Khamoshiyan 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 13th February 2013 Written Update

While Vaishali and Rajlakshmi dissing about Gauri, Vikram pulls Gauri into the house and up the stairs to their room. He tells her they were a rich happy family with love. He had everything he can wish for. Everything changed when his dad trusted Appa Saheb. Appa Saheb stole all their wealth, pride, and respect. Vikram’s father died out of the shock. Rajlaksmi and her two sons came to the street; and ended up raising her two sons all by herself. They begged for scraps of food and used clothes. Vikram bought books from scrap dealers and studied from them in the light of the street lamps. In humiliation and rough times Rajlakshmi used to bear all the pain quietly. When it was time to strike back Vikram Gaikwad changed to Garv Shinde. While emotionally telling his life story, Vikram sternly grips Gauri’s hand and her glass bangle breaks, Therefore, her hand starts bleeding. Vikram loosens his grip when saw the pain he brought upon her. Gauri timidly says, “Why did you become quiet?? Keep speaking”. Vikram replies,”no, go away”.

Gauri comes downstairs to find Rajlakshmi sitting by herself. Rajlakshmi thinks that Vikram has slapped Gauri, it is the reason for Gauri’s change of attitude. Gauri picks up a stick and tells Rajlakshmi to beat her. Rajlakshmi and Vaishali are shocked, they believe either Vikram has given her a good lesson or she’s gone crazy.

Later on in the day Gauri and Athuaji are talking about finding Nikhil. Prateeksha gets a call from Nikhil. She hangs up. Vikram comes into his room and interrupts Gauri and Athuaji’s conversation. He bandages Gauri’s bruise from the glass bangle and they both say sorry to each other. Finally, he offers to help her find Nikhil.


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  1. Plsssssssssss.. Tell them not to end khamoshiyan. It’s so interesting to see nowadays.

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