Kawach 16th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pandit ji buries the evil souls, Sandhya and Angad to marry

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The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling Angad and Sandhya not to leave each other. Angad says I will be with her till my life end. Pandit ji asks Sandhya to read Shiv Chalisa whenever she feels danger and says Shiv Chalisa pierces the ghost ears and asks her to read it. She says ok. She hugs Aaji/Madhuri and Dada and they leave in car. Sandhya and Angad are in the car. Pandits are doing puja for them. Angad tells her sorry for hiding something from her and tells that there is nothing between Nisha and him. Sandhya asks then about whom you are talking. Angad says Ranjana and says she didn’t reach US and was missing in Mumbai. He says then her dad came here and told us about Ranjana. He says I asked Nisha for help as we thought Ranjana is dead. Sandhya says Nisha and you are hiding this and I misunderstand

so much. She regrets to misunderstand him. She asks him not to marry him and says she don’t want anything to happen to him or his family because of the ghost. Angad says I will never leave you. Just then they see the men coming infront of their car holding the lathi stick. Sandhya recalls Pandit ji’s words and asks Angad not to stop the car, says it is illusion. They close their eyes. It was illusion and the car past the ghost.

Just then Angad sees his dad and mum speed up their car and crossing their car. The lady ghost makes them meet with an accident and fall out of their car. They shout calling Angad. Sandhya says it is a bharm and asks him not to get out, but he gets out of car and soon the car and his parents vanish. The car gets locked and starts driving on its own. Pandit ji senses the danger and says it is destroyal. Sandhya tries to open the car. Angad runs behind the car and falls down. Sandhya sees Kapil on the back seat, but couldn’t see him in the mirror. Usha, Karthik and others find Angad on road. Angad says the ghost took Sandhya with him. He takes their car and leaves. Usha asks Karthik to call Vinayak. Karthik says we shall follow Angad’s car. Kapil asks Sandhya why she is getting scared from her own husband and says you are my wife. He touches her. Sandhya gets scared. She shouts for help and couldn’t see where the car is going.

Suddenly the car stops and she falls down. Angad sees Sandhya’s car and gets down searching her. Kapil comes infront of Sandhya while she is running and says I am everywhere. She sees him everywhere. Angad comes to Sandhya. Sandhya hugs him. He is Kapil. Sandhya gets scared and runs again. Angad searches for Sandhya. Nisha says your hand is bleeding. Angad shouts at her and says he is worried about Sandhya who is taken away by the ghost. Nisha is shocked and upset. Angad is still searching him. Sandhya stops at the tree and sees the lady ghost. She runs and reaches the cliff. Kapil comes infront of her and asks her to come to him, her husband and says if you moves back then will fall in the valley. Sandhya tells him that she will fall in the valley rather than coming to him. Lady ghost pushes Sandhya on the ground. Sandhya gets up. Kapil holds her and touches her stomach. He says we are married and asks if she knows what happens after marriage. He touches her stomach and it becomes red. He tries to whisper something in her ears. Sandhya recalls Pandit ji asking her not to let him whisper anything in her ears. Just then Angad reaches there and sees Kapil holding Angad and hits him with the stick, but it crosses over him. Kapil says so you will hit me and makes him go up and fall down. He then holds Angad’s neck and tries to suffocate him.

Sandhya recalls Pandit ji’s words and starts telling Shiv Chalisa. Kapil feels pain in her neck and drops down Angad. The lady ghost holds Angad and pierces her nails in his skin making him suffocated and injured. Kapil holds Sandhya again and touches her stomach. He says today is our Milan night and it will happen. He again tries to tell something in her ears. Pandit ji comes there reading the mantras, both kapil and the lady ghost leave Angad and Sandhya. They get closer. Pandit ji ties them something and captures them in something and locks it in the box. He asks them to dig the grave as they have to bury the ghosts.

Karthik, Ankit and others dig the place. Pandit ji buries the box with ghosts in it and keeps the trishul on the grave. He says wherever there is Shiv, there is no ghost and no sin. He says if there is ghost then there is God too. He says har har mahadev and says I have buried him. Sandhya says if he returns again. Pandit ji says they can’t return now and tells that your love is truthful and sacred and these impure souls can’t harm you. Angad says why didn’t you kill them. Pandit ji says the souls can’t be dead, I can tie them only. He says until this trishul is here, they can’t come out and asks them to marry tomorrow. Nisha looks angrily. Pandit ji says just as you get married then Sandhya and Kapil’s marriage will be null and void. He asks them to go and get married tomorrow and says Sandhya’s mangasultra will be her kawach. He says we will be here till your marriage happens.

