Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Prerna confronts Anurag


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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mr. Bajaj seeing Anurag. Prerna says you didn’t change, you didn’t break your promises. He holds her and says I don’t break promises, I know you are worried for me, whatever happened today, I just hope that this doesn’t happen, if it happens, I will believe I m stupid. He holds her hand. He says this was the last chance for Anurag, he will be responsible for the consequences if he does this again, any way I was going to get water. She says I will get it, you take rest. Mr. Bajaj thinks now Prerna will fight Anurag and he will react. Anurag asks what’s his new game. Mr. Bajaj asks do you really want to know, good night. He goes. Anurag thinks he has told her something against me. Prerna recalls goon’s words about Anurag. She cries. Anurag comes.


stops her. She asks what are you doing, why. He asks what. She says you hired goons to attack on Mr. Bajaj, they tried to burn him. Mr. Bajaj thinks of Anurag. He thinks Prerna will get angry on Anurag, she will take my side and fight him, this will be enough to destroy his hopes. Anurag asks how can you think this. She says I know you, don’t pretend, you hired goons to plan attack on yourself, right, Mr. Bajaj told this to me, I trusted you more, I would have not believed him today also, I just believe you. She cries.

She says I heard that man taking your name, he said you have sent him. He says no. She says I trusted you, when I heard you talking to Anupam, it was a bad day for me, you were not like this, what happened to you, you think I will leave him and come to you, no….. He asks what can happen to me, I love you and want you back, I want to get you by love, not by hurting Bajaj, I know your focus will shift on him, I don’t want this. She says you are going on a wrong path. He holds her hand. She gets away and goes.

He says if that man took my name, why didn’t Bajaj get me arrested. She asks why do you want to go jail, please stop this. Anupam comes and asks what happened. Prerna says you disappointed me, I thought you will explain Anurag, but no, you supported him in wrong things. Anupam says you also disappointed me, I never thought you will leave Anurag. Anurag asks him to stop it. Anupam asks why did you leave Anurag on the marriage day. Anurag says its our matter. Anupam says no, its family matter, we all are suffering. Anurag pushes him and says sorry. Anupam gets up and says you have made Anurag like this, he doesn’t tell anything to you. Prerna says I cheated you, but I had my own reasons. Komolike undergoes plastic surgery. Prerna says you raised hand on Anupam. Anurag says I couldn’t hear him speaking against you. She says stop it, I m your past, I can’t handle this madness. Anurag says sorry, I will stop it, it breaks my heart. She says my heart is broken, if Mr. Bajaj got you arrested, you would have landed in jail, he is protecting you. Anurag asks why, what did I do. She says every question doesn’t have an answer. She goes. Anurag says I m sorry Anupam. Anupam goes. Kumud looks on.

Prerna thinks of Anurag and cries. Dekha hai….plays….Mr. Bajaj comes and consoles her. He says whenever you talk to Anurag, you get hurt, can’t you see that. Kumud comes to her room. Prosenjit asks what happened. Kumud says Anurag is madly in love with Prerna, if she leaves Mr. Bajaj, she will rule here, what about us. He says Mohini won’t let Prerna become her bahu, Prerna is married to Bajaj now, we will just talk outside this house. Mr. Bajaj says Anurag has to move on if you want, I know you won’t leave me and Kuki, you are strong and sensible like me, if anyone else was in my place, Anurag would have been in jail for attempt to murder charge, but we got similar, I won’t stop you, but Anurag has to stop, I can’t see you like this, it breaks my heart. She cries. He wipes her tears. She goes. Doctor says you got saved after a shark attack, it rarely happens. Komolika touches her face and says I have to see my face. Doctor says Komolika ji, your face got completely damaged after shark attack, so we had to change your face. She sees her face and shouts no…..

Anurag says Mr. Bajaj planned that attack on himself. Prerna asks him to stop it. He says I will talk to you when I have proof. Mr. Bajaj says you are such that you become imp. Prerna says I don’t want to become imp for anyone, I married you to save Anurag. Their conversation gets recorded. Anurag says I got to know everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What nonsense..anupam ne aisa v kuc nai bol diya jo anurag aise behave karega..anupam always supported him nd today anurag proved that only prerna iz imp for him..jisne pain diya usko kuc nai kahega or dusro v chilaate rahega..and he apologized only whrn prerna scolded him..and again he is like proof collect kar k prerna kp dikhayega..trust jbrjasti create karne ka chiz nai hota..prerna is ryt that anurag is mad now

    1. Aisa kaunsa shark kapde uthaarke attack kartha h bhai… everyone remembers that only komolika dress was found in water . Ab bol rahe h ; shark attack kiya h.. woh bi sirf chehrae pe.. kya ajeeb stupidity hain yaar.

