KKB Fan Fiction – God’s will (Character Sketch)


So friends, I am here with CHARACTER SKETCH of the roles.


Played by Krishna kaul

A business tycoon

who was once a carefree guy

, he lost her love, prachi.

He is the partner of abhi in his music industry.


Played by Pearl v puri

A serious businessman

Who has anger issues because he thinks his father betrayed her mother.

Owner of an event management company.

Disha and purab’s son.

Played by mughda chapekar

A charming girl who was hurt by her sister and left the house ,

assumed dead by her family.

Didn’t told anything to her assumed sister, who is indeed her elder sister.


Played by Rashmika madana

A caring and loving girl

Who loves her sister very much

Works in sunny’s company.

Aspiring singer.

Abhigya’s eldest daughter.

King’s adopted daughter.


Played by Pooja banerjee
Once was a selfishness girl who now feels guilty for her deeds.
Cares for her family.
Seeks forgiveness from her mother.

Played by rishi dev
Sunny’s best friend and business partner
Carefree and humorous boy
To be paired with rhea

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  1. Very nice dear update soon

  2. Does kiara know about her past and prachi being her sister?
    Or atleast she know her boss is none other than her childhood best friend?
    What about kiara…did she have any memory loss like that or not

    1. Parigill06

      Wait for it dear😊

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