Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Prerna reminisce past

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mr. Bajaj coming for aarti. Prerna smiles and goes. Kuki signs him to do aarti. He does the aarti with Kuki. Moloy looks on. Maasi thinks Rishabh can’t tolerate this more. Prerna is in kitchen. Anurag comes and sees her. He asks what are you doing. She says finding something, I kept puja supari. He says you are standing on edge, you will fall, I m here. She says I won’t fall, I will manage. He takes a glass. She falls in his arms. He smiles seeing her closing eyes. He says I m here. She looks at him.

Anupam talks to Nivedita on call. He sees Mr. Bajaj and gets angry. He says you are trying to play the game, I got to know it, Anurag told me everything. Mr. Bajaj says so you thought I will be surprised, its obvious Anurag will share it with you. Anupam says

you are doing wrong to take him lightly, he is good hearted, he is heartbroken now, he will get Prerna, you can’t have happy family with her. Mr. Bajaj says its reality, I shared many secrets with him, I will give you a hint, Prerna will come to Anurag when I want it, do something that I want it, or just forget it. Anupam goes.

Prerna says I m fine. Anurag says sorry. He holds her. She asks him to leave her hand. He says you always pose questions. She asks why are you increasing my troubles by doing this. He says you run away as you are scared that I will know how much you love me. She asks are you not tired of this. He says no, my heart and tongue aren’t tired saying I love you, I need you, you are my life. Rehna tu pal pal….plays…. He says I didn’t think I will love someone so much, we used to just say four lines, then we started talking so much, I never felt this for anyone, remember when we smiled heartily for the first time, when you fed me that betel. She recalls. He says you remember when you got concerned for me for the first time, when we got drenched in the rain, I fell ill and you made me kada, Mohini got a big list of many girls for me, I have just you in my list, I wanted to be happy with you. She cries. He says just tell me what you dislike in me, I will change, I love you a lot, I had many dreams for us, we love each other, we could have a small world together. They cry and hold each other’s face.

She gets away. He says don’t stop yourself, listen to your heart, what does it say. She goes. He calls her out. He goes after her. He says you will realize, its just me in your heart, don’t deny, I know your and Bajaj’s relation isn’t of husband and wife, I have seen your bed and Bajaj’s couch, don’t defend now. She says maybe you are saying about the day we fought. He asks do you fight every day.

She says maybe we are still knowing each other. He asks what happened, are you explaining this to me, I know you more than yourself, we have to be together, our dads also wanted us to get together, Komolika knew this and did their accident, you can ask Shivani or Veena. She asks why didn’t you say this before. He says I didn’t wish to tell you this way, Maa Durga wanted this, she is a witness of our life’s incidents. Prerna says don’t make me weak. He says your heart is making you weak, why are you running away. She says I don’t love you. Mr. Bajaj looks on. Anurag says why do you cry for me then. He gets hurt by rose thorn. She cares for him.

He asks why do you care for me so much, I have the answer, you can also see. She sees Mr. Bajaj. She goes. Anurag comes to Mr. Bajaj akn asks why are you seeing like this, you saw us before and said you don’t doubt Prerna, what happened today, I can see anger and doubt today, you think she would leave you, yes, she will leave you, I m saying this. Prerna comes. Mr. Bajaj says we should shift from here. She says fine, but after Maa’s bidaai. She goes.

Mr. Bajaj says bad Basu, she is my wife, stop thinking about her. Anurag says I will look at her and she will look at me, she will be mine soon, just wait and watch. He goes. Mr. Bajaj calls someone.

Maasi says some relations are tough to break. Kuki gets up and Prerna’s mangalsutra breaks. Veena says there can’t be anyone better than Anurag for Prerna. Anurag says remember, I will be waiting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. well done

  2. wow!!!! Anupre is awesome!!!! anupre moments are better than perish moments!!!!!

  3. I have heard that after a heart break, people remain quiet and silence but here, I just read anurag’s long speeches and pravachan😪😪😪😪 ,lagta hai repetitive accidents ki wajah se,dimaag par kuch zyada asar Ho Gaya hai 😵😵😵,tabhi to, Baba ji Gyan dete dete Thakte nahin hai, shayad bolne ke zyada paise milte hain💆💆💆💆💆

  4. The Buddha is behaving like a petty thief who has stolen money from his neighbour and when the neighbour wants his money back he is crying wolf and run to the police to say that someone is trying to steal him. What a jerk? The idiot lover is trying to get back what he believes is his ….now just imagine what he will do when he finds out that the Buddha’s trophy wife is carrying his unborn child. Now I back him all the way and I am looking forward to seeing wiping the smug off the robot‘s face who thinks he is god gift who can do anything because of who he is. He is just a petty little coward who is hiding behind his daughter’s dress. He started all this and I hope that now he gets a hard kick in his backside. Can I ask why do they dress him like Naomi Campbell and get him to walk as if he is doing a catwalk with his hand always in his pockets?

  5. Love your comments @Robin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    After long time anupre moment love it

  6. Savithri V Ramani

    I hate this Anurag going behind and begging her everyday to come back. Bajaj looks decent and he has fallen for prerana and who knows he may be a good husband too. Things happened is happened. It is not eatable or something to get it back. It has gone out of Anurag hand. I feel pity for Bajaj .thinking that he is trapping Anurag he had trapped by prerana and he wants to win her. I am your side

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  8. Akhi Thandar

    this jark bajaj ka muh dakhna layak tha jab prerna anurag ki hat pakri hui thi!!! abb iss budha bajaj ka asli face sabki samna ajay to maja aajaigi. i hate this bajaj how can be someon so selfish and shameless. he only think about his child and what about anurags unborn child. what a freak he is.

  9. I feel bad for Bajaj. Prerna is very duplicitous, before I thought she was on Bajajs side and now she switched between the two like a ping pong ball. No one is the ideal man, people are bashing Bajaj forgetting that Anurag is not any less.

    The show is a far cry different from it’s predecessor, and not in a good way either.

  10. Look at this girl, she was busy romancing with her ex_fiance, holding him and allowing him to carry her, even crying for him. The moment she saw her husband, she went away from there. If she is convinced that what she is doing is good why did she run away. Nonsense

  11. anurag is best, i love him :* this episod was lovely <3 and anupre moment was awesome!! ab is budha bajaj ki terah akkal thikane ajai to accha hoga. mujha to iss budha ko face dakhna vi accha nahi lagta. and anupre moment was very good. abb agar jaisa promo main dikhay waisa hua to ekta ki show ki trp bhi barhegi.

  12. Jst get that rishab out frm all thz….he is a hurdle fr anupre….

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