kismat – 299 BCE: chapter 2

that day:


ruhaan’s room:

ruhaan looked at himself in the mirror as his most loyal servant adjusted his turban. as they did, he was deep in his thoughts: how long do I have to wait? I really want to see my goddess saraswati. remember ruhaan, keep your ears open for her voice and then that voice will let me see her.

servant: yuvraj, your turban is done.

ruhaan smiled as he saw the finished image of himself:

ruhaan smiled as he saw the finished image of himself:

(his outift)

ruhaan: thank you.

servant: by the way yuvraj, are you okay?

ruhaan: haan I am fine. why? what happened?

servant: your cheeks are a little bit flushed.

ruhaan: really?

servant: who is the girl?

ruhaan: how did you…

servant interrupting: I have known you since childhood, you used to play with me whilst my pitaji worked. I know everything about you.

ruhaan: haan ek ladki hai. I haven’t seen her face but tonight at the gathering I will.

servant: how will you see her if you haven’t seen her?

ruhaan: I know her voice. what happened was that we spoke but she wouldn’t show me her face, all I could see was her back and her beautiful plait decorated with small lilies and rosebuds. her talking and singing voice was as sweet as some immeasurable rose, expanding leaf on leaf.

servant: just curious, is she from the servant side or court dancer side?

ruhaan: court dancer. dhanu (servant), whatever I just said about this girl, can it just stay between us please?

dhanu: of course yuvraj.

ruhaan: and dhanu, only call me yuvraj when we are with my parents. you know you can call me ruhaan.

dhanu: fine ruhaan, this girl will be our secret. I promise.

ruhaan: thank you dost.

they hug and then go downstairs into the grand courtroom where it was beautifully decorated by the servants. the hall was full of royals from other friendly kingdoms.  ruhaan goes to the thrones where his family was…just like the room, they were also decorated with jewels and gold. he sits on his throne which was next to his father and on his left, sat his brother ashok.

ashok: after a long time, the yuvraj finally comes.

ruhaan: ashok, sometimes show a smile on your face.

ashok: I am feeling tired and ruhaan, if you didn’t take as long as the spear of Aaron, the court dancers would already be dancing.

ruhaan: now I am here, let’s watch the dancers (in mind) and find my goddess saraswati.

Abhay: akshani, play the sitaar.

akshani….one of the most famous court dancers of the palace with beautiful fair skin, delicate kohl eyes, her long hair in a perfect bun wearing a gorgeous coral pink dhoti sari, a white transparent veil on her head…sat on the floor in the corner. she held the instrument at a 45-degree in the lap. her right hand started to pluck the strings with the mizraab.

a crowd of court dancers, dressed in beautiful outfits, entered the hall…people to the sides so that they had space to dance. they started to do Bharatanatyam. then a voice was heard: mann mohana…. mann mohana…

kanha suno na.. tum bin paaon kaise chain
tarsoon tumhi lo din rain
chodke apne kashi mathura (x2)

ruhaan in mind: that voice…my goddess saraswati. but where is she? doesn’t the singer go in the front?

voice: aake basao more nain
tum bin paun kaise chain
tarsu tumhiko din rain

ruhaan in mind: is she still trying to make me learn how to be patience?

voice: ek pal ujiraya aaye
ek pal andhiyara chaye
mann kyun na ghabraye
kaise na ghabraye
mann jo koi dhara ha
apni rahon mein paaye
kaun disha jaye
tum bin kaun samjhaye
tum bin kaun samjhaye

ruhaan in mind: don’t torture me anymore goddess saraswati. (talking under his breath) I have been as restless as water that winds onward through the plains.

ashok whispering: did you say something?

ruhaan whispering: no. I didn’t say anything.

ashok curiously: theek hai….

just then a slender feminine figure came in front. she was decked in a beautiful white and gold outfit. her bangles and anklets jingled as she danced.

her thick, wavy, long black hair gracefully fell down to her waist and encircled her diamond-shaped face. she had smooth, clear complexion and high cheek bones. her slightly thin arched coal black eyebrows highlighted her emotions by moving up and down as she danced and sang her song. her kohl eyes were the softest brown infused with green, as if he held the new spring growth inside. they were the forest floor and the gentle flowers, somewhere to rest and breathe. her curved nose gives her a little girl look that made ruhaan want to smile as she was singing. and her mouth is a small mouth outlined by puffy lips and baby pink. when she smiled, her well formed and even, white teeth brightened up her whole face.

she sat on the ground, staring at the yuvraj giving him a cute little smirk with her pink lips.

radha tumhri daasidarshan ko hai pyaasishaam shalone nand lala krishna banwaritumri chab hai nyarimein to hoon tan man harimein to hoon tan man hari 

radha tumhri daasi
darshan ko hai pyaasi
shaam shalone nand lala krishna banwari
tumri chab hai nyari
mein to hoon tan man hari
mein to hoon tan man hari

ruhaan in mind: she is my goddess saraswati. this was the voice I heard earlier. I have never seen someone as beautiful and talented as this.

the girl looked at ruhaan and stood up, she took a few steps and then started to twirl.

girl: mann mohanaaaa mann mohanaaaa
Mann mohanaaaa mann mohanaaaaa
kanha sunona aaa
tum bin paun kaise chain
Tarsu tumhiko din rain

she started doing Bharatanatyam again, slowly yet gracefully. her hazel eyes were locked with ruhaan’s black eyes. ruhaan kept a small smile on his face seeing the goddess dance.

girl: jeevan ek nadiya hai lehron lehron behti jaye
ismein mann ki naiyaa doobe kabhi tar jaye
tum na khewaiya ho to koi tat kaise paaye
majdhaare rehlaye
toh tumri saran aaye
haan tumri saran aaye

ruhaan: why is it that when she is looking at me it is as if every ounce of breath is being taken from my lungs floating into the air like midnight smoke? yeh feeling kya hai? your smile is like the bloom of the morning. that smile is the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a while, for it extends to your eyes and deep into your soul. you are the gentle touch, the honesty that is a purity, your childhood innocence so vibrant and free.

girl:  mein hoon tumhari hai tumhara yeh mere jeevan
tumko hi dekhon mein
dekhun koi darpan
bansi ban jaungi in hooton ki ho jangui
in sapno se jalthal
hai mera maan angan
hain mera mmmm…

akshani stopped the sitaar, court dancers stopped dancing and then she…the goddess…stopped dancing as well. as soon as she stopped, ruhaan had the opportunity to admire her beauty more. she just stared at the yuvraj.

Abhay: that performance was so good. thank you for adding more life into this gathering especially you pooja.

ruhaan in mind: pooja…a beautiful voice, a beautiful face and a beautiful name. she is just perfect.

pooja: shukriya raja.

Abhay: do stay for the rest of the gathering.

ashok, Maithili and mishti quietly: what?

pooja: are you sure raja?

Abhay: yes I am sure.

pooja: if it’s okay for you, then on behalf of the court dancers I want to say that our answer is yes. thank you raja.

Abhay smiled whilst Maithili, mishti and ashok rolled their eyes. ruhaan just smiled to himself thinking: there is many reasons why I worship you as god pitaji. you always make sure that no one is left out from gatherings. before this night ends, I have to talk to pooja.

precap: ruhaan and pooja’s talk

what will ruhaan and pooja talk about?

how will their talk go?

is love bubbling between a yuvraj and court dancer?

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