Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha gets to know about Mastani

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Baji comes back home and looks at his son. He recalls Mastani’s words that he is her son too. Baji calls out to Kashi and looks away. He says I don’t want to hurt you but the truth is that I have fallen in love with someone else, I didn’t want to but I fell in love. She is near the palace, can you.. he turns to see Kashi sleeping and says how will I tell her? Radha comes there and says you will have to hide it. She drags Baji from there.

Radha brings Baji to her room and slaps him hard. She shouts as if he has gone crazy? You have a wife and a son. What will your wife feel? Do you even know what Kashi has done? Kashi was alleged to be characterless and we were about to lose our throne but Kashi saved your position without you being here. You will hurt her after everything she has done? Baji says the woman I fell in love with is not a normal person. Radha slaps him and says come out of her trap. You have a wife and men in our family don’t remarry. She takes a dagger and says if I hear her name again then I will kill myself. She says we have earned a family name so don’t do any stupid mistakes and send her back. She leaves from there. Baji says I promised Mastani and now I can’t tell Kashi, what will I do?

Mastani is in the jungle and waiting for Baji. Matank says you really think Baji will tell his family? Mastani says he has promised me. I am making a sweater for his son.

Kashi wakes up with a start and cries. Radha comes there and asks what happened? Kashi says I saw a dream of Baji saying he loves someone else. Radha says it’s just a dream. She hugs her and says I won’t let anything hurt you. I won’t let Baji do anything like that. She asks her to calm down. Kashi nods.

Scene 2
Baji is practicing in the garden when Sooriya comes there. They both indulge in a sword fight. Sooriya says people will question you but you will do what you think is right. Sooriya says people respect you as a Peshwa but the soul of this position is Kashi. We all are Kashi’s followers and we won’t back down even if we have to fight you for her. Baji says I know people are against Baji and Mastani. You people think I am wrong but you don’t understand that I care about Kashi more than you people. I can give my life for Kashi and the other truth is I love Mastani. Sooriya says I am begging you to leave Mastani before it’s too late. That girl is a fire and you will burn because of her. He pleads with him to let Mastani go away. Baji says Mastani lives in my heart and Kashi will understand. She will make people understand too. I have promised Mastani to bring her here, I will tell everything to Kashi. He leaves from there.

Matank tells Mastani that Baji hasn’t come till now. Mastani shows the sweater to him and says I can’t wait to meet my son. I don’t care if Baji comes to get me or not but I will go there soon.

Baji is going, to tell the truth to Kashi. Kashi is trying to control her crying baby when he comes there. Kashi says to calm him down. Baji takes the baby but he doesn’t stop crying. Kashi asks Baji why does he look worried? Sooriya is there too. Baji tells Kashi that he wants to tell her something. Kashi says I have to calm the baby down first, she leaves from there. Sooriya tells Baji to at least think about his baby. Baji says don’t bring my baby in this.

Precap: Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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