Udaan 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor falls in trouble

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The Episode starts with everyone crying for Imli. Chakor does Imli’s final rites. Raghav comes and holds the firetorch to give fire to the funeral pyre. They see some men fixing Bhanu’s nameboard. Bhanu comes there with his men. He tells Chakor and everyone that the land now belongs to him. He asks her to ask Inspector about it. He asks Inspector to tell them that he is the owner of Aazaadgunj now. Leela says how can this happen, the machines were not working at registrar office. Bhanu says machines were sent to repair at my place, it was just an excuse, I got the machines at my house. FB shows Bhanu making the papers ready. He says now I have the fate of Aazaadgunj in my hands. He scolds Chakor. The villagers ask Chakor about their lands.

Chakor says everything will get fine. Bhanu asks her

not to cheat the villagers. He asks them to see Chakor’s signatures, he isn’t lying, he didn’t cheat anyone. The villagers get angry on Chakor. Chakor and Raghav leave. Bhanu asks Lallan to use this chance and get rid of Chakor and Raghav. Lallan smiles. Inspector and Leela say we felt that Bhanu can’t get the land registry done. Chakor says Bhanu snatched the land and Imli also, I have ruined lives of villagers. Raghav says don’t worry, I m with you, we will fight together and win. Anjor comes there and calls out Chakor. Chakor leaves Raghav’s hand. Anjor asks is he taking dad’s place again and fooling everyone, don’t worry, Dadi and I are with you, ask him to go from here.

Raghav says you can say this to me directly, your mum got me here and said she will give me 50 lakhs, now she has no money, I won’t go until she gives me money, you give me money and then I will go. He signs to them. Tejaswini says yes, how will we pay you money. He says I will stay here with you, I can’t help if anyone dislikes me. Chakor says we can’t stay away even if we want. Anjor says I hate you and gets angry on Raghav. She goes. Chakor apologizes to him. He says its fine, what if she doesn’t accept me as dad, she is my daughter, you just see, when I convince her, I will remind her all this and tease her. They see the villagers protesting against Chakor.

Bhanu asks Lallan to end Chakor’s story. The villagers hit Chakor. Raghav and Chakor get inside the haveli. Chakor asks Tejaswini to take Anjor to her mum’s house. Raghav says we can’t stop them for long.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. There are news of 10 year leap with the focus shifting to Anjor and new leads coming, Meera may stay but VJ will leave maybe as soon as tomorrow.
    First the problem with the show is the writing and sidelining of Sukor/Ragkor their story isn’t highlighted or developed. So before taking such a drastic step try changing the writer first.
    Second Meejay have been phenomenal, it’s their acting that’s kept the loyal fans attached to the show. It’s not their fault nor the fault of Suraj/Raghav/Chakor characters.
    If Meejay are asked to play the parents of the new leads then it’s better for them to exit the show.

  2. If VJ is leaving I hope we get closure first, show Ragkor happy together and Anjor accepting Raghav or even better show that Raghav is Suraj and make the fans who left the show make peace with Raghav.
    Some happy memories would be welcome.

  3. Good episode. It was normal with no over the top scenes a rarity now in Udaan
    Loved haveli scene, Ragkor briefly holding hands and Raghav pretending to be after money, too bad we won’t get this story.
    If they do shift to Mumbai the story looks promising, Ragkor together, Anjor accepting Raghav, new challenges. Too bad this isn’t possible because of the leap.

  4. Taking another leap in Udaan is a huge mistake, the show’s problems began with the 1.5 year leap and the 7 year leap made things worse, why repeat the same mistake again?

  5. Sorry for spamming the post but the latest news are shocking.
    Word of caution to makers: the only generational leap that worked in the past 3 years is YRKKH, the rest didn’t improve TRPs, usually made it worse. Reincarnation twists were even bigger flops.
    Makers should’ve gone for a revamp with Sukor/Rajkor with new writing team before taking a huge risk by showing Anjor story.

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