Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini curses Prerna

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nivedita arguing with Veena. Veena says Prerna praises you, you are supporting your mum. Nivedita says I will support her, ask Shivani, Shivani tell the truth to your mum, if you have the courage. Veena asks Shivani what is she saying. Shivani says Prerna has married Bajaj. Nivedita says see this pic, Ronit had sent this pic to me. Veena and everyone get shocked. Veena says this can’t be true. Mohini says question yourself, ask your pride. Veena cries. Mohini says this is the truth of this family, self esteem, pride, dignity, they use such big words, but their daughter married someone else, and Veena is pretending ignorant, Veena you got Prerna married to Bajaj. Veena says no.

Mohini asks how much money did you get for selling Prerna. Veena says forgive me. Mohini

says my Anurag is in hospital, he is taking Prerna’s name. They all cry. Mohini says we were so happy and calling him crazy in love, Prerna pretended to love him, she trapped him in love, even I couldn’t figure it out, what’s Anurag’s mistake. She gets dizzy. They all hold her and ask her to have water. Mohini gets up and shouts stop this drama. Veena kneels down to apologize. Moloy sees Anurag. Anupam makes Moloy hold Anurag. Anurag cries.

Anurag says I did everything, she wanted me to marry her in front of society, she was very happy then why….Mohini says its a curse of a mum, the way Prerna gave pain to Anurag, she will never stay happy, she will go through the same pain all her life, she will return one day, her heart will also break like she broke my son’s heart. Mohini leaves. Nivedita scolds Veena. She says for what Prerna did today, we will never forgive any of you. She leaves.

Veena shouts Shivani. She asks when did you got to know this. She slaps Shivani. Doctor says you can take Anurag home, that girl…. Anupam looks on. Doctor recalls Prerna’s words and says Anurag loves her a lot. Naina….plays…. Anurag cries. Veena asks when did you know this. Shivani says when I was going to parlor. Veena asks why didn’t you tell us, Prerna did a wrong thing. Mahesh says leave her. Shivani says I couldn’t get the courage to tell you. Veena says daughter is form of Dvi, but my daughters are a curse, Prerna did that wrong thing and Shivani had hidden it. Suman says calm down, its not Shivani’s mistake. Veena cries. Everyone consoles Veena.

Shivani says Prerna was married by the time I got to know, sorry. Veena says I will never be able to forgive Prerna, I trusted her more than myself, its good that her dad is no more, why didn’t he take me along. Dadi hugs Veena and consoles. Mohini cries recalling Anurag’s words. She says when Anurag expected 100% marks and he got 99% marks, I slapped him, he broke down because he had hurt me, this time he won’t be able to handle this, I can’t see him like this Moloy, that cheater Prerna has given so much pain to my son, I won’t let my family fall apart, I will not fall weak, Bajaj has hurt us emotionally, Prerna supported him, my children aren’t weak, I will make them stronger, no one can mess up with my children, neither Bajaj nor Prerna.

Anurag sits quiet. Tum kaho….plays… Nivedita comes to him and gives tea. She asks him to go to the Switzerland conference, they will get the deal, it will be great for him. He doesn’t react. She cries and goes. He thinks of Prerna. Anupam hugs her. She says I was talking to Anurag, he isn’t listening to me, he is in much pain. Mohini says no, you won’t cry, my children can’t be weak, I know that Anurah is in much pain, I promise to make him fine, you will go Switzerland and represent Basu publications, you will face Bajaj and Prerna, is contract is very imp, if you don’t go, rumors will spread that…

Nivedita says rumors that spoil the business and reputation. Mohini says yes, Anupam you will go along. He says but Anurag needs me. Mohini says he is strong, I m with you, we have to get this contract. Nivedita says I promise you, we will get this project. Mohini goes. Dadi asks Veena to have food. Veena keeps her hand over diya and cries. Shivani comes and stops her. Veena says Prerna will bear much punishment, she has hurt my Anurag’s heart, we know how much he loved Prerna, how could she do this, she should get more troubles, she did wrong, Anurag got punished, I can face Anurag when Prerna tells us why she did it, she ran like a coward, she has to give answers to our questions. She comes to Mr. Bajaj’s house and shouts Prerna. She looks for her. Servant asks who are you, come with me, Sir and madam aren’t here. She asks where are they. He says they left for Switzerland.

Prerna says you were always with me to wipe my tears, how can I mend your heart. Mr. Bajaj says I will never touch you with an intention which may lead you to misunderstand me. Nivedita scolds Prerna. She says you sold yourself for these luxuries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. prerna was looking so beautiful with her maang filled with the name of mr bajaj’s sindoor and her mangalsutra tells how much she has done good by marrying him # new chapter in mrs bajaj’s life now we don’t need anurag to spoil such a happily married couple # long live prejaj couple my love and wishes to u dear couple # mr bajaj now love her soo much that she forgets her infactuation towards anurag now onu should not interfere between mr and mrs bajaj # prejaj fans shower your love on them and subscribe to telly updates for sweet writers like amena # kudos to all eagerly waiting for swiss trip finally good days in the show are to begun after such chaos love wins that too pure one !!!!

  2. im with prerna’s decision her best decision to marry her man # mr bajaj real hero and loveable hubby for prerna # sneha a princess daughter now i pray for well being of mr bajaj happy family and get well soon anurag you need komolika by your side mohiniji was sad so she uttered curses but they will not matter coz god is watching the pure love of prejaj and bless them # as one of the buzzers say # match made in heaven

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today episode was heartwrenching
    Egoistic Mohini and Veenama cruses prerna
    Without knowing the results
    Prena did everything for those people who don’t understand her value
    Egoistic Mohini is a money minded woman whenever she is with sharma’s
    She judged them for money, upbringing, status
    But Veenama atleast you have to think for a second about prerna afterall she is your pride, dignity
    She was the one who ready to marry Navin psycho in order to safe the house
    Veenama disappointed me
    Soon they will regret for what they doing against prerna
    Precap:again Nivedita basu is back in her older form
    Without thinking she bashed prerna and humiliated for marrying Bajaj
    Hope Mr Bajaj will do something

  4. Yes Bajaj will understood prerana it is the same story of season 1……..no new story only actors are new…
    Boring storyline…. I hate this story……. No commitments for lead pair they will shifting upto end… ?‍♀️

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