Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kashi comes for her munh dikhai

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Scene 1
The maids drag Kashi to the arti. Kashi is cranky. Radha says it’s the first day. You’ve to come here at this time for arti. Shower and get ready before this time. Kashi says I will do arti when I get up. radha says what do you mean? You are Maratha regime’s army lead’s DIL. You are wife of a fighter like Baji. I am your MIL. Your responsibility is huge and I expect no mistake. Kashi says I never wanted to be big. I want a normal life. I like my sleep. Let me sleep. Radha is angry. Kashi goes to her room and sleeps.

Bhavani says my ladu likes you sleep late. I don’t know how she is right now. Would they let her sleep? The maid brings her food. Bhaavni says did Shuibai eat? She says no. Bhavani says give her first. My ladu left this house like a punishment from this house because of her. The maid brings food to Shuibai. Shuibai says no one cares about my daughter. Radha won’t even let her sleep. How would she behave with my daughter. How can I eat.

Radha comes and drags Kashi out of bed. She says didn’t guru ji tell you? Daughter can sleep but DIL should get up on time. She drags her out and says you had two moms. Didn’t they teach you? DIL has to get ready for munh dikhai. Kashi yawns. Radha shoves her hand. Kashi says I need to sleep. My head hurts. Let me sleep. Pandit ji said you’re like my mom too. She never stopped me from sleeping. Radha holds her hands, maids pour cold water on Kashi. Kashi is shocked. Radha says hope you’re up now. You’ve showered. Change your saree and come to munh dikhai. Kashi says I don’t know how to wear saree. I will come dripping like this. The maid says don’t say that. I will help you in wearing saree. radha says no don’t. If her mother didn’t teach her, she has to learn on her own. Kashi says I will stay like this. Radha says I will see for how long. Radha leaves.

Scene 2
Radha coems to arti. Balaji asks where is Kashi? Radha starts Arti. Kashi recalls her behavior. She stands there dripping cold. Kashi shivers. The maid brings her a new saree. She says don’t be stubborn. Change and get ready. Your munh dikhai will start in a bit. Kashi says first you threw cold water on me and now this? I won’t get ready. Go from here.

Radha welcomes women for munh dikahi. The women say call your DIL. Let’s start the ritual. The maids say Kashi isn’t agreering. Radha says I’ve to talk to her. Baji says you stay here, I will talk to her. Radha says okay talk to her and send her here. Baji asks the maid what happened?

Scene 3
The kids say to Kashi let’s go. You will get many gifts. Kashi says I don’t want them. Chimaji says why? baji asks them to leave. Baji says waking up early is healthy. Everyone is waiting for you. If you don’t go out this family would be defamed. Change. Kashi says you are my enemy who are you to say all that? He says you chose to be the DIL of this house. You’re my enemy but DIL of this house too. people who’ve come out are here to meet the DIL of this house. If you don’t go everyone would be embarrassed because of you? Kashi says what’s my fault? That I have no interest in your swords and fights or that I am a rich banker’s daughter? Who your parents planned to get money from and made me their DIL. I was to marry someone else. and then I got married to somehow? It can’t happen on its own. I became your enemy because you kept questioning my lifestyle, likes and everything. I didn’t like to be the DIL of this house but then I had to be forced to come here. The house that went to Shahu Maharaj to get me married to you, now they’re forcing me to change as per them. You must think I am stubborn. I had a male doll. I always saw my groom in it. Your mom burned it. Get into my shoes. Becoming your enemy made me my own enemy. But I am Kashibai and I will stay that way. I won’t change and I will do what I feel is right. Baji feels bad for her. He leaves.

The women ask Radha where is the DIL?? Call her it’s getting late. radha says let me call her. Radha asks Baji where is Kashi? Baji says she didn’t come. Radha says let me get her. Baji says why did you burn her doll? Radha says she told you? Baji says you shouldn’t have done that. Maid says everyone is waiting. Baji says I will tell them she won’t come. Radha says it would be defamation. Baji says I don’t care. Baji says I want to say something to all of you. The maid says stop him. It will ruin our family name. Baji says I am sorry but Kashi won’t come. Radha says I won’t leave Kashi now.

The women say what joke is this Baji? Kashi is coming there. Kashi comes there. Radha says I am glad you made a wise decision. I didn’t expect you would learn to wear saree so fast. Kashi says I am Kashibai and once I get on my own, I will do whatever I want. The maid says all men should go. Baji looks at Kashi. The women start the ritual and gifts to Kashi. Kashi says in heart Baji I am doing this for your and your family’s respect Baji. Baji takes out his sword. He says Kashi you thought about my family’s respect. I will also respect you wish and make a doll for you.

Radha says thank you for coming here and giving so many gifts to Kashi. You can all have the dinner now. Kashi says stop.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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