KHDDDK love after marriage episode 2

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gauri comes out of shivins room where she meets shmom she asks gauri if she is okay
gauri=yes ma’am i’m okay
shmom=not ma’am but ma
gauri=okay ma’am
gauri=sorry ma
shmom=thats better.beta we have called the priest he is here so plz come down
gauri=okay ma
they go down shmom makes gauri sit next to shivin
shivin moves away quietly so nobody notices but gauri notices it but she sits down
shdad=pandit ji can you decied a date for there marriage
the priest looks at they astral chart and says
pandit=wow i ahve never seen this along time but they jodi is meant to bee together and they can get on full moons night anywhere i have to leave
shmom=okay pandit ji
the priest leave
shdad=but full moons night is in a week
gmom=omg how are we gonna get everything ready in a week
shmom=dont worry we will have everything managed you do not need to worry about anything you just get your self there
shmom=no buts plz for my sake
gmom=okay but i will help you
shmom=okay if you wish

shivin leaves but leaves his wallet on the table and gauri see’s it so she goes to give but some womens and stop to talk her

1stwomen=dear which lehenga do you like
she chooses a random one
(guys this is the lehengs adrees)

gauri=sorry i have to go somewhere ask my mom for the rest of the other things

women=okay beta you go

gauri searches everywhere for shivin but does not find and thinks that he may have gone out
gauri=any i will put this in his room and goes there but suddenly the lights go off and someone pushes her on the bed

precap=person revealed and along with shivin and gauri mehendi

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