Kasam 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Tanu tucks Natasha in bed, Natasha says I wanted to say something important, she makes Tanu sit down and says I want to tell you a secret, I know answer of papa’s question, Natasha says to Tanu that I like Mr. Handsome(Rishi) a lot more than Abhi papa, Tanu is shocked to hear it. Natasha says I love papa too, dont tell him he will get sad. Natasha asks why me, Rishi, Tanya, you and papa can live together? Tanu says we cant, they have different family and your papa dont like Rishi. Natasha says then leave him, we can leave him here and we both can go to Mr. Handsome, Tanu says stop it, we wont talk about it again, I dont like Rishi so dont even think about it, Natasha says fine let me sleep. Tanu glares at her and leaves.

Naitra is hugging Rishi and says I am scared, Rishi asks why you are crying? Naitra says I feel like I will lose this house, Tanya and you, I will lose everything, Rishi says I told you that I cant give you my life but I promise you you are part of this house and will be. Naitra hugs him. Rishi says lets go in house, she nods and let him go.

Abhi is punching bag and recalls Natasha not choosing him over Rishi. Tanu comes there and stops music. Abhi asks why did she stop it? Tanu says you should sleep. Abhi says I am restless, Tanu says Natasha is a kid, they like anything temporarily, Abhi says you are right. Tanu wipes him with towel and says you are sweating a lot,you should take shower, you take kid’s talk to heart, dont do it. Abhi is mesmerized seeing her wiping him. She asks what? he looks away and takes towel, he says nothing,I was just thinking Natasha likes that arrogant Rishi more than me, this is wrong, my Natasha should have one favorite that is Abhishek Khurana, I wouldnt like at all if she likes arrogant Rishi more than me, he looks pained and leaves. Tanu is worried.

Rishi is in Tanya’s room with Naitra, he asksher if she is fine? she nods and looks scared. Rishi says I know you are not fine, something is wrong, tell me what is it? Naitra says you will not separate me from Tanya? rishi says what are you even saying? you are Tanya’s mother, how can I separate mother and daughter? thats just a sin to even think about. Rishi puts hand on her hand and says nothing like that will happen, okay? Naitra nods, Rishi asks her to relax and take care, he sees Tanya sleeping and smiles.

In morning, Abhi is still tensed. Natasha comes there and greets them. Abhi smiles at her. Natasha says to Abhi that I found answer to your question, I love you most, you are my favorite, Abhi gets happy and says I love you too princess. Abhi says to Tanu that you were right, I was overthinking, he says I love you Natasha and leaves. Natasha says to Tanu that I told you truth, I love papa but I like Mr. Handsome most, Tanu says why do you like him? Natasha says because he is very nice, Tanu says if you love papa then break your friendship with Mr. Handsome, he is elder than you, you should make friends of your age, when he breaks this friendship then your heart will breakdown, Natasha says I will break his face if he tries to break my heart but I wont let him break our friendship, she leaves, Tanu thinks that Rishi broke my heart 7 years ago but I coped with it somehow but I dont know if Natasha will be able to bear it and Abhishek, he loved Natasha most.

Scene 2
Abhi is in office, his friend comes there. Abhi hugs him. Samar asks Abhi how is the surprise? Abhi says Samar did you know Rohit was coming? Rohit says mom wants to find a girl for me so I had to come from America, Abhi says you are gone. Abhi sees Tanu coming in his office. Rohit says she is beautiful and amazing, Abhi nudges her. Tanu comes there and says Abhi you left this file at home. Rohit asks Samar if she is his wife or secretary. Abhi makes them meet, Abhi says to Rohit that she is my friend Tanu, Tanu says I am his caretaker, Abhi says she can act like my good wife too. Tanu greets them and starts leaving, Abhi says be careful, call me if you need, Tanu smiles and leaves. Samar and Rohit smiles, Rohit says you are in love, Samar says he doesnt believe it, Abhi says you people say rubbish,he looks away but thinks.

Rano comes home from jogging. Naitra brings water for her but Rano calls for servant, Naitra says he has gone to market, I have brought lemonade for you. Rano says when my son and you dont care for me then what can I expect from a servant? I asked you to keep Tanya away from Natasha but you allowed Tanya to go to her house? cant you handle your daughter? dont you know about coming storm? Rishi comes there and says no storm is going to come, Tanya and Natasha are friends, classmates, nobody should have problem with that, dont worry about it. Rano says okay but Natasha’s mother and Tanya’s father had old friendship and that can create problems, Rishi says nothing like that is going to happen. Rano says I dont trust you when it comes to Tanuja. Rishi says Tanya’s mother is standing infront of you, and a mother is strong, no storm can break her, he looks at Naitra and nods at her, he says to Rano that you are a mother too…. see you later, he leaves. Rano leaves too. Naitra says my strength is Rishi and Tanya, it took 7 years to win your trust, I wont break your trust now, I will tell you truth, I will tell you that Natasha is your daughter, Natasha has right to get her father’s love, and you should get your daughter.

Abhi is passingby meeting room and sees Tanu talking with someone, he gets lost in her and smiles, he stealthily looks at her and smiles, he recalls his moments with her, when she acted like his wife, Tanu sees him standing and smiling at her, he hides behind door and recalls Tanu wiping his sweat with care. He looks in room again but Tanu comes out and asks why were you looking inside? he says you, she says what? he says I was finding new girl that joined, Tanu asks if you are coming to school for Natasha’s meeting? abhi says I would come but I have work, Tanu says I will go alone then, she leaves, Abhi looks on.

Tanu comes to school, she sits beside Natasha, Natasha says to Tanu that dont listen to teacher, they lie, Tanya says yes they do. Rishi comes there and calls out Tanya, Tanya and Natasha rushes to him. Natasha makes him with her on bench in which Tanu is sitting on other side. Teacher says Tanya got good grades, Tanu congrats her, Rishi gives her hi-five. Teacher says there is one student, she was very naughty and used to bother everyone and we were thinking of rusticating her but she miracily changed, she is very good now, Tanu is surprised to hear it, Tanya hugs her. Teacher says to Rishi that Natasha didnt use to do her homework but she completes it now, she is brilliant in maths. Rishi hugