Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji tells Kashi he would marry Mastani

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Scene 1
Baji runs to Mastani and asks what happened? Mastani cries and says I kept hearing that I am illegitimate all my life, when you married me through your sword, I thought I got a new life but these people think I am just your mistress. Baji says I will stop their tongues. Mastani says but they will never respect me like Kashi. Baji says they know her, she is my wife but you are my wife too. Mastani says nobody saw her getting married, if you love me then you have to marry me in front of everyone. Baji says okay, I will marry you in front of everyone.

Kashi is waiting for Baji to return. He comes back with Mastani and says I want to talk to you. Kashi asks Mastani to let them talk. Mastani says if you want to talk to him alone then I will leave, you are a Peshwan so it’s your rule, she leaves from there. Kashi asks Baji to come with her. Baji says you can talk here. Kashi holds his hand and says come with me. She brings him to Balaji’s idol and says let’s light diya together. Baji does it. Kashi says your father did all the hard work to get this Peshwa position. Baji says I want to talk to you about something. Kashi says no, I am not finished. She holds his hand and takes him away.

Mastani tells Matank that I asked Baji to marry me in front of everyone but what kind of marriage is this when I have to plot so much? Matank says you are a fighter.

Kashi brings sweets to Baji and says I cooked it for you. Baji says it’s tasty. Kashi brings him to the room and shows him all his war memories. Kashi says I always saved your memories here. I remember when everyone was angry after baba’s death, you didn’t talk to me for years. You remember who was always standing with you? When Chimaji was attacked, I was the one to save him. This family is everything for me but you have forgotten everything. I became your shadow but you forgot everything. Baji says what’s wrong? Kashi says I have to stop you for this government. Baji says you know what’s going on in my heart, people have started hating Mastani and calling her my mistress. I am going to marry Mastani in front of everyone, I want her to be respected like my wife. I know this is difficult for you but I have to do it. Kashi says yes, that is difficult for me because you took away my love, my respect, my honor but I accepted it all because I thought you wouldn’t ask me of this. Baji says you are being selfish, think about what Mastani is going through. Kashi says yes I am selfish, I do all this for people because I am selfish. She says Mastani wouldn’t have been allowed in this palace if I didn’t accept her, I even protected her with my life… I accepted it all but I can’t give you this. Baji says why not? Kashi says why do you forget that people are against Mastani, they will be angry if you do this but you won’t listen to me. Baji says I have promised her. Kashi says I will call a court meeting tomorrow, you have time till then. Baji says I won’t change my decision, he leaves from there. Kashi cries and says anything can happen now.

Radha comes to Kashi and asks why do you look stressed? Kashi says I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, she leaves from there.

Baji is standing alone and in thoughts. Kashi is sitting alone too.

In the morning, Kashi comes to the court room. All are present there. Radha asks Kashi why are we called here? Kashi says Baji wants to say something. Mastani comes there. Baji says I have decided to marry princess Mastani. All look on.

Precap: Kashibai asks Bajirao, did you have any knowledge about the sword ritual? did you know that if you give sword to Mastani, you both will be married. Bajirao says, I didn’t know. Kashibai says, marriage has been done with the concerned of both parties and marriage without knowing of both parties is fake, I’m sorry but your marriage will not be accepted. Bajirao falls down.

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  1. Bajirao is out of control. He’s making really bad decisions for Mastani. I’m glad kashi finally put her foot down.

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