Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 28th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Who Am I to You?

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 28th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Poonam standing in front of the mirror, upset. Rohit comes out of the bath and asks if she is going somewhere. Rohit’s mother comes with clothes for Rohit, as Poonam never takes care of her husband. She tells Poonam to get ready. Rohit receives a call from his friend. He reminds Rohit of his sister’s wedding. After the call, Rohit asks Poonam if she is in a state to go. Poonam replies, she will apply some makeup and be ready for it.

Ava gets Ana ready in her designer saree. Ana was upset about Rohit not picking up her calls. Ava convinces that if Rohit changes his mind, he will inform her; she shouldn’t take it on his nerves.
Bani comes to her room. Nickie was crying in her room and had spoilt the press on Bani’s clothes. Nickie badly cries that no one cares for her, not even their dad. He will leave them soon. Bani assures he won’t. She consoles Nickie that Dad loves them dearly. Nickie was afraid that he will leave mom and them both. Rohit overhears this with tears in his eyes. He receives Ana’s call once again and cuts it.

Ava, Ana and Cheery were on their way to the wedding. Poonam arrives with the daughters and mother in law. Everyone notices she was upset. Poonam makes up to Jessi that she is little unwell. Poonam notices Rohit looking towards her. Bani calms Nickie down and assures everything will be fine. Nickie asks if she has met her, is she better than mom? They decide to find her then and takes Bani outside.
Rohit’s friend murmurs that soon his brother in law will be in trouble. All wives are same. His wife comes with his phone on which she had set the password.

Ananya and girls arrive at the same wedding.

Nickie and Bani searched for Ananya Sharma on Facebook. They decide to add her, to check her profile. Ananya gets a request and without recognizing them, accepts the request. The girls couldn’t find any clear photo of Ananya on her profile. They try to call her but she cuts the call. After the wedding was complete, Ana goes outside to take a call. Ava and Cherry spot Rohit with his family. They look for Ana. Ava says its their unwritten code that they won’t attend gatherings together. Cherry says she had no idea, as these are her mom’s relatives. Ananya comes inside and was happy to see Rohit but he turns his face. Jerry takes Rohit besides Poonam. Ananya leaves the hall. Everyone notice Rohit leave the hall, following a girl. Ananya runs towards the car. Rohit comes in front to stop her. The family had stepped outside. Rohit gets in the car with her. He requests Ananya to drive out of here. Bani tells the family this is dad’s girlfriend, Ananya Sharma. She questions how long they will hide this.

Rohit follows Ananya to her apartment. Ananya walks into her room. She screams at him that she realized he isn’t even a social courtesy for him. He didn’t receive any of her calls, or replied to her messages. She smiled watching him in the wedding but he looked away. People even smile at strangers. Rohit says Nickie and Bani have been crying since last night. If she wanted him to be fresh and greet her. Ananya says she understands she is his dirty secret. His daughters are crying because of him. She packs her bag and turns to leave. Rohit forces her besides a wall, and politely requests her not to leave. It’s not only her decision to leave, it’s about love. She means everything to him, he loves her so much. Ana drops the bag, as he intimately kiss her forehead, then her lips. There was a knock at the door. It was Rohit’s brother in law who requested him to go home. Rohit replied, he will come later. His brother in law shouts that he will drag her on roads for his sister. Rohit smiles at Pranav that if paying the money reduces the guilt, he got a way out from Poonam. If he dares say a single word against Ananya… Pranav was left wiping his tears.

Rohit walks to Ananya. Ananya again blames Rohit that he called her a guilt. Rohit says it was about himself. Ananya isn’t his guilt. She must forget what he said. Ananya says it matters to her, what he speaks of her. His guilt is going away. She takes her bag and turns to leave the floor. Rohit follows her through stairs.

At home, Poonam asks Pranav why he talked about divorce. Poonam asks where she will go, and what will happen to her daughters if Rohit accepts the divorce. Pranav was determined to get him on roads for single penny. Rohit’s mother was silent.

At night, Rohit returns home. His mother opens the door for him. Poonam turns to leave. Rohit’s mother asks where she is going, she turned her face away as soon as her husband came home. Poonam silently cries. Rohit stops his mother. Maa says Rohit already doesn’t care for Poonam and has kept another one. Rohit says he is already tensed. Maa tells Rohit if he would compare a three year old friendship with 23 years old relationship, he will be stressed. Poonam must get her place. Rohit replies, he has got them all their places all his life. His Papa wanted him to do CA, she wanted him to marry Poonam, and Poonam wanted kids; what about his happiness and joy. He never had to study CA and wanted to do painting, not to marry but travel. Maa says it won’t go on in her house, its Bani’s age to marry. Rohit says he loves Ananya and she is missing for past five hours. He apologizes if he couldn’t be a good husband.

Update Credit to: Sona

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