Khamoshiyan 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nikhil sees Vikram who is upset. He tells him that though his love was not wrong, he made mistakes. Nikhil says even Gauri is not wrong. Vikram tells he is wrong, he never thought or understood what mistake he did. He says that love cannot be acquired but needs to be won. Vikram is upset that Gauri will not return if she goes to London. Nikhil says even he won’t return and feels that he needs to travel alone even this time. Vikram tells that he understood that life won’t return once it goes (he means Gauri ). Nikhil accepts what Vikram said is true.

Prateeksha says that mistakes done by men for a moment will be punishment for women’s life time. she tells that Gauri has just felt but she has lived with much difficulty. Prateeksha says she wasn’t able to sleep for the past two days thinking about the fact that she will not be able to return to Nikhil. She tells it’s necessary for one among the two to take the relationship to next level irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong. Prateeksha asks what is wrong in taking the step. Gauri says why women should always take the step. Prateeksha replies that a women has more strength to keep the relation intact, make weak relations stronger and bear the pain. She asks her to forgive so that the relation becomes more deeper.

Part 2

Gauri asks whether Prateeksha had forgiven Nikhil. She replies yes and says she is worried about what her in laws n others will talk. Gauri says they should live for themselves not for the sake of others. Prateeksha tells her that she cannot take any decision of her life until she is assured that Gauri is happy. Gauri thinks that she is the one who can make her mother happy by being happy. She calls Athu. Gauri says her mother is almost ready and has agreed to go with nikhil. She wants to do something to assure her mother that she is happy.

Prateeksha makes puranpoli for nikhil. Raji asks for whom she is making. Prateeksha replies that it’s for nikhil. Raji says she found it different when she saw nikhil and her for the first time but later realised that both love each other. She advises that a women needs a shoulder to support when she is old n share her sorrows n happiness. Prateeksha asks whether it’s she saying all these. Raji says yes and asks whether she is not allowed to talk about this. She also tells her that Prateeksha must go with nikhil. Raji asks her not to worry about Gauri and says her to think that she is leaving Gauri with a father not a mother in law.

Gauri tells Vikram that every mother are the same. They look for the happiness of their kids first. She tells him that she needs a help from him. Vikram says he is ready to do anything. Gauri tells she needs a samjotha.

Prateeksha is with her sister in law. Gauri comes there and starts to pack Prateeksha’s bag. She says when her mother is ready to forgive her past then she is also ready to forgive Vikram. Prateeksha asks whether she is sure that she is happy with Vikram. Gauri assures and says that Nikhil is waiting for her outside.

Part 3

Prateeksha doubts whether Gauri is happy really. She tells to herself that she is finding Gauri ‘s talk to be fake. Vikram gives a gift to Prateeksha and also Gauri. Gauri flaunts that Vikram had given her a. Gift for the first time. Vikram tells that they are going on a tour to Shimla as they cannot go to London. Prateeksha is still doubtful and doesn’t trust Gauri. Nikhil says that the flight is tonight so they have to start immediately to Mumbai

Part 4

Gauri asks Prateeksha not to worry about her as she is happy with Vikram. She tells her that her mother will be always in her memories and she will be happy with her mother’s blessings. Prateeksha says that her blessings will be always with her and requests her not to hide anything from her. She tells that the relationship between a mother and daughter starts when the daughter is born until the death of mother. Prateeksha asks whether Gauri is happy in reality. Gauri replies that she is happy if her mother is happy. Prateeksha says she asked about Gauri’s happiness. Gauri says she’s not hiding anything and no matter can be hidden from her. Prateeksha tells that she is seeing her to be happy but her heart doesn’t believe. Gauri says she can do anything for her mother’s happiness. Prateeksha asks whether she can lie also. Gauri tells she can never lie but thinks that she is lying to herself as situation is like that. She says that it’s time for them to say good bye to her. Raji says its the tears of happiness in her eyes. She tells it’s already 20 years late and shouldn’t be late anymore. Raji asks Prateeksha not to worry about Gauri as she is now her daughter. Gauri and Raji hug each other. Poobai is not happy to see this. Episode ends on gauri’s smiling face.

Precap – Vikram is having some papers in his hand. He hands it over to Gauri. Raji, Vikram n Gauri has tears in their eyes. Vikram says he also wants to show that God (video stops)

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