Kisi se pyaar ho jaye (character sketch)

Hey guys this is aliya. Some people know me & about my humour ff by starring different actors. Anyways today i am writing a ff of love story. It is a nice & cute love story. So shall we on.

Main characters

Sanskaar (main lead by varun kapoor )

Ragini (main lead by tejaswi prakash wayangankar )

Nandini (2nd lead actress by sana amin sheikh )

Kabir (important supporting lead by eijaz khan )

So guys these are the important roles in my ff. Now lets start the story.

Seen starts with showing foreign locations like big buildings, beach, beautiful girls & awesome nature. There we will see our hero intro from water between some girls coming out.

And song plays vele from soty.

After the song it comes out to be his dream. Yes he imagined everything. He gets up suddenly & smilies thinking about his dream.

Sanskaar is an aeronautical engineer but he is not settled till now & he is searching for job.

Now screen shifts to a big medical college where principal is talking with freshers & saying some great about that college & then he takes to mortuary room to explain them about dead bodies.

Principal : So my dear students welcome to our beautiful mortuary. It is one way for people those who are dead but for us it is 2 way. Look at this body when we are seeing them we shpuld not think that it is a body who earlier has life but we should regard it into a vegetable.

Many people say lot about heart , love etc but it was all just bullshit. Then where is heart after death? So there is no heart, no devil or ghost here.

By saying this he moves back & stands near one stretcher where a body is kept. Suddenly that body catches the hand of principle & he shouts in fear. All the students also will get afraid & moves back.

Then the person get up by removing blanket on her face & she is our nandini. And she smiles very hard.

Principal : Nandini its you?

Nandini : Yes sir its me. Hi students.

Students: Hi.

Nandu : good morning sir. The lecture which yoj have given to us in 1st year the same you are repeating again without any mistake. Very good. Sir you told that you are not afraid of devil or ghosts right. Then y did you screamed now?

He just tries to coverup by fake smiling.

Nandini: Sir doctors are also human. They will have heart & also sentiments. Ok bye i have to leave.

She leaves from there.

A big house is seen where it also contains a office block & many persons are waiting for someone.

Person 1: sir when will this lawyer will come?

Lawyer pa: sir you already know that if our sir handle your case then only you will be successful in this case. So don’t worry he will here at anytime.

Then they will show the kitchen ehere two persons are making breakfast. One is our nandini & other one is cabir our lawyer. Without talking to each other they will eat breakfast.

While eating nandini reminds about college incident & smiles loudly & cabir looks at her weirdly. By seeing him she stops eating & leaves from there.

Then she goes to terrace where our sanskaar is living as a paying guest.

Nandini: Sanskaar. … (smiling) sanskaar & again she smiles.

Sanskaar: Ya coming.

She sits on bed smiling hard.

Sanskaar: What happened nandu? Y are you smiling so hard? Tell me too. Wait first drink some water.

She dranks it & tries to control her laugh.

Sanskaar : Ok now say what happened?

She explains everything. He also smiles hard.

Sanskaar : But seriously nandu by your prank what if your professor get heart attack & dies?

Nandini: Really if it happens so then i used to get a fresh dead body for my practicals.

Sanskaar : You also going to become a doctor don’t know how many patients are going to die in your hands.

Nandini : Sanskaar. …today first i will kill you for sure.

He rans from there while she chase him. Cabir is seeing them both fighting.

Nandini : How dare you talk about me like that? Do u think I will kill people?

Sanskaar : Acha baba sorry now happy.

Nandu : ok fine. I will also see after joining in job how many planes you will crash & how many people will die in your hands.

Sanskaar : First let me join yar. From last 2 years j am searching for job but till now i didn’t get anyone. Till then i have to leave here in your house only.

Nandini : i don’t mind till how many years you stay here but for present i want money.

Sanskaar : Money? That is what I don’t have now.

Nandini : I am not asking from you sans look that person is there na who is observing us but acting like he didn’t see us na. Go & ask him. I have to buy skeleton.

Sanskaar : skeleton? But y?

Nandu : For practicals sans. Tell him that & take from him & give to me.

Sanskaar : Ok fine meri maa.

Thats it guys. Please comment.

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