Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 31st March 2020 Written Episode Update: Stolen Love

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 31st March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit drive in dark. Rohit tries Vindy and Cherry’s numbers but both go switched off. He turns the music on and recalls Ananya sing for him in bed; almost skips an accident and drinks water.

The next morning, Rohit waits outside yoga classes. Ava and Cherry ask who he is, and what he does. Rohit says he is tensed for Ana since last night. Ava says she is fine without him. It’s his problem that he can’t opt her, and can’t let her leave him either. Rohit was determined to find her, no matter where she goes around the city. Cherry says she isn’t in the city.

Both get a flashback about last night. Ananya was leaving. They tried to convince her that she must face him. Ananya says she will break if she confronts him. Ava enforces he shouldn’t control her brain. Ana says she is sensible, still fall for a married man. He comes as a storm and takes control of everything about her, she is helpless. Ava suggests she can stay with her. Ana says she needs to get a grip over herself, and whenever he is in front of her, nothing else matters. Her phone will be off, but she will take care of her. Ava and Cherry say they will hurt him badly if he hurts her again.

Rohit and his friend come to Ana’s house. The friend thinks it’s an intellectual house, with books and paintings. Rohit goes straight to computer. His friend suggests using his name, as the password. It doesn’t work. Rohit recalls once Ana said, the other name for love is Faiz Ahmed Faiz (poet). Rohit had said, love and lust is a better combination but she didn’t agree. Rohit tries the password Faiz and it works. His friend suggests him checking credit card mail for location. Rohit kiss on his friend’s cheek and leaves. His friend gets a call from his wife and leaves as well.

At home, Poonam asks Pranav why he had said all that to him. Rohit has left her already. Pranav must not have mentioned divorce. Bani convinces Poonam that their uncle was trying to help her, Poonam has stayed silent, and instead called dad for going to another woman. Poonam says Bani thinks of activism for every matter. Poonam shouts that for their new generation, relationships are like facebook, whatsapp status and desperate s*x, nothing else. Bani was annoyed and says she doesn’t even want to marry. She goes to the roof and starts smoking. Nickie comes following her and says smoking is injurious to health. Bani calls Aarya and tells him that it’s over, she is leaving forever. Aarya offers to marry him and come to his parents, they will be off together this way. Bani finds credibility in his plan and agrees.

A young man passes by a line of people and spots Ananya. He takes her aside. He was Dilip. Ananya asks what he is doing here, finding peace here in this asylum. Dilip says he fall in love, married but then she left him. His wife was having an affair for past two years. They were given balloons by one of the men.

Bani informs Poonam and Dadi who kiss her forehead. They go to prepare for arrangements of engagement. Nickie convince Bani that marriage isn’t a game, why she is getting into this decision so hurriedly. Bani says she doesn’t want to live in this place. Nickie tells her not to punish herself for what dad has done. Nickie was offended that when dad is doing so much, that’s wrong; why can’t she do so.
The attendees were welcomed to Rashika meditation center. They were asked to write their problems on the piece of paper they received, then tie them to balloons and send them up in the skies. Ananya’s balloons fly up in the sky. Dilip comes to share his bunch of balloons with her. Rohit had reached the meditation center and was relieved to see Ananya. He doesn’t attend the calls from Poonam.

At home, Poonam was tensed. Maa tells her not to worry. Bani’s engagement comes as a way out and a means to bring Rohit back. He won’t be ignorant of his responsibilities towards Bani and her in-laws.
Ananya was in the meditation center, and sat there in peace. Rohit comes to Ananya and insists on her to talk to him. Dilip tries to stop Rohit as she isn’t interested. Ana leaves the hall so as to stop the fight. Rohit follows her and stops her outside. He requests her to listen to him. He left everything to punish him. He might have taken advantage of her forgiving nature, but this is enough for this time. She must go home. They are peace for each other, she doesn’t need to find it anywhere here. He demands his life from her. Ananya goes to her cottage. She tells Rohit why she always return to disturb everything in her life like a storm. She gathered every piece of herself and reached here.
Rohit requests her to stop fighting this all, she had attempted to part earlier as well. They may not be good for each other, society doesn’t agree, friends taunt and family… Ananya says, to hell with such love which only brings insult and disgrace. It’s humiliating, suffocating and unhealthy. She asks him to give his phone and end this. Family is very important. She is calling Poonam and Rohit must tell her he is coming back home. She opens his favorite’s list and was hurt by seeing her name on the last. She was sure that she might be his need, but isn’t needed in his life. She calls on Poonam’s number. Poonam takes Rohit’s call, she was eager and asks why he isn’t picking up the call. She says Rohit must come back, Bani is marrying. Rohit says Bani is too young and needs to complete her studies. Poonam says its Bani’s decision, Aarya also wants this and his family is coming. Rohit agrees to come, but says it’s not easy to say, he wants to divorce.

Update Credit to: Sona

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