Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st October 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag spoils Mr. Bajaj’s plan

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mr. Bajaj saying you told many times that I did the accident intentionally, many people have seen it, inspector took me to police station when I told him, you made a big mistake, you should have called the commissioner that day, you didn’t do this, you are lazy, you are very bad Basu, you had a girl like Prerna, you were busy somewhere else, I came luck by chance, now I m in her life and will be there. Anurag looks on shocked. He says you confessed a lot, you gave me much info, very good, just few days left now. Mr. Bajaj asks are you going to tell this to Prerna, go and tell her, I will tell her that you are plotting again. Prerna goes out to get water. Mr. Bajaj says I had proof and didn’t get you arrested, it proves I don’t hate you, its a lie, I hate you a

lot, you wanted a clue, I gave you complete confession, now prove it that you are right and I m wrong. Anurag says I knew your truth, just some days and I will expose you. Mr. Bajaj says I let people do what I let them do, people know me as much I let them, my dad thought Rishabh did it again was just his fav game, it was my fav game also, I used to do mistakes intentionally, its not good for mental health to keep secrets, thanks, I m feeling so light. Prerna comes and asks what secret.

Anurag thinks not now, once I get proof, I will expose Mr. Bajaj. He says accident videos, he was telling me about it. Mr. Bajaj says we shall go now, its late, we have to go to your mom’s house also, I can’t wait to get a good welcome there. He goes. Anurag comes to wake up Anupam. He says get up. Anupam wakes up and says what happened. Anurag says Bajaj tried to kill me. Anupam says enough, I will not leave him. Anurag says not now, that accident, I told you I will get little injured, he just confessed that he did this to kill me, he asked me to prove it, he became a hero in Prerna’s sight, he didn’t get me arrested, he wants to be a good husband, I have to prove this. Anupam asks what will be the use, Prerna is of him. Anurag says no, Prerna will leave him, when she learns he tried to kill me, she will leave him surely, my life matters a lot to her, its time to bring a storm in his life. Anupam asks what will you do now. Anurag says I have to meet someone special tomorrow. Prerna shows Durga Maa to Kuki. Maasi smiles. Prerna says we will get Maa home and then do her vidaai after 9 days. Mr. Bajaj comes and hugs Kuki. He says Maasi, we are going to meet Prerna’s family, its imp.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna come to meet Veena. Mr. Bajaj touches Veena’s feet. Prerna hugs Veena. Veena welcomes them. Shekhar asks how are you, are you happy. Prerna says yes. Mahesh says Shivani doesn’t work and mum scolds me. Mr. Bajaj sees the family talks. He says I wanted to talk to you all, you deserve to know that I m not a criminal, I was waiting for the right time, the way we got married, it should not have happened that day, I must have met you and asked for Prerna’s hand, sorry. Anurag comes. Veena and everyone smile seeing him. They all leave Mr. Bajaj and go to welcome Anurag. Anurag touches feet and hugs Veena. Anurag asks Prerna to make a cup of tea. He smiles.

Mr. Bajaj says you always welcome guests, right, Anurag is your guest, make tea for him and one cup for me too. Prerna goes. Mr. Bajaj says our marriage should have not happened that way. Anurag says as if you care, you just had to do the marriage and you did it without informing anyone. Prerna hears them and calls Anurag. Anurag says excuse me, Prerna is calling me. Mr. Bajaj says I heard it. Prerna says I don’t want a drama in front of mum. Anurag says as you wish. He passes the tray. He gets hurt. Prerna asks what are you doing. Everyone runs to see Anurag. They all care for him. Mr. Bajaj sits alone. He gets angry seeing Prerna caring for Anurag. She asks is it fine. Anurag says yes. Mr. Bajaj says excuse me, washroom? Anurag says right side, Mahesh go with him, he is a guest, I m a family man and can adjust. Mr. Bajaj thinks I know why Anurag came here and I don’t like it. Mohini talks to pandit. Maasi comes and asks about party. She asks is it Tapur’s marriage, tell us. Mohini says we celebrate Durga puja festive, you call it Navratri. Maasi says let me know if you need help. Mohini says I need your help. Maasi says I m unwell, I can’t do any heavy work. Mohini says just don’t come out of your room, that’s biggest help. Maasi says sure and goes. Mohini says I wish Anurag didn’t meet Bajaj ever. Prerna asks Anurag what is he doing, Mr. Bajaj came here to apologize and mix up.

Anurag says I won’t let him mix up, why shall I give him a chance to become son-in-law of this house. She says I m married to him, whatever he does, I know who is in your heart, you will know the meaning soon, last year Maa Durga brought us together, Durga Maa is coming to prove who loves you truly, you are made for me, all our troubles will end. Prerna says don’t talk to me like this. She goes. He thinks I know your and Bajaj’s relation, I noticed this always, even last night, you both don’t fight, you have nothing like husband and wife. Mr. Bajaj sees Prerna going.