Angad comes back home. His dad says we weren’t there when so much happened. Nisha thinks until when things will be fine. Ruhi talks on phone and tells that everyone shall know who is the wedding planner. Bua ji scolds her husband and others for making arrangements of Angad’s marriage with ghost possessed Sandhya. She says he will get a good girl and asks him to marry Nisha and asks why he is after the bhootni. Angad asks her to talk with respect with Sandhya. Bua says even you are possessed by that bhootni. He asks her not to talk about such things about Sandhya. She says I heard so much about ghost and will not leave her till 7 births and will not let you marry her. Angad stops enough and says everyone saw what happened with her, it could happen with you or anyone else. He says whatever happens with her is my responsibility. Bua says what if something happens to us because of her. Angad says if you care so much about your life then you can leave. Bua says marriage happens between two families and says she will enter here with bhoot and we can’t do anything.

Angad shouts Bua. He turns and sees Sandhya and his family. Sandhya says Bua said right, marriage happens between the families. She says sorry for hurting them all and says if you want then you can cancel this marriage, I don’t want your family to argue because of me. She says sorry and runs out. Angad comes to her and says you have fought with ghost and will lose from humans. Sandhya says they are your family. Angad says if they love us then will understand. He says if they support us in trouble then they will be family else no. He says we will make our own family.

He keeps his hand on his chest and says this heart is beating because of you, if you go then it will stop. He kisses her hand. Sandhya smiles. Mahi song plays…He asks if same thing would have happened with him then if she had left him. She says no. he says you are my Bp and I am your heart beat. He says you are Simran, I am Raj. If you are bhootni then I am your bhoot. Sandhya laughs. Angad says thank God, you laughed and asks if she will leave him. Sandhya says we came to tell that marriage shall happen in our house. Angad says if you want then marriage will happen in the sky. He hugs her. Nisha thinks when sky blasts then it will be destroyal. She stares them. Bua comes to her and tells that the girl Sandhya is not suitable for her nephew and shall get girl like her. She asks if you will just see Angad going to Sandhya and asks her to show right on him as he is her first love else this middle class girl will take him. Nisha gets furious seeing their romance. Bua thinks I left this chingari, now she will stop the fire in my nephew’s life.

Pandit ji and his shishya are sitting there. He tells his shishya that they have to be here until the marriage happens. He asks his shishya to keep eye there and asks him not to do any mistake. He says I am going for the Sadhna. Shishya says I won’t let any mistake happen. Pandit ji goes. It is shown that evil souls are trying to come out.

The guests arrive for the pre marriage functions. Angad comes for his haldi ceremony. Sandhya also comes for haldi. Angad looks at her. Nisha gets jealous.

Angad forwards his hand. Sandhya happily holds his hand. The elders sit to do their rasam. Usha, Madhuri and Chachi apply haldi to Sandhya. Others follow them and apply haldi to them. Nisha thinks this haldi is mine, but today someone else is showing right on it. She says whatever is mine, is mine. Sandhya calls Nisha. Karthik asks her to come. Nisha comes there and applies haldi to Sandhya and Angad. She thinks this haldi and piya are both mine.

Precap for Next week: Nisha comes near the Trishul and asks herself not to be scared and take out the trishul and frees the souls, as Andy kicked her out of his life and asks herself to get him. She takes the trishul off the ground. The evil souls come out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice episode… I am liking show…
    I think Kapil or pret want baby born from Sandhaya womb, as her womb turn red all time whenever Kapil hold her… And secondly Kapil might have said words which pandit ji warned Sandhaya not to be heard…

  2. Though the show is interesting ,I fail to comprehend how a ‘Milan ‘ is possible between a human and a spirit which has no physique …I know logic and reasoning can not be expected from these shows especially when they have a supernatural theme but I really felt odd whenever Kapil touched Sandhya’s abdomen suggesting he would like to have a baby from her…..my god,what a sick idea! Anyways ,now Kapil and his lady friend will have two devils ( bua and Nisha) in the guise of humans to help them in their wicked mission…..We have to wait till the coming week end to see whether Sandhya will be able to marry Angad …..but as expected the pre cap shows the evil forces will get freed first and play havoc with Sandhya and Angad’s life…they won’t make life easy for the couple…waiting for the upcoming episodes…

    1. True Lakshmi, yesterday i thought that all logical explanations were made in the previous episode, but it is a point that a ghost can never unite with a human being, either he is not a spirit, or he is going to posses Angad to have his child as shown the promo last week, but even if he doesthat the child going to be born will be Angad’s 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂not his so what are the makers trying to say of the consummation of a ghost and a woman????? Anyways i did not really see yesterday’s episode and almost stopped watching after kapil turning complete negative, but i really liked that question of yours, supernatural drams should have a certain element of realty.

  3. So next week episodes will be full suspense
    These NIsha will release souls and i want to see how Angad wiil save Sandhya

    One thing to clear why Kapil was after Sandhya……………..IS there any flashback of that
    Anyway Show was going very well but Ekta mam will ruin it after 2-3 weeks……………..
    Yeah so many asking logics but don;t think about that just enjoy the show if you like it ………
    IF you don;t like it just skip the show…………..

    Where does logic end……..magic begins……..

    So just enjoy the show………….
    Waiting for more Kapil-Sandhya-Angad Scenes

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