Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Moloy learns Komolika’s crime

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prerna crying. Anurag comes to console her. He says like you love your family, Nivedita did the same, you know her mood swings, mum and Nivedita had reacted in emotional way, very soon Nivedita will realize her mistake, its like when you agreed to marry Navin thinking he will support your famiy, you should have told me once, I would have taken care of your family and supported them, but you chose Navin, you liked him right. She says thank God there is much difference in you now, would you say yes that time. He says no, I didn’t see anything in you which Navin had seen. She beats him. He says you got distracted.

She says you have done it, I understood. He wipes her tears. Tum ho paas…plays… He asks her to wash the hanky and give it. He says I

already have your old hanky. She asks didn’t you give it to laundryman. He says no, actually…. apart from the hanky, I have kept many other things, your token of love, I will show it to you some time, you will be startled. She says yes. He says it was my heart who kept it. He makes her smile. Komolika sees them. She says Prerna, you have done much wrong, I have to make you realize this. Anurag asks Prerna to meet him at 3. Prerna smiles and goes.

Veena sees Suman working hard and smiles. She hugs Suman and apologizes for scolding her. She says I love you as much I love Prerna and Shivani, I know you love everyone, you are also my daughter, will you forgive me. Suman asks why are you saying this. They hug. Veena says everything will be fine. Suman thinks let Prerna and Shivani do any mistake, then we will talk, I will never forget my insult. Komolika comes to Mohini and begins her drama. She says my mum had left me in my childhood, I have managed everything on own, it hurts a lot, if anything happened to you then… Mohini asks why are you worried for me.

Komolika says I m seeing my mum’s image in you. Mohini smiles. Komolika says now Mishka and Anurag aren’t together, sorry, I shouldn’t say this. Mohini says yes, I also have this doubt. Komolika says we will always be in touch, all relations don’t have a name, there is a connection between two hearts, I really like you and I love you, please love me as your daughter. Mohini says of course. Komolika says I feel whatever Prerna did today, she did that intentionally. Mohini says I agree, her father has heart issue, she did this intentionally. Komolika says yes, she fed you that halwa, she knows everyone trusts her here, is she scared that her future plans get spoiled because of you. Moloy looks on.

Mohini thinks Komolika is right, Prerna is scared that I won’t accept her with Anurag. Komolika says don’t know why she hates you. Moloy gets the juice and asks Mohini to finish it. He goes and thinks I have to stop this girl else she will fill hatred in everyone for Prerna. Mohini asks Komolika to say truth, what feelings does she have for Anurag. Komolika smiles. Mohini says your face makes it evident. Komolika says I understood that he is sensitive, caring and emotional, he respects all the girls, every girl will like to have a guy like him, he is clean hearted. Mohini says let me recover and then I will make everything fine. Komolika says I wish you recover soon, I wish to become your daughter soon. They hug. Nivedita scolds servant and asks for her diamond bracelet. Anupam says calm down. Nivedita says stay out of it Anupam. Moloy comes. Nivedita says this maid has taken the bracelet, check her. Moloy says they help us a lot, they do our work, don’t say all this, we will find it out. Nivedita says I want the same bracelet. Moloy says you can’t blame them. He asks maid to calm down, we will find it, go and find it everywhere, go back to work. Anupam says Nivedita won’t let you live until you get same bracelet.

Moloy says I won’t get it. Anupam asks how will I get it. Moloy says I have got CCTV fixed in the house, since Navin had come back, lets go and check who has taken the bracelet. Navin says I m waiting for someone, I m sure she will come for my sake. He sees Prerna and says she has come. He shouts Prerna. He sees Anurag with her. He says this guy is always around her, he is such an insecure man. Anurag greets Navin. Navin asks why are you so scared, Anurag you have done this, she used to smile and dance with me, she has fear on her face now, she is looking so pale. Anurag says yes, she is scared for me, I saw her fighting with you without fear, she got scared for my life, because she is in love with me. Navin says the day I come out of this prison, I will come hunting for you. Prerna says don’t even dare to think this. The man says I think they have confessed their love to each other. Anurag asks Prerna are you fine. She nods. They leave. Navin shouts Prerna listen to me.

Moloy asks the man to show him the footage. Moloy sees Komolika adding something in Mohini’s halwa. He gets shocked. He says it means Komolika has done this, only to frame Prerna.

