Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Director sits on the floor crying. He says I selected her for my movie and now she is dead as well. Whatb will happen now. I came here to give her these bouquet.he leaves. Constable says thief didn’t even take anything. but we can’t find phone of mona.

Aasi comes home and hugs prabha. she says I am sorry jhabro told me how ashish came and talked t you. I create a lot of problmes. Prabha syas we are all a family we will stay together in all situations. Vishnu says yes we are proud of you. You were with us when our own son left us. Vishesh comes home. aashi says where were you? whats in this envelop? Vishesh shows aahi the crime scene photos. he syas criminal always makes mistake we have you keep our eyes opne. if the murderer is sane he must have left

a clue. aashi says look vishesh there s a phone in this picture. Constable said they couldn’t find a phone. vishesh says this was before the search. how they couldn’t find the phone. aashi says the phone was misplaced between search and crime. Who could do this? Who could take the phone. vishesh says I know wh is the murderer. come with me. Vishesh and aashi reach the station. He says to director you killed tina and mona. director says i have not killed anyone. vishesh says you hve crime scene photos inspector show them to me. He says these were taken before the search. look at this bouquet it looks fresh this means someone brough them before her death. Same kind of flowers were found at mona’s house. Director looks like you are so fond of flowers. Why didn’t you tell the cops. Director says this is all a lie. Vishesh says you came to mona’s place and took the phone. director syas they are all lying. Inspector says these photos are fake? he says yes, inspector says yes. He says speak the truth or you wont ever be able to say the truth. constable finds the phone at director’s place. they find a video in which he is mixing poison in mona’s glass.

He says when after the shooting sudar and sahil left tina hugged me and asked me when are we getting married? Director said don’t worry you are a star now. we will get married. mona syas what you mean by calm down. you will have to divorce your wife and marry me. Or I will go to your wife and give her wedding date. She left. after that mona came in. she said there is a love triangle going on here. That’s why I wondered why you gave her the role. I have a solution of tina. You will have to do as I say and make me the heroin of your movie or else I will go to ypur wife and tell her the wedding date of you and tina.

Director says, Mona knew sundar so she kept and eye on him. she saw hum buyin g the chemical. She went to his house and stole the chemical. I went to tina’s place and mixed the poison in the drinks. Tina drank it and I left. Mona made a video to double cross me. So I went to her place and throttled her. And then I made things like you it was a robbery. I herd vishesh and asshi coming so I left but I had to take the phone. they both destroyed me. I had no other option. Aashi says sahil considered you his mentor. what you did to him.because of you he is in jail. You killed two innocent girls. inspector locks him up.

praha, jhabro and vishny are worried for aashi and others. vihsesh and aashi come home. prabha says where is sahil? why are you both quite? Jhabro syas tell usb the truth aashi. sahil says I am here. Vishnu an everyone says wow. There are smiles on all the faces. He enters the house dancing and hugs everyone. jhabro says no one was here to appreciate me. everyone is in tears. sahil says jhabro aunty you look so good in this red dress. Everyone laughs. aashi hugs sahil. sahil syas I know that you are so sad that I am baack but I am the satellite that keep revolving around aashi planet. aashi says if you don’t revolve I will boom you. sahil hugs vishesh and says thanks you are the best lawyer, vishesh syas my pals and associates are best for sure. There are smiles on everyone’s faces. aashi clicks a selfie.

Precap-gupta says tis little girl has ruined my life. I have to do something. You have to handle this girl I don’t have time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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