Mr. Bajaj says its okay, I understand. Prerna says Anurag isn’t a bad person. Anurag says I will interfere until you get out of Prerna’s life. Anurag and Prerna do aarti together. Mr. Bajaj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dont think amna sharif should join this show for her comeback..here characters change colours like changing clothes..especially komolika’s character was a total waste..first she was shown to be smartest nd thn suddenly stupid nd dumb who got exposed so easily..
    Coming to prerna, she got ready to marry navin for her family’s sake..to bajaj se shadi karte waqt family k izzat ka khayal nai aya? Komolika track me itni strong nd avi itni weak? Prrrma ne humesha apna respect high rakha par ab usko koi kuc v suna deta hai?
    Nd the main thing..how a sanskari girl like prerna become pregnant before marriage 🙄
    Coming to anurag, he was shown to be the most waqt ka kadar karne wala insan nd always respected women..but ab vo jaisi apni married ex k aage piche ghumte rehta h or jitna time waste karta hai like seriously? Naven track me he had guts but komolika k time he was shown as the dumbest on earth or ab vapas guts? Bajaj was ruining his busimess tb anurag kuc nai kar paya but suddenly after zurich track usne bajaj ka ghar seize kar liya? Nd how a sanaskari boy like anurag become father before marriage 🙄
    Coming to bajaj, ruthless man se best father se changing man se psycho man..do mahina me itna shades..

    All are chameleons in this show or what? Aamna ko v pehle dangerous dikha k baad me dumb dikha denge so she should go for some other projects..

  2. Bajaj is hypotric man 😡😡😡 ab buddhe ke fans anu ko bolenge time ki value karne vala time waste kar raha he or jab budhha sirf prerna ke liye jail me time waste kar raha tha vo pyarr my foot #bapre 😡😡😡hate this bajaj

  3. Ye ekta kapoor kisiko nehi choregi.. Unhe to trp chahiye.. Kavi anupre scenes to kavi prerish scenes.. Taki both fans dekhte rahe.. Dumb to sayad hum log hain jo wakt barbad kar rahe hain apna.. Ekta k serial mein kuch romantic ya phir achhe scenes ki ummid karna hi nehi chahiye Hume.. Serial ka genere hain romantic.. But plotting and planning k alava kuch dikhate hi nehi.. Yahan har din koi na koi -ve ho jata hain aur baki sab lag jate hain use exposed karne k liye.. My foot 😠😠😠.. Fed up with this serial.. Ya to anupre Karo.. Ya phir prerish.. Aise do couple k bich toggling ka koi matlab nehi hain.. 🙄🙄 watching this serial only tor KSG and prerish.. But I think I should quit.. 🙁

    1. thanks a lot…

      1. Thanks for what @dinie?

  4. Abhi to aur 3 plastic surgery, 7 divorces, 19 marriages, 100 bachhe.. Phir punarjanam.. Ye sab kuch hona baki hain.. 🤐🤐

  5. @shabnam u can directly mention my name dear..nd yup i am a prerish fan..but that doesnt mean i support or justify his character..yaa as a pyscho he is really doing a great job..but as he is negative so aj nai to kal he will loose..raha baat time waste karne ka to jail me 2-3 din waste karna or 1-2 mahina apni ex k piche waste karna dono chiz me farak hai..anurag tried his best to make prerna understand but if she is so blinded thn anurag should leave it for sometime ..nd in my above comment i only discussed how each nd every character changed..its not only about anurag that i mentioned..

  6. Anupre is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. I think Shit head Ekta and her team are gunning for the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst screenplay of the year. Else how can one explains the bullshit they discharged on Star Plus every single night. It looks like they are competing with their own bullshit every trying to outplay the shit that hit the fan on the previous night. Now they have got the robot apologising to his mother in law saying that he should have come to ask her for the bimbo’s hand in marriage. Mother Theresa eat your heart out. I can see the genius Ekta getting him to say: you know your daughter has never met me before but my dumb daughter likes her a lot. Now I will give you just 1 option……you cannot flip the question…you don’t have a 50/50 or get an expert to help you. The only answer you can give me is a yes. Well I have already blackmailed your daughter to marry me by withholding evidence that would exonerate her lover and now I am giving you the same option. What say Sasouma or is it samosa in Ekta’s pitiful world.

  8. @manyata..haha yaa bohot sare bachhe ayenge avi..ek anupre ka ek anulika ka ek prerish ka etc etc..marriage tracks v chalta rahega avi aparna sampada ka ana v to baaki h🤣🤣 fir kya pta naagin churail daayan vampire nd all nd again naya janam sabka or end episode me prerna will kill anurag nd reveal that she was always after momey may be it navin, anurag or bajaj 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 just kidding as its ektas show

  9. Worst show of star plus now …sab pehle jaisa banaawati2003 k jesa …kuch b practical nhn …2019 k jesa worstttttttttttt show

  10. Mohini k rehte alag se churail lane ki koi zaroorat nehi hain.. 😬

  11. I really don’t understand what the hell is going on with this show.
    what I all feel is Kasauti season 1 is better than this 🙁
    at least we loved watching it when we were kids.

  12. Yeah kasauti zindagi ki 1 was far better..the script was well written..is kasauti me to bajaj expose hoga or kahani vahi aa k ruk jaygi..nd according to spoilers, mohini will select new komolika for anurag..again same thing will be repeated 🙄🙄

  13. Certainly we are all entitled to our own opinions, but we the viewers are doing a mistake.We all have a way we want the serial to go, in our minds, once it didn’t go that way we start criticizing. This is wrong. Let’s cheer them up. True sometimes they miscalculate a little. The serial that is so worst now and deserves to be removed is Ishita. I wait for 5 of your programs. They are Prena, In Nigeria, most of us that watch this serial calls them with the names of their actors or actresses. For example this one is called Prena. Then Mishti, Sonakchi, Naira and Kulfi

  14. And let me remind you, my favorite is Prena Bajaj. Anupam is behaving like an over pampered last born. Look at what’s happening now, he is falling again in the trap set for him.

    1. Sorry Anurag, not Anupam

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