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Next day morning.
At Swara’s house…
Swara’s phone rings…and sanskar name display in the screen..
Swara: hello sanskar… why did u call me so early..?? Is everything okay???
Sanskar: where is ragini…??
Swara: y sanskar ..? What happen..???
Sanskar: I called her last night…but her phone is switched off..
Swara: she went to temple ..may be her mobile went dead without battery…
Sanskar: ohh..kk (instantly cuts the call)
Swara talks to herself ..what happend to both of them..and get off from bed…

At temple…
Ragini completes her prayer and sit one place and thinks something…
Sanskar come to temple and search for ragini around the temple.. and Finally he noticed ragini and goes near her…
Seeing sanskar ragini stood up and about to leave that place..
Sanskar: ragini one minute…..
Ragini: what….????
Sanskar: why did u call me yesterday..?? Is anything important???
Ragini: sorry ..wrongly dailed..
Sanskar: ohh if it for once ..its accepted.. u called me for 4 to 5 tyms… thats also wrong dail na???????
Ragini looks at sanskar angrily…then u don’t have tym to look ur mobile…u r so busy is it..?
Sanskar: ragini just tell me what’s ur problem..? And what i did wrong????
Ragini: u were not wrong sanskar… its all my mistake.. its my mistake to talk to u even after that incident…. accepting u as my frnd is also my mistake… u are also a normal man…just lyk everyone…
Sanskar looks confusingly….

After that ragini left …sanskar stood without moving….suddenly someone touches him behind his back…
Sanskar turns around and sees his mom ..
Sanskar: mom…!!!( is she hear everything or not )
Ap: sanskar..!! What r u dng here…???
Sanskar: stammerly… mom I’ came to pick up u
Ap wonders..and smiles..
Ap: beta ..I came here with driver already…
Sanskar: its k mom… Didn’t I pickup u ?????
Ap: smiles… Ok come let go…
Sanskar and ap came out from the temple…ap and sanskar sees ragini standing..
Ap and sanskar goes near ragini…
Seeing ap ragini smiles .
Ap: what happen ragini..?? Why did u stand here..?
Ragini : car is repair aunty.. it won’t start…!!???
Ap says sanskar, beta u go and drop ragini.. I’ll go with driver…
Sanskar says ok mom..
Ragini: no ..its k aunty… driver uncle will fix it soon…u carry on…
Suddenly driver interrupta and says ..ragini beta …I can’t repair this…I’ll go and call mechanic..u go with them ma…
Ragini: ok uncle….
Ap: sanskar drop her safely….
Sanskar: ok mom …u go safely… I’ll come after drop her…
Ap goes..

Sanskar and ragini looks at each other…
Sanskar signalled her to go..
Ragini and sanskar goes near sanskar’s car..
Sanskar opens front door for her..but ragini go and sit back..
Sanskar??? and shuts the door and sits in driver seat…. he adjust her front mirror and sees ragini…
Ragini also sees him in the mirror..sanskar starts he car
On seeing her in the mirror and sanskar speaks with her through eyes…
Sanskar : thanks to god…and smile (thinks)
Ragini: yesterday I called u.. but u asked me 2day… y don’t u think to call me yesterday idiot..???(thinks)
Sanskar: who said I didn’t call u yesterday.. you didn’t give me a chance to tell that i called u yesterday….(thinks)
Ragini: I’m not important to yu…you have so many important things …(thinks)
Sanskar:nothing will be more important than u ragini….??(thinks)
They reached swara’s house..

Ragini getoff and sees sanskar… sanskar also sees her…
Sanskar is about to say something.. swara came…
Swara: hy sanskar….!! Where did u see her..??
Ragini: our car is repair swara.. sanskar’ mom sees me in temple and ask him to drop me..
Swara: ohh kkk..come on sanskar lets have some coffee..
Sanskar: its k Swara..lets see another day..
Ragini thinks haaan he only drinks coffee with his frnd ??..
Sanskar sees ragini .. and agree to come in…
Sanskar came in and Swetha welcomes and ask him to sit…
Ragini goes to kitchen and stood still.
Swara ask sanskar to sit and say “I’ll come in 2 mins”
Sanskar looks around….
Swara goes to kitchen… and ask ragini ..
Swara: why did u stand lyk this..? Why u switched off ur mobile last nit…????
Ragini: y???
Swara: sanskar called u many tyms…
Ragini remembered that she switched off her mobile…and she ran fast to her room..and looks for her mobile….
Ragini took her mobile… and switch it on. She found 10 missed calls from sanskar…

She realized her mistake and thinks herself oh god what did i done to him…eventhough he called me many tyms,I shouted at him … ragini u became more rude to him nowadays….first we have to say sorry to him…
Ragini came downstairs and sees sanskar driking coffee….
Ragini smiles at him. …. seeing ragini smiles sanskar got cough…
Sanskar thinks himself.. before 30 mins she shouted at me…now smiles at me… what happen suddenly..????
Ragini: wher is Swara???
Sanskar: Swara goes to kitchen…
Ragini is about to say sorry..
Sanskar mobile rings…
Sanskar: hy diya…!!!
Ragini again get angry….
Sanskar: ok darling,I’m coming….??? (cuts the call)

After cuts the call sanskar sees ragini….
Ragini turns around angrily…
Sanskar thinks again becomes angry na…this girl is unpredictable….. god save me this tym…
Ragini is about to say something… Swetha and swara came …
Swetha: come sanskar lets have breakfast…
Sanskar: its k aunty… I have to go….
Ragini thinks why..? What if u eat…???
Sanskar says bye… and left..
Ragini stood still and sees outside.
Swara shake her and ask what???
Ragini says nothing and left to her room..

At Afternoon…
At Swara’s house,
Everyone sit on sofa .and discuss something…
Suddenly ragini’s dad and dadi came in..
Swaragini wondered…ragini ran to her dadi and hugs her and have tears …
Dadi console her..
Swara ask ragini dad…
Swara: papa, why don’t you inform us abt ur arrival …?? If u informed us early we will come to pick u up…
Sekar: its k beta…. u r also our daughter… to came my daughter’s home…did I inform earlier.. ??? And smiles
Swara touhes his feet and hugs her..
Swetha smiles….
Dadi kidding Swara by saying oh my beautiful bride…
Swara says dadi..and hugs her.
Ragini : dad how r u…???
Sekar says fine without properly seeing her…
Ragini became sad by his dad’s behavior…
Dadi and Swara notice this and felt bad..
Swetha ask them to join with them for lunch…
Swara took their packs and goes with them to show their respective rooms…
Ragin stood sadly….?????
Episode ends….

Precap: new problem rise in Swara house…

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