Kawach is back with Joti and Jeevan…. Season 2 (Episode 9)

Episode 9:

Joti is about to tell something to her sister jhanvi then ishita comes.

Ishita: “sari kahani jhanvi se kro gi mje khuc ni batao gi”

joti: mom…why not?

ishita: ok i ‘ll listen all stories of turkey but now go and freash…i ‘organize dinner for you…..jhanvi…plz come with me …for help.

Jhanvi: yaa sure mom…i ‘ll come.

Joti: ok janu…i ‘ll go to take shower.

Jhanvi: (anxiously and upsetly) joti…you are talking of jeeven…what jeevan?

joti: dont worry…”itni jaldi b kya hai…sb batao gi….”

Ishita is calling jhanvi fro kitchen…

Jhanvi:(load)coming mom.

Joti: go…go.

Rajbir furiously come to a dark room and he start talking to himself bcz no one is in room except one frame of Rajbir and paridhi ‘s wedding picture.

Rajbir: saw….you saw…she never changed…never…she remains balkiest off all. What can i do pari….?? pari … after 13 years i saw her. She is same as you….for the first time i could not control my emotions… i felt that you are standing before me….but when she ignores me…i felt very bad…very bad.
He starts crying.

At dinner

Jhanvi:joti your birthday is coming.

Kishen: yes…i ‘ll organized a party for you…great birthday bash.

Joti: with great grand masti😁(naughtly)

jhanvi: jotiiii…..”chup kar”

everybody laughs.

At night:

joti talks to someone in phone.

Joti: i did same as it is as you said to do. As you said to ignore my father…i did same.

Caller: very good joti….now you can see what an amazing result is waiting for you.

Joti: yes i hope.

Caller: and i believe.

Joti heard some noise outside…

Joti: i call you later.

Caller: ok…i love you.

Joti:(hurrily) love you to bye.

Joti goes towards the noise and slips. She falls down.

What happens next?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    oh joti couldnt tell jhanvi anything.seeing that joti is like paridhi rajbeer getting emotional was nice.good to know it hurts him when joti ignores him.he also did the same to her.Oh so joti as ignoring rajbeer according to what her lover said?Is it to win his love?Who is her lover?
    pic is not evident.
    if u using laptop open google n take a pic.no need to save it.right click.u will see copy image address.click on it.then copy paste in the picture icon.

    1. Rajdhi

      Am not using laptop i mwriting it on mobile so it doesnot work….sorry for this.

      1. Jasminerahul

        on phone too u can copy it

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