Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Komolika drugs Anurag

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prerna saying Komolika and Anurag aren’t here, she left this. Shivani says she did this to make you jealous. Prerna says no, she wants to say they are having a baby. Shivani says she would be in some other room here, we shall check. Prerna checks the power box and asks Shivani to switch on. The lights come. Mohini says let Shubham come, I will see him. Anupam says the stars were looking so good. Moloy thanks Prerna and asks her to stay back, its late. Prerna says no, we shall leave, I don’t get sleep at new place. Anupam asks how will you go alone. Mohini says I will send Mohan with her, Shivani is also there, she is pregnant, she said she won’t get good sleep here, think of her comfort. Moloy says let her speak, I m talking to her. Prerna says I will go. Mohini gets upset and goes.

Prerna says I didn’t wish you both to argue. Moloy says I know you very well, she is impossible. She asks him to go and convince Mohini. Komolika calls her and asks how did you like my surprise, you reached the farmhouse and we are not there, we are in the hotel suite, I feel bad for you, its late now, you know what a husband and wife do in the hotel suite at night, you want more details. Prerna says listen, Anurag will never forget me, I m in his heart. Komolika says drugs will make him forget things. She spikes the drink. Komolika says you know everything now, you will call Anurag but I have his phone, its switched off. Prerna asks where are you guys, tell me. Komolika says stop us if you can, someone has come. She shows the door and says I have to make the volume less. Anurag comes in. Prerna shouts Anurag….. Komolika says cheers and ends call. Prerna says where shall I find them, she is giving drugs to Anurag. Komolika asks him to drink. He says no, I want to rest. She thinks you wasted a pill, no worries, I have more. He thinks to call Prerna. He look for his phone.

Prerna says Komolika had spiked Anurag’s drink. Anupam comes. Prerna asks do you know where is Anurag. He says no, why. She says nothing, we are leaving. Anupam gets a message of bank card swipe, I know where is Anurag. Komolika buys the champagne and flowers. She says hotel staff is sweet and gifted us champagne. Anurag says did you see my phone, maybe its in the car. She says you left it at farmhouse, I had switched it off, don’t you trust me. He says no, I had to call Prerna, shall I use your phone. Anupam shouts Prerna, I know where is Anurag. Prerna stops the car. He says I know about Anurag, Moloy gave us a common linked card, I got a message of the card swipe. He tells the hotel name. Prerna and Shivani thank Anupam. He asks why. Prerna says I will explain later. Komolika says she isn’t answering, lets drink this. Prerna says I m coming to save Anurag. Anurag says I have a headache. She asks him to try the medicine. She adds a pill in the water. He says not needed, I already had the medicines, you rest, I will do some work. She thinks to utilize the night. She coughs. He asks her to drink water. She says the water taste isn’t good, try for me. He drinks and says its fine. She asks what will we have in dinner, lets order chinese. He gets dizzy. She asks what happened, are you okay. She thinks I won, Prerna you lost.

Prerna says I have to tell her that she can’t manipulate me and my love. Shivani says Komolika is very smart. Prerna says its easy, staff won’t let us reach Anurag, what will we tell Anurag, Ronit will do it. Shivani asks why. Prerna says I know how. Ronit comes home. He sees Prerna and Shivani arguing. He hides and looks on. Prerna says I can also hire someone and kill her. She recalls her plan that Ronit will go to save Sonalika. Shivani says her suhaagraat dream will break. Prerna says yes, he loves his sister a lot and will go to save her. FB ends. Prerna says I will kill her. Shivani says you got mad. Prerna says I would have killed Ronit if he was here today. She calls John and asks him to kill Sonalika tonight. She does a drama. She gets Sonalika’s call. Ronit thinks I have to reach the hotel and save Komolika.

Komolika says Anurag and I will unite today. Prerna comes to the hotel room and calls inspector.

Update Credit to: Amena

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