Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 1st December 2021 Written Episode Update: Baji joins the army

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Scene 1
Kashi says to Bhavani you don’t do baba’s arti like this? She says because they’re fighters and we are businessmen. When their men go out, they are in danger because they’re going to fight. Their life starts and ends with fight. You play. Radha says to Balaji why didn’t you let me do your arti. He says I lost all the hope. She says hope to be the minister? You say a fighter has to go through a lot to get something. Balaji says I have risked my life and everything for this regime. Radha says you wish will come true. He says I have been patient with it. There’s not a single man who can do it better than me, even after that I don’t deserve to be the minister. Radha says this isn’t the time. What you got today is worth enough your welcome. she does his arti. Radha gives him a gift.

Balaji says why was this needed? She says your men are very happy for you. They all chant for him. Everyone celebrates for Balaji. Baji does an act. Kashi says to Krishna you won’t clap for him. He says I will. Guruji says do you like his act? Balaji says yes, he can make impossible possible. Baji says the let me be part of your army. Radha says what are you saying? He says a fighter’s wish. I want to fight for this regime. Will you let me be a part of your army? He says yes. We need fighters like you. People clap for Baji. Baji says I will never disappoint you. Radha says let’s go for the dinner. Baji touches Radha’s feet. He says you should do my arti like you do baba’s. Before I go for the fight. Radha says are you crazy? He says yes to save this regime. Radha says you will always win. Radha asks Kashi how was his performance? Kashi says was good but you’ve many fighters. Then why is he so crazy to join it? Baji says the one whose life mission is to get a pot won’t understand it. Kashi says at least I don’t fight all day. Kashi says you only talk about fight. He says yes it makes me happy.

Shuibai says kids hold fire thinking it shines. Baji wanted to be part of army but Balaji shouldn’t have agreed. It’s parent’s duty to stop kids. Radha says we train our kids to fight from fire from day one. For this regime, I have nothing more precious than my son. A man comes and says Rani’s men have attacked. Balaji says we have to go right now for a fight. Baji says I will also come. Balaji says no. This is night time. Baji says you said I can make impossible possible. Balaji says won’t you get scared to fight in the fight? BAji says I won’t. Balaji says then you will also come with us. Let’s go.

Scene 2
Radha cries and prays for Baji’s life. She says I gave my son for fight but he’s my child. Shuibai says as a mother I know your pain. You should speak to Balaji not to take a kid. Bhavani says kids wish for things but you can’t put them in dnager. Radha says it’s a fighter’s duty to save the regime. We fighters can sacrifice anything for the land. A mother can cry but not stop her fighter son. We have to do it to protect this land.

Kashi looks at Baji getting ready to leave. She gets upset. Balaji says are you ready? Baji says yes. Balaji says never forget the fate of a fighter is in his wisodm. Bhavani does their arti. SHe says you both look good. She gives their swords to them. Baji says like last 13 times, you will win. Radha says your heartbeats are coiled with mine. If you face death, tell it you’re not scared of it and your mom will protect it. Baji says yes. They leave for the fight. Kashi is worried for Baji. She recalls her fights with Baji. Kashi sees Radha lighting a candle for him.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kashi says Bajirao’s aai was saying this candle is lit for the person you’re praying for. That person remains safe in the battle. That’s why I lit this for Baji. Shuibai is shocked. Chimaji tells Radha Kashi lit a candle for Baji’s safety. Radha says if that’s the case, Kashi should also do his arti. Kashi does Baji’s arti. Shuibai and Bhavani don’t like it.

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