweating and collapsed then she promised that dhe won’t ask her anything about her past and named her aashi.”

While in the present

Prachi says” that you saved my life and treated me like your own daughter,  I am very much thankful to you. ”

Kiara said ” we are your family and who says thank you to own family, pagal ladki”

King remembered how she saved kiara when she fell from the cliff but kiara lost her memory and only rembers the things he told them .

He told her that her mother died and he was her father.

Prachi hugs kiara tightly .

While king returns to the present moment.

King says ” dad is left alone” making a pout face.

Kiara and prachi extended their hands towards king and the three enjoyed a group hug on video call.

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