Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 9th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with prabha telling shruti that everyone get up early everyday and specially the daughter in laws/ then shruti says sorry and tells that she will not do this from now. Prabha tells sanjay that everyone should be down in half an hour. Then prabha goes in the kitchen and tells parul that shruti is still sleeping. Parul says what? then prabha tells that is any daughter in law so lazy. Prabha tells that her favourite daughter In law is she. Parul gets happy and tells that she is like a mother to her. then prabha tells that lets make breakfast, then parul tells that it is already made. Then prabha gets amazed and tells who made? Then shruti comes and tells that she has made. Then praha tells that dosa’s ahe has made and all is ready

and tells that has she ordered from hotel. Then shani comes and gives shruti coriander and tells her that she shall tell him from next time to go and bring it at night as the market doesn’t open before 7 and she got up at 5 and did so much. Then parul tells that did she get up at 5 and says ‘wow’. Then prabha looks at parul and she keeps quiet. Then shruti tells them to go and she will make dosa’s. everyone is at the breakfast table and shruti is giving them to eat. Then everyone like and say good and big bro tells shruti that she should open a dosa shop like her mother and all of baroda will come in her shop. Then prabha also eats and shruti asks how it is then prabha also tells ok. Then shruti goes as everyone wants dosa’s. khushboo then calls her and gives her a kiss for making the dosa’s tasty. Then sanjay tells her to give another one from him and khushboo gives her a kiss more and tells that from sanjay. Then while eating prabha sees a casrol on the table and asks shruti what is this. Shruti tells that the dosa’s flour was left so she made and kept in it……prabha tells that she does not like food to be wasted and that she should not have been made it before.. then shruti tells that she has made fancy dosa’s and that there are all schezwan, cheese, masala, Chinese and rest of dosa’s. then everyone tells her to give and all of them take. Then big bro tells that he wants dosa’s in the tiffin. Then everyone eat and go. In the kitchen praul is packing the tiffin with dosa’s and prabha comes and tells her that what she (parul) could not do in so many years has been done by shruti and that if her breaj=kfast is so tasty then her food also must be and if she makes that too good then parul will stay back. Prabha goes and parul gets angry and throws the dosa’s in the dustbin and then big bro comes to take tiffin when parul tells that the dosa’s are finished and goes away angrily.

Ami and khushboo are getting ready for school and khushboo is finding her glue and prabha sees her from up and tells what she is doing then khushboo tells that she is finding her glue and then prabha sits up and ami comes and khsuhboo asks her where is her glue then ami says she does nopt know and khsuhboo tells that she can know from her expressions that she has taken her glue and then they both start fighting and then prabha shouts them and tells them to go from here and talk in low voice as it is her house and not their chawl. They both go sad.

Shruti is putting soil in the rose flower and sanjay comes and tells that his button has broken of his lucky shirt and then he tells her to tie it. Then shruti brings the thread and needle and ties it and a romantic song is being played and then sanjay tells her thanks for doing this and tells her that she has tied the button of his lucky shirt which he wears always for his meetings. Then sanjay is going when shruti stops and removes a button from his pocket and looks at him. Sanjay tells that the button must have broken and fallen in the pocket.

In office sanjay sees his and shruti marriage photo and then tells him to himself that shruti like roses and that he must give her and then calls a florist and tells him for a bouquet of roses and tells him to write in the card that thanks for tying the button for his luck shirt and that for the breakfast.

At home prabha is keeping clothes in trishas cupboard and a handkerchief falls down and she bends to pick it up and then sees the glue bottle and she picks it up and understands that ami did all this and then gets a flashback of why ami and khushboo were fighting. Then she tells that she will not leave ami and that ami will regret.

Precap: the bouquet reaches home and prabha takes it and asks why and the man tells that it is for shruti from ssanjay and goes. Then prabha reads the card and then she crumples the roses like anything and throws them down and smashes it and stamps it and tells that she will never let shruti come near to sanjay.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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