      And what about that Prerna’s baby bump. No lady is so capable to suppreSs her baby bump and flaunt her hips. Pagal bana ke rakh rahi h hum sabko..

  2. I just cant stand this anurag..a man with zero self respect..na business se matlab na family se..agar anupam ko matter me interfere karne ka haq nai thn y the hell he goes to him with his stupid flop plans..anurag’s character uffff puppet of a married woman

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    I’m watching the show from the first day of episode
    Nowadays it lost its charm
    I really don’t know how the maker’s is doing such stupidity
    They are showing the wrong way into the society
    Thanks Amena for fast update
    Anurag is behaving like a psycho lover
    Anupam is disgusting how can he forgot that he is one who pushed prerna to Bajaj house?
    Let’s see what komo bring komotrack

  4. Now it is time for the changing of the guards. They are hoping Komilika’s re-entry will shift the TRP in their favour as the Robot’s entry has done nothing to improve the TRP and if anything else they have been flat lining. As usual and as per Ekta’s Waco world yet again another bullshit story line for the re-entry. Savaged by a shark disfiguring her face. Wow. It must have been a baby shark with a miniscule mouth just like a piranha. Keep digging and let’s hope somehow, somewhere someone will have the common sense of pulling the plug of this shamble.

    1. Exactly, my thoughts too… previously when serials were telecast our mothers and grandmothers weren’t that knowledgeable ; so they just went on with that gimmicks and illogical suspenses.. now for our generation atleast they should’ve done sensible serials. Same storyline … always pedophile marrying a young lady to justify his own action by taking her away from her love . That loser Aashiq seeking revenge for injustice done to him. To screw things up ; his ex or his hardcore stalker returns with plastic surgery befriends whole family and get married to that loser ashiq. Later ; after two months of prolonged drama they’ll realize that she’s evil and came back for revenge on their family and heroine runs back to hero to save his family …

      Pakao math Ekta ji.. plzzz. We watch to see for some entertainment and sensible stuff. Not to keep more stress on our brain. The makers are really going irresponsible about this storyline.

      P.S: I don’t mean any offence to KZK fans .. trust me ; I watch this serial too

  5. What a shit this Anurag is? sabko Apne pairon ki jutti ,samajhta hai kya, apni bade behen ke pati Ko aise treat kar Raha hai jaise Naukar Laga ho uska,infact his family should throw him out of the house just because of him Basu’s have to share their house with Bajaj and keep on bearing insults and failure ,not Bajaj is responsible for Basu’s troubles but that shit nikamma Ashiq is ,and by the way shit ki hoor pari ,Prerna ne Bajaj se pure consciousness ke saath, deal Kari thi, kaun sa use jabardasti mandap pe chipka diya tha.real life mein aise nikamme bete or bhai Ko koi ghar pe bardasht nahi karta do chapet Laga ke bahar Nikal dete hain .manna padega in Basu’s ka tolerance jo nikkame Ashiq or hoor pari Ko jhel rahe hain .khood ka Dil toota hai toh auron par frustation Kyun Nikal Raha hai……

  6. This is what anupam gets after supporting anurag and prena by going against his wife…anurag doesn’t need anyone except prena but who was there when prena ditched him…who cried along him when he was heartbroken…who lost sleep when he was hospitalised…who has his back when he is in trouble…2 days prena is more important than the family who was always there. Then good he can live alone the next time prena leave him for another so called sacrifice.
    And prena ji anupam is not anurag’s caretaker…it’s not his job the handle the mess she creates by her lies…so before barking at other she should think of the consequences of her actions.
    It’s not right the only decent and logical characters like nivi, mohi, anupam are suffering because of this stupid love triangle.

    1. you are absolutely right,@Pia!!!!!

  7. Bah_hi_sha

    Blaah…blaah….blaah….KZK….one f tha mzt intrstng daily soap….had turnd the mzt boring….first anurag planned attack on himslf…..to get rid off that rishab…now vice versa…..i think kzk is losing tha charm day by day…….anupre smtms…bapre smtms….

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