Khamoshiyan 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 19th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Vikram is not sure whether he should open the box without Gauri’s consent. He is disturbed as he doesnt know what is inside the box. Vikram hesitates but decides to open as he cannot afford to loose Gauri. She knocks the door. Vikram pushes the box under the cot and pretends to change clothes. When Gauri asks he says the same. Gauri says she need to talk something important to him and asks him to come with her. Vikram wonders what matter it is as Gauri wants to meet a lawyer.

Nikhil asks Prateeksha about her family members. She replies that Appa Sahib left the home with the family but she stayed back so that she can get assurance of Gauri being happy with Vikram. Prateeksha says even she will leave the home soon and go where life takes her. Nikhil tells her life is welcoming her to his home. Prateeksha says that that life left her long back. Nikhil tells her about Appa Sahib’s threatening about destroying his family if he tries to meet her. Prateeksha is shocked to hear this. Nikhil accepts that this is his mistake. Prateeksha wonders whether it is possible for Appa Sahib to do the same with Siddharth. She doubts AS to be behind Gauri and Sid separation.

Gauri asks the lawyer for the papers that she had asked him to prepare. The lawyer wants her to think once more about this and the effect it will have on her life. Gauri is sure that she should have done this much before.

Part 2

Vikram is angry on Gauri for what she did. He asks how come she couldnt trust him and hid such a big matter. Vikram says that he married her for properties but she should have asked him atleast once before taking such a big step. He feels that her mother will not be happy. Gauri assures that her mother will definitely understand her and also his mother will be happy. Vikram says its matter of relations but Gauri contradicts saying there must be happiness even in relations.

Prateeksha check if everything is fine with Nihkil. He catches her hand. Prateeksha hesitantly says she just wanted to confirm if the fever is reduced so that , Nikhil completes that he can go. He tells he will go forever but before going he wants to confirm whether they can be part of each others life. Nikhil feels that their life is like a ammavasai. Prateeksha says that its 20 years long. She hesitates saying age as a reason. Nikhil says he needs a support at this age and also she might need a shoulder to place her head and share the happiness.

Raji taunts Prateeksha and her sunnmai. Gauri asks her not to talk like that about her mother. Raji asks where did she go without informing her. Gauri hands the papers to her Raji is shocked on reading it. She asks whether Gauri did it when she was in full senses and asks whether she will revert back her decision. Raji says now she can throw her and her mother out in a minute. She is doubtful as where Gauri will go. Gauri replies that God gives everyone a life partner and house to live in. Vikram is upset to hear this. Prateeksha is shocked. Gauri says she didnt want herself to bind herself in a relation which was done for money. Vikram says that he doesnt need the property if Gauri feels that he married her just for property. Raji shouts at him but he doesnt listen. Vikram asks her what will be the difference between Appa Sahib and them. He tells Gauri that if she doesnt believe and then tears the property papers.

Part 3

Vikram tears the property papers and throws it away. Raji is upset and asks whether he forgot the troubled life of his mother for his wife. Gauri assures Raji that nothing is going to change by tearing the paper and she has full rights on this house. She says that they will leave the house with Athu Aaji the same day.

Gauri is sitting in her room. Vikram asks whether she feels that he is money-minded even after spending 20 days with him. He says she is doing all this because she received Sid’s call and he listened to her conversation with Athu Aaji. Gauri tells him that there is no relation between her transferring the property on his name and Sid’s call. Vikram says that he loves the relation between them. He asks whether she can forget him and lead a peaceful life. Gauri says she is not sure but she cannot forget the help he did for her. Vikram asks her to take a decision and remember that he is willing to spend his life with her. Gauri looks amused.

Nikhil says he is going to make two tickets. One for him and other for Prateekha. She refuses but he asks her to leave the past behind and lead the rest of her life with him. Nikhil wants her to live with the man she loves. Prateeksha says she wants to to something for her daughter. Nikhil leaves the decision upon her.

Gauri tells Athu (not Athu aaji) about how she is troubled on receiving Sid’s call. Athu asks her not to forget that she is now married to Vikram. Gauri says Vikram is a good guy but the matter is not about being good or bad but about being in love. She accepts that she is not able to forget Sid.

Part 4

Raji says Vikram might not break his relations with Gauri as he tore the papers for her sake. Nikhil comes to thank Raji and informs her that he is perfectly fine. He tells her that he had booked tickets for travelling after two days. Raji permits him to stay in the same home for two more days. Nikhil says that what Gauri said about her is true, that is she is good at heart. Raji tells to herself that Gauri is different as she called her good inspite of she troubling her so much.

Prateeksha remembers Nikhil’s words. Gauri asks what she is thinking. Prateeksha informs that Nikhil wants to take her with him but she feels different to go as she is DIL of Bhonsle parivaar and her mother. Gauri asks her not to worry about the society. Prateeksha tells she will not be able to stop herself from thinking about Rajendar. Gauri wants her to come out of her silence and be happy with the memories of her father. She tells Prateeksha that she is not doing any mistake by going with Nikhil.

Phoobai asks Vikram whether he saw Gauri. She tells him that she saw Gauri talking to Sid a while ago.

Vikram opens the courier and finds that it has proofs (photo n a letter) that prove it was he who kidnapped Sid on his marriage day.

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