Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2nd April 2020 Written Episode Update: The wife’s challenge

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2nd April 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohit and Poonam run downstairs as they hear clatter, and Bani was badly drunk. Rohit goes to pick her up. Bani was drunk and asks if Rohit didn’t have to meet his girlfriend. Rohit asks when Bani started drinking. Bani tells Rohit to check the message, she must have texted him. There was a message from Ana. She says it was a lovely whisky, house, and hot girlfriend. Rohit questions why she had gone there. He says there is a lot to discuss but Bani isn’t in a state now, she must go to her room and they will discuss later on. Bani says she is getting married. She tells Poonam that dad’s girlfriend won’t leave him. Her marriage is gone. Dad likes poetry, music and painting, he reads poetry to his girlfriend and even gifts her books. She tells Rohit to leave the house, as this house now belongs to us. Poonam scolds Bani as she can’t tolerate this behavior. Bani laughs that Poonam as well tolerate the extra-marital affair of her husband. She convinces Poonam that dad has left everyone, even her and Nickie. Nickie begins to cry. Rohit goes to console Nickie and promises he won’t leave. Poonam holds Bani as she falls faint.

It was late at night. Ana opens her laptop, then sends a message to Rohit. Poonam watches 2 messages from Ana on Rohit’s phone. Rohit comes to the room. Poonam asks if Nickie slept, Rohit says yes. Poonam says their daughters can’t go through such trauma, they are in sensitive stage. She convinces Rohit to agree to her proposal. He can live happily with Ana, she won’t question or object. Rohit says it would be a huge lie if he goes to a woman, and then returns to her. He has lived this lie till today, but now Poonam knows about it. She will have to bear this burden too. He has been incomplete only because of this lie. Both Poonam and Ananya have also been living an incomplete life, because of his lie only. Poonam has given him everything, she doesn’t deserve this incomplete love. Why she wants to compromise with this half shared love. He will be there for her and their daughters, but not like this; a guilty dad and husband. Poonam cries. Rohit consoles her that she is the mother of his children, she deserves some grace and respect.

Ananya sends repeated voice notes to Rohit as he doesn’t take her calls, or reply his messages. She shouts in her message that she knew Rohit would be lost once he goes home. She won’t anymore get crazy for him, he always hurts her. He can’t even cook Maggie well, and even Ghalib would die if he reads a poem. She puts the phone down. Rohit comes home. Ana was shocked to see him. Rohit tells her that the phone’s battery is dead, and requests her to put it on charge. Rohit goes to set his luggage. Ananya was shocked and questions if he would stay here. Rohit says he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable, and can set his things in the living room’s cupboard. Ananya now shows some excitement and asks if he is really moving in. Rohit replies it was a long day, he needs to take shower. He offers her to join in. Ananya puts the cell phone on charge, and removes the voice message full of furor, she had sent a while ago.

The next morning, Rohit brings tea for Ananya. He clicks a photo as she slept, then sprinkles few droplets of sugar in her mouth. She wakes up terrified, and shocked. Rohit apologizes as she isn’t used to seeing someone in her room early morning. She picks the sugar beads from her mouth. Rohit says it’s a celebration of their first morning together. Rohit pours sugar, Ana says one spoon for her and the other for him. Ana asks him if everything is fine at home. Rohit says everything will work out. Bani will take some time, Poonam understands he left home and not them. Rohit tells them to take a break from work for today. Ana calls Avi that she won’t come to office. Avi was concerned. Ana tells her that Rohit moved in last night, he is here. Avi puts Cherry on call, the girls celebrate on phone. Rohit gets a call, he was at once furious and gives the message, it is ridiculous.

At home, Poonam tells Pranav that Rohit has made up his mind, he wants a divorce. It’s fine, as he is fed up and marriage is about two people. Pranav asks what about his daughters then. Why didn’t Poonam get fed up? Poonam was upset that she couldn’t think of all this. Poonam says if she accepts his cheating, it seems easy. If she revolts, they will go away from each other. Bani claims that she is regressive. Being an understanding wife is progressive, or regressive? Is revolt progressive, or stereotypical? She says she is completely lost.

The guests had arrived. Poonam goes out to welcomes Aarya’s family. Bani comes downstairs with Nickie and Dadi. Aarya’s parents were happy to see Bani. They joke with Aarya to control himself and instead greet elders. Aarya’s father apologizes for stressing Poonam, but he was happy that Aarya and Bani wanted to marry. Aarya will go abroad to study, its better he marries first. Though, they will have some problems. Poonam replies there won’t be any, and they will handle whatever little problems come their way. Gurinder and wife reach home, wondering what’s happening. Poonam goes to introduce Gurinder and Jessi with Aarya’s family. Jessi asks about Rohit. Gurinder says Rohit is out of town for a meeting. Aarya’s father says they said Rohit is in meeting. Bani says Rohit is quite busy these days, and his plans change in minutes. Poonam tells her not to be upset. Rohit comes home. Poonam takes on Rohit that they planned a week later, but then they had to do it anyways. Aarya’s father convinces that it takes time to understand each other. Rohit stresses that marriage is a big commitment. Aarya’s parents say they aren’t forcing anything on their children, Bani can continue studying if she likes to.
In the room, Rohit tells Poonam that Bani isn’t of age to marry. She just want a revenge on him. There, Nickie tries to convince Bani that Aarya is just for time pass, he isn’t worth marrying. Jessi could sense something wrong between Poonam and Rohit.

In the café, Avi and Cherry discuss they hadn’t think Rohit would move in. Ananya joins them. The girls ask if Rohit again left her. Ava jokes that he did. Cherry was furious. Ana laughs that she let him go. Ava confirms if he moved in. Ana says he has taken over, her cupboard is full of his clothes. But parents of his daughter’s boyfriend were coming, so she let him go. He will surely come back.
Jessi questions Gurinder what’s going on between Rohit and Poonam. Gurinder tries to avoid, then says may be its about divorce.

There, Rohit questions Poonam if she told them about their divorce. It’s going to be a big problem. Bani comes saying as if she has no other problem in her life. Rohit clutches her arm and asks why Bani is doing all this. Bani replies, she is an adult, over 18 years old. And if she doesn’t do this now, how she will play her second innings when she is forty. Rohit asks if she only wants to punish him. Bani asks if Rohit’s affair would end, even if she punishes him. He has no right to interfere in their lives, he did what he had to; it’s like father, like daughter.

Jessi sticks to Gurinder and asks him to tell her all the details. Gurinder was annoyed and says he isn’t having an affair. Jessi gets the clue. She now gets loving towards Gurinder.

Rohit calls Poonam upstairs. Aarya’s parents were having fun together, and laughs that its Rohit-Poonam’s golden years’s time. In the room, Rohit asks Poonam why she is encouraging all this. Poonam asks what’s wrong with this proposal, family is settled, and Aarya is a nice boy. Rohit insists that Bani is still a child. Poonam replies, its Bani’s decision and she is ok with it. Rohit asks if she would lie with Aarya’s family about them. Poonam says Rohit has been lying for so many days. She can’t live the dual life. She is ready to divorce him, but on a condition that Ananya must be there when she signs the papers in court room. Rohit says it’s their matter. Poonam says the reason is Ananya, and she wants Ananya to see how it feels when a family breaks. They can start their friendship from courtroom, but only when Ananya is there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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