Moloy slaps Komolika and shows the video. Veena sees Anurag with Prerna. She slaps Veena. Komolika sends her man after Moloy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. komolika is a very inhuman character hate her to the most

  2. now loving the makers they deserve lifetime achievement award all anuprefans are very happy now with the current plot they say komolika is best and anurag weds komolika will be best to watch and vowed to increase trps to over 7 ratings hahaha

  3. well done kammo u had done a terrific job now exit that fool moloy who had no brains and inspite of showing video to mohini he showed it to kammo what a real fool was he deserve to exit the show im loving it # long live makers

  4. i love mohini’s concern for her son she wants beautiful bride for her son not helpless rondu prerna lol

  5. megha jo barse nahi

    anurag se badhkar bada bewkoof maine nhi dekha uska pyarr kitna jhootha tha mere ko bilkul bhi pasand nhi aaya woh itna darpok niklega ki apne pyar ko defend bhi nhi kar sakega # boneless man woh purush nhi mahapurush nikla hahaha

    1. Hi fake fan no 2.ur pani shipper r niti ki chamchi e shaheer fan b*t*h .keep ur f mouth in ur drainage beggar

      1. megha jo barse nahi


  6. is valentine pyar ki jagah maiyaat dikha rhe hai makers hahaha sahi hai ye show yahi deserve karta hai aur unke fans bhi mza aa rha hai mujhe ab ye show comedy lag rha hai bahuut hasi aa rhi hai precap dekh kar kitna acha week ki shuruwat hui hai weekends ka intezarr khatm ab moloy bhi jald hi udanchoo ho jayega hahahaha

  7. kzk ki nao doob gyi lol

    hahhaha kammo onnu ke piche onnu prerna ke pichee maunhini trps ke piche trps moloy ke exit ke piche tooo muchhh funnnnn

  8. currently love watching this plot its full of entertainment looking forward to see kammo bai marrying buddhu anurag lol

  9. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today’s episode was awesome
    Moloy learns Komolika truth
    What an egoistic Mohini basu
    In the first she used to love and like the bonding between chipaku Mishka and Anurag
    After their break up
    Nowadays she is showing interest in komo
    She forgot chipaku Mishka
    She like komo charm more than chipaku Mishka
    Horrible mother’s
    Thanks Amena for fast update

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    Love the way Anurag console prena and wipes her tears as well as describing the same thing with her past
    Their mutual understanding is fantastic
    We all know it’s not going to be longer 😭
    Feeling very bad for prena
    Poor prena she had to suffer all
    In the background music “tum ho pass kahene bhi do” song of kaheneko Humsafar hai was playing
    The way Anurag pacified prena
    He stole my ♥
    I can’t the tears in prena eyes
    It’s make me cry 😭😭😭
    Naughty Anurag
    He kept all the things apart from handkerchief and have many other things that have token of love of prena 😍😍
    He says he will show her in some other time
    Some time hope it’s worth
    Anurag make prena smile
    Psycho komo see them together and feel jealous
    She want to snatch away Anurag from prena
    In order to satisfied with her ego
    She mislead egoispactic Mohini against prena intensions

    Parth actually promoting his upcoming webseries “kaheneko Humsafar hai season 2” through the form of Anurag basu
    He asks prena to meet 3 o’clock
    It’s mean only 3days left for his webseries
    What a brilliant idea 💡
    “Ek sikarse do nisan”

  11. Ngkrishnakumari

    In sharma’s house another plani in the form of selfish Suman eventhough Veenama apologize for scolding her
    But this selfish Suman eagerly waiting for a chance when prena or shivani mistakes doing
    At the time she take revenge against Veenama
    Another horrible person
    She is so discusting
    For a few minutes
    I thought that komo steal Nivedita diamonds bracelets and kept on prena bag
    In order to blames her
    Thanks God
    I’m relieved that
    Moloy uncle puts cctv camera in the house and every room
    Finally he gets to know that komo is doing everything in order to blames prena
    Inside the jail Navin psycho is waiting for someone who can freed him from jail
    It’s komo the person whom he still waiting inside the jail or someone else
    Navin psycho after sawing prena with Anurag
    Navin :God! this guy following her around 24×7like a shadow
    I never seen such insecure man in my life 😂
    Love the sarcastic Anurag and how he full on showing to Navin psycho that prena loves him
    And he also know the atmosphere and understandings that prena was scared
    He holds prena hand 😱😱
    Overall episode was perfect 👌 👌

  12. Ngkrishnakumari

    According to the sbs news
    Komo will take a long breaks from the show in March
    So Navin psycho another version is probably visible in the show
    So maker’s shows us Navin psycho in the show
    Precap Omg 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🙈🙈🙈
    Tommorw is hug day for everyone
    Unfortunately our show is going to celebrate it as slap day
    First Moloy to komo
    Another prena from Veenama
    Feeling very bad for Moloy
    Tommorw is going to be his last episode
    We will missing his funny line, caring, and nokjok

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Anurag choose komo over prena

  14. Drama queen Komolika and this Mohini is such an emotional fool who is getting trapped easily in Komolikas sugary talks. She is not even realizing that Komolika is applying butter only to win her trust. So Komolika will try to kill Moloy and Rajesh in order to hide her truth by planning an accident for them. By the way she deserves the slap given to her by Moloy.

  15. Lmao , she slaps Veena 😂😂😂

  16. The way Anurag was holding prerna and was about to kiss her, something was happening in my stomach, LOL. Here only to watch Parth and his hotness!

    Does anybody knows who will become Mr. Bajaj? Hope its Shaheer Sheikh. Fingers crossed!!

    A big HHHIIIII to everyone here. Hope everyone is doing fantastic! If not, its okay. Have patience,
    Problems dont stay forever!

    Good night!

  17. I bet its Veena slaps Prerna lol

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