Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12th August 2019 Written Double Episodes Update: Basus share their mansion with Mr. Bajaj

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1st Episode
The Episode starts with Mohini saying this house is Moloy’s dream, if Nivedita’s strategy works, we will do it, we won’t leave from this house, look at me Anurag. She hugs him. They cry. Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj you have told us about your plans, we thought to tell our plans, you have taken Basu house legal rights, but it will take a month. He says I have the legal rights, I will get this house soon. She says Basu house didn’t get sold, bank will not sell this. He says I m the owner of this house. She says you are 50% owner, we are also 50% owner, you can’t make us out, you have to decide if you want to stay here. Mohini says we know the legalities about our house, we spoke to a senior lawyer.

He says you may stay, you won’t get peace seeing me every day, I have come to stay here with my family, you have snatched my house, I will make your house mine in a month, until then its 50-50. Anurag looks at him. Mohini says you know Prerna and Anurag were going to get married, Anurag will be hurt seeing this. Mr. Bajaj says she is now Mrs. Prerna Sharma Bajaj, my wife, not forced, but by choice. Nivedita asks shall we discuss imp things, we will take the ground floor, you and your wife can stay in the upper floor, study, living room, dining room and kitchen will be common, is that clear. He says that’s fine, Prerna I m going home to bring Kuki, Maasi and Tanvi. He goes. He thinks Prerna will have to suffer in this, I didn’t wish to see her like this, Anurag has crossed his limits, I have to give him a reply.

Mohini says if you and your husband think you will snatch our house, you are wrong. Nivedita says don’t waste time talking to her, just come. Mohini says I always knew Prerna is a wrong girl, she made many mistakes and made me upset, I thought I was wrong, you went to Bajaj to save Anurag, I didn’t realize that you are attracting Bajaj. Anurag looks on. Mohini says Anurag married Komolika so that your family doesn’t lose a roof, you want to snatch our roof, really, you and your husband will pay for this, we will not leave you. Nivedita says come with me.

Anurag throws his bag down. Prerna gets hurt. Anurag sees her and asks servant to make guest room ready. Suman asks Shivani to go college by bus or local train. She says you have to make expenses less, what was the need to buy new slippers, just Shekhar earns, how will we manage, I m saying the right thing, I also have some wishes and rights on Shekhar’s earnings, its enough now, we have wasted money on Prerna’s marriage, I m being practical, you can’t do a job, we can spend less. Shivani goes and sees Veena standing outside. Veena asks Dadi for Vyas’ number. Prerna enters the room and recalls Anurag. Dil tutta….plays…. She cries. Anurag comes and says you like this room right, you made me out of this room before also, this time you came here with Bajaj so that me and my family leaves.

Shekhar comes home and asks Suman to serve food fast. Dadi says I need to talk to you, it will get later. Suman says talk to him later. Veena asks Dadi not to bother him. He asks what’s the matter. Suman says nothing. Veena says I want to do something, I have nothing to do, I m thinking to do part time job. He says no way. Suman asks what’s the problem, even I would have done a job. Shekhar worries. Veena says let me do this, I will take care of myself. Suman says you should agree to her. Shivani looks on.

Anurag says sorry Mrs. Prerna Bajaj, we have a right to spoil your dreams. She says this truth will never change. He asks what’s truth, any blind person will just see dark and normal person will see colors, both of them are right, perception is different, I don’t think you know me or I knew you well, now I m sure who are you, I have no feelings now, I just know I can’t see you happy, I know you can’t stay happy without me, you may take over my house, but you can’t stay happy, you can just stay happy with me, I promise you that. Anurag and Prerna see the shuffling. Mohini shouts. Mr. Bajaj comes with his family. He says we will have some areas common here. Maasi asks will we stay with them. Mohini says for a month and then you will be out. Maasi asks him to end this problem, he has a habit to win. Maasi says I don’t want to talk to this lady.

Mr. Bajaj says she is my Maasi and this is her daughter Tanvi. Tanvi asks where is Kuki. Anurag sees Kuki and recalls. Maasi says you were missing mumma, look she is there. Kuki hugs Prerna. Anurag gets shocked.

Second Episode:
Anurag says I was dreaming of my honeymoon with Prerna, I had booked the tickets as well, she broke my heart and ruined my dreams too. Anupam says forget it. Anurag asks how, seeing Prerna and Bajaj together. Prerna feeds Kuki. Tanvi says you have to find Kuki, are you ready to play. Kuki goes to hide. Prerna says maybe she went to the room. She goes to find her and collides with Anurag. Their heads also strike. She asks when will you get out of all this and move on.

Anurag says so sweet of you, I won’t move on and won’t let you move, I will drag you back, this time the starting will be different. She says you always valued time, how did you get time to waste, go to office, get your family out of this. He asks how was the last night in my room with your husband, sorry, did you enjoy. She says I enjoyed a lot, what are you doing here, house is divided. He says this is corridor, its for everyone, common sense, I came to take books from study room, I m going to room to get my wallet. She recalls Mr. Bajaj sleeping on the couch.

Prerna says I think you didn’t sleep all night, were you not comfortable because of me, you are just Kuki’s mum for me, you will fall ill if you don’t sleep, Kuki will feel bad, I will sleep in any other room. Prerna says no, you can sleep in this room, I will manage. FB ends. Prerna thinks Anurag can go to room and understand that Mr. Bajaj and I sleep separately. She stops Anurag and says you can’t go in like this. He asks are you hiding something, what’s the problem. She says what, its Mr. Bajaj and my room, we are newly weds, I don’t want you to see anything, I will get what you want. She shuts the door. She looks for his wallet. Kuki asks Tanvi where is Prerna. Tanvi says no cheating, I can’t see your sad face, don’t tell anyone, Prerna is upstairs, you won. Kuki dances.

Prerna moves the blanket from couch. Anurag enters the room and asks didn’t you get it. He looks for his wallet. He gets it. She stops him. She asks him to come in Mr. Bajaj’s presence. Kuki comes and signs to tell her. Prerna says I didn’t understand, do it again. Anurag says she is saying, she wants to hide so that you find her again. Kuki kisses him and smiles. Prerna says ready, go and hide. Kuki goes. Anurag says Kuki likes you, good deal, you got money, name and a daughter for free. She says don’t get her in this fight. He asks how am I tolerating what you did.

Veena thanks Vyas for hiring her for job. Vyas says I liked Rajesh and your mandap decorations, I offered you job before. She says its about time, I was too busy before and now I have time, we shall do the work. He says I will call you when there is any marriage work, you can tell me about catering orders. She says fine, I will tell you. She thinks I can share the load of expenses. Mohini asks servant to make coffee first. Nivedita scolds him. Maasi and Tanvi argue. Prerna looks at them. She goes to stop them. Prerna asks servant to make the breakfast, they will pay him. She says Maasi, we will get the cook here. Maasi says I m happy that Rishabh chose you for marriage. Tanvi feels sick. Maasi asks what happened. Maasi asks did Mohini add something in food. Prerna says she can’t do this.

Mohini asks Maasi not to put cheap allegations on her. Nivedita calls servant. Tanvi says Prerna you left Anurag and married Rishabh because of this lady, I can’t deal with this. Prerna says no, she isn’t bad, she is annoyed, really sorry, I will go to Kuki, she was hiding, I will send medicines. She calls out Kuki. Shivani calls her and says mum asked me not to talk to you, who will understand these problems. Prerna asks what happened. Shivani says we have many problems, if you married Anurag, we would have been connected. Prerna says I m still your sister. Shivani says mum wants to work in this age, she wants to lessen the burden, I know she was lying, talk to mum if you can. Prerna asks how is everyone at home. Shivani says fine, mum doesn’t know that I spoke to you, don’t tell her.

Anupam asks Anurag to come for the meeting. Anurag says money is imp than love for her, I can’t handle this meeting. Anupam asks what’s wrong, Prerna got married, she won’t get back to you, if you want to fight back, then earn so much money that she regrets to leave you.

Mr. Bajaj asks did you see Kuki. Prerna says we were playing hide and seek. Mohini taunts Prerna. Mr. Bajaj says I got you here to take care of my daughter. Anurag asks did he scold you. Prerna says he is my husband, do something for your family. He says I m doing it, I know whom you love, you love me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Devudaa.bakwas,stop this non sense prerna is over acting she keep hurting anurag a lot.she didn’t deserve anurag.prerna is correct to that old man Bajaj .really hate prerna Sharma character.she even didn’t sad about anurag.komolika is better than prerna character.makers bring new heroine to anurag better than prerna character.

  2. Now a days anurag is becoming so annoying and chipku..he dont have any other work it seems..loving someone doesnt mean ignoring everything..

  3. Prerna can never change….anurag should move on forgetting that idiot…
    Today’s episode Soo irritaing. Anurag got much hurt. Even she made a deal and specially mentioned not to hurt anurag. Now she is hurting him. We can never expect changes in prerna. Prerna become so selfishhhh. Even her family is at poverty and mother started to work and doing a small work. Which daughter would bear that?? And even her daughter married a luxurious man called Mr Bajaj. He has money and wealth. So shameless girl!! Today’s both the episodes hurt anurag.
    Liked the way kuki lovingly kissed anurag❤. Now if kuki like anurag. Will Bajaj give kuki to anurag and prerna? He is a big demon doing and playing with relations. Not caring about feelings and nothing.
    This prerna so irritating…..
    Precap:- now let’s see what prerna does. Good Bajaj scolded. Bajaj should also get one soon. Now anurag is on ?
    This time anurag should get prerna
    No separation. I’m sure anurag will surely get his love back from demon…

  4. All my new kzk2 watchers just go to wikipedia & read kzk1 you will get an entire idea of the overall story. Dont worry anurag will get married to one lady….kukis mother will come back & trouble bajaj….just read then u will get an idea…

    The only exception in this is prerna is portrayed as a very cruel irritable selfish lady, which is proving mohini is right that she is after money only & no sincere love

    The problem is writers did 2 mistakes…one making prerna pregnant & 2nd making bajaj married to her & thus spoilt the entire beauty of the concept…now they dont know what to do & just writing & director is like sloth following it with no sense…just to maintain the rating

    Being a viewer of kzk1, i recommend dont waste your time watching this nonsense as although u may like now but later u will get irritated ?with numerous marrying, separating & remarrying?…there r lot of nice shows going on…go for it✌

    I stopped watching but enjoy to read the comments that u all share ??

    1. SHANKI

      People here call Karan singh grover A.K.A Rishabh a Demon! But just go watch the show Qubool Hai then you guys will have to take ur words back.. Ekta made a handsome man a boodha then blame ekta if you so-called fans don’t like the show then simply don’t watch it! If Ekta made Bajaj character a young man you guys might even like him.. KSG is a really hot talented actor 100 billion times better than any anurag! more biceps and better looks not suprised which Prerna won’t marry him.. Anurag is the bony hulky nothing don’t like Anurag at all.. so critics don’t call my KSG a demon.. I won’t say much about prerna don’t really like this actree and her hair and the plain sarees she wears.. KSG deserves soo much more than KZK go watch Qubool hai starring KSG and Surbhi jyothi you guys will love it!

    2. Tell me what he did with anurag. He snatched his pregnant wife and he wants her to become his daughter s mother.
      And Bajaj is a demon not KSG. You are misunderstanding this. All are blaming Bajaj character of the serial kzk 2 not Karan Singh Grover. It won’t affect KSG. He is just playing Bajaj character.

    3. And in this serial the main leads are prerna, anurag and Bajaj. Not Erica, parth and Karan. At least think about this ( to the KSG fans who got affected by calling Bajaj demon ). All were blaming this Bajaj as he is the villain and reason for separating prerna and anurag. So calling Bajaj a demon won’t affect KSG at all..but actually this is affecting the KSG fans. That is the problem. Just this is a serial and simply playing anurag, prerna and Bajaj role.
      Bajaj character is irritating so much.

    4. @Meher….totally agree with you but the bimbos are not looking at this like you do. They see him as Mr Bipasha…whatever her name is ….the man they fancy…some bimbo commenting on his jaw line and another bimbo @ shanki seeing him as an handsome man whatever that means for people who are shallow and simple. In a way I don’t blame them they fancy their chance ….after all the robot with the jawline and who is handsome has already dumped 2 of his wives so it is not wrong to live in hope but that does not turn a second rated actor into George Clooney. The robot is struggling and he just stand there and deliver his lines and I bet you the makers of this reboot are kicking themselves for casting this chap especially after all the fuss and something about nothing before they introduce him. For god sake they even gave him a holiday in Zurich and what a waste of money. It did not budge the TRP.

  5. I liked ur comment… Divya….

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