Kawach is back with Joti and Jeevan…. Season 2 (Episode 15)

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Episode 16:

Arhaan comes and jhanvi hugs him. Rajbir is in shocked to see her daughter. He sees arhaan as his rival in the past.

Jhanvi: let me introduce you…..there e is Arhaan bhutt….my class fellow.

Joti: only?

jhanvi: hmm…?

Rajbir: classfellow?

Arhaan: hello sir.

Rajbir: hello

Family welcomed him.

Jhanvi: but you are here suddenly.

Arhaan: actually jhanvi….hotels are booked here….so i can ‘t conformed my room…and its to early to have a rent house so i come here…for your help.

Dadi saa: why not beta….you can stay here.

Arhaan: thank u….but i pay a rent for my stay.

Jhanvi: shut up arhaan.

Arhaan: no jhanvi….i can ‘t compromise on my ideas.

Rajbir: ok as said…nayasha bhabhi…plz show his room.

Natasha: ok…as jeevan goes you came.

Jeevan: ☺

joti: your flight.

Jeevan: ? o yes…lets go.

Joti and jeevan goes.

Jhanvi and arhaan goes to room.

Rajbir: dadi saa….arhaan?

dadisaa: no…no…beta…its may co incident.

He remembers the day when arhaan(jinn) came in their house as paridhi ‘s friend.

At room.

Jhanvi hugs arhaan.

Jhanvi: thank God you come arhaan…you know how much i upset about it.

Arhaan: yes i know my jaan….that why you call me and i m here with you.

Jhanvi: arhaan…what we do now?

Arhaan: don t worry…nothing serious happened to her.

Jhanvi: i trust you.

At Airport.

Joti: “jaldi wapis ana….me intazar kro gi”.

jeevan: don t worry darling….” kl sham tak me grand parents ko la kr a hi jao ga….bas ab tw chat mangni r paat biyaah”

both laugh….

(“Tere bin ni lgda dil mera dholna” from “simba” song plays)

Jeevan goes.

At night:

ishita: “apko ni lgta k joti ka lia ap bhut jaldi kr rahe hai”

Rajbir: “hmmm…nahii…jeevan acha lrka hai….r jhanvi na b yahii kaha h…”

Ishita: “mgr rajbir”….its too early….i mean many good proposel we find for her….(upset)

Rajbir: no….no….1 sec….(holding her hand) tell me…whats the matter?

ishita: no…no matter…i mean….its the matter of our daughter…so

Rajbir: so you gone upset.

Ishita: exactly.

Rajbir: dont worry….everything will gone a be fine n our daughters have mother like you….a beautiful mother….nothing happened to her.

ishita: n jhanvi….you see jhanvi n her friend Arhaan…i think you will gone be married their both daughters at the ame time.

Rajbir: no…not now for jhanvi…i dont think that arhaan is suitalbe for her.

Ishita: (confused)

Rajbir: good night.

At hall…

Jhanvi: its night …. “abi tk joti ai q ni hai…phone b off ja raha hai”

Arhaan: “me bahir dekho”

jhanvi: wait i ‘ll come with you.

They go in search of joti.

In car:

joti: driver…lets drive fast…already we getting late….

Driver: yes mam…”agr car kharab ni hoti tw phunch chukay hoty”.

joti: ?

suddenly car is stopped by goons.

They misbehave with joti….she runs from there. They all gone to chase her. She suddenly reached at high point of road….there is a deep fossa. The goons reach….and her feet slip in order to save her from them and she falls down.

Rajbir wakes up in frustation.

What happens next?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    arhaan staying in their house.cool.bcz of past rajbir doesnt like arhaan.wonder what happens.waiting to know why ishita is hesitant about jeevan joti proposal.pot joti. rajbir sensing the danger n waking up was nice

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