KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 5

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Aah…successfully finished my boring intros. So the intro epis are over. I think this will not be that boring. Also sorry for the late episode…sari, i will see u guys at the end.

The episode starts, showing Purab begging Abhi for sth.
Purab, come on Abhi, before 4 years you was bothering me for a concert in Chennai. But now, i am begging you just for a stage performance, for almost two years. Showing attitude, ah?????
Abhi, no Purab…listen.
Purab, no. You listen. I signed the contract 2 months ago.
Abhi, 2 months??? And only now u r saying!!!
Purab, yeah. If i say it before, u wud surely do sth to spoil it. I know u man. Ystday…we spoke of the final arrangements and signed the other necessary documents…and u r doing it. Its final. Pack ur bags…flight is at 5 in the evening. No one is accompanying you. U r gng, singing…and then coming back. i said to dadi and there is no way for escaping saying she will not give permission.
Abhi, but…
Purab had already left.

Its evening…
Abhi is boarding the flight. He closes his eyes and gets lost in thoughts.
The flight landed.

He was received by a few men.
β€œHi sir”
Abhi, you must be…Arvind, right?
Arvind, yes sir.
Abhi, Hi Arvind . good to see u…
Arvind, pleasure sir…sir…This is Mr. Krishna kumar, Ajay, Preethi and Kailash. I think Purab said you about us.
Abhi, yes, yes.
Arvind, this is Meera.
Meera, hi sir.
Arvind, She will be with you all through this program. If you need anything, you can of course contact me.
Abhi, yeah sure. Lets leave.
They go to the hotel.

On the way he sees a boy following a girl. Clearly they are in love.
Abhi soon flies to his dreamland.
…………………..he is following a girl. Of course it is prags.
Abhi is wearing a helmet and is walking dragging his bike with him. Pragya walks in front…smiling.
Aala saachiputta kannala
Iyyo thaangalaye ennale
Moocha vangi pora Munnala
Peche ninnuruchu Thannala…
Naanu kaanama ponenda goiyaala
Ennamo aachuda meiyaala
Thala geezha nadakkuren kaiyaala
Ippo mentalla aayitten avallala

Suddenly, he grabs Pragya to the side of the road. He removes his helmet and leans forward to kiss.

Sir we have reached. Abhi smiles and leaves to his room.

Other side…
Arvind, hi Pragya. What happened you called me. I am surprised.
Pragya, and why is it so?
Arvind, madam romba busy. Enakku call panra alavukku madamku free time irukkaa?…sari sari thitrannu theriyuthu. Enna vishayamnu sollu (madam is so busy. do you have enough time to call me? Kk…i can understand that you are scolding me. Tell me whats the matter).
Pragya, illaa(no…) u said u had to go pick someone personally from airport, right?
Arvind, you want to know, he
Pragya(cutting off) i don’t want to know who he is. I just want to know what you are doing. Come home soon. (talks in one breadth) No wait…i will text u an address come soon(she ends the call)
Arvind, oh my jealous baby. I know u were checking on me. I will come soon darlu.

Precap: a new entry entry.

Ok…this was short. Sorry. Next one will be a little longer. and this new entry will really be a twisty one…i dont know how it popped but it will surely be good…i think so.

Now, I replied for everyone’s comment.
And ashika choti, mukund anna, sonakshi dear i cudnt reply there sorry…

choti, what to say…ur cmnt always makes me feel so positive yaar…do cntnu this support.
mukund anna…i literally missed ur cmnt….u came back after being missing…but then i went missing πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ sorry anna, i will try to be reg. i will be waiting for ur cmnt anna…and its ok if u r busy…but dont forget that a choti is waiting for u…i will tell abt arvind sooon…
sonakshi dear, its ok yaar, no need to be sorry…and thanks for cmnting this time. do cntnusly support me yaar…love u loads…..

And i never thought my story line will be this much bad, guys…i just thought it wud be better for a change…but never thought, i would come up with such a bad one…i almost dropped this one. But when i saw ur responses I really didn’t want to disappoint you guys. i also didnt want to get killed by my dear friend and akka (saran dear) and if i roam with a bumped head naa, all will make fun of me (suhani) but still i feel bad for bothering u guys…
I think, writing is not my cup of tea. But i will definitely try to improve…sorry guys, i will see to it soon. I am again sorry for bothering you guys…i will drop this if u say. Ur wish…My command.


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  1. Princesskrisha

    Ani dont dare to say writing is not youts i love your writing dr n i have one doubt how is aravind related to pragya

  2. superb literally enjoyed the part purab scolded Abhi ???

  3. Very nice dear..omg!!!abhi & pragya loved each other then y prags married arvind??……
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part dear…
    Pls update nxt part asap..plsss dear..

  4. Shut up shut up!!You are making me angry?If you say again the same stuff I will come and hit you.You are writing very well,I love it.This is my last warning.You were not bothering but making us happy.Idiot!!!!!’I hate you idiot but love you ani.

    1. Oops sry!You are not bothering us**Hehe sorry

  5. Very nice and interesting ani waiting for the next update


    What you said.. dear.. your comments decide the life and died of this ff right.. why are you like this aniythikutty.. don’t said it again and keep going

  7. Miss u lot dear n nice yaaa

  8. CuteVanshu

    Superb epi Di…

  9. Ani what u say writing is not ur cup of tea. I surely kill u for that. U know right .I love ur ff. Pls don’t say like that here after k. I love u dear

  10. Reshma_Pradeep


  11. Mind blowing epi dear…u write very well di….pls don’t say that u r a bad writer…I too know writing an ff is not a cup of tea..but still u r a wonderful writer… U r also one of my favourite writer… I really love ur ffs yaar they r always rocking …don’t say that again or else I will come there and hit u…tc…love u di …keep writing!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ ….

  12. Asmithaa

    hey what is this ani di!! nooo neenda bad!!! speaking nonesense!! this is such a nice episode DD.. thats why i gaveu name na… we know dii u are a fan of abhigya… how would you say that that this ff is not nice??? it is a fabolous one!!!

  13. Prathi

    How dare you!? If you don’t u will end up like Nikhil inside Purab’s eyes!! So beware! *Smirks*

  14. Sethidisha002

    i think now prags will get shocked to see abhi again

  15. Monesha

    Hey don’t dare to say your writings are boring then i will turn into vampire. About episode…… You just rocked it….. Sweety. I really loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee…… Keep writing and keep rocking. Love you angel ???

    1. B_Ani

      thanks anna…now only i saw…thanq once again…keep supporting!!!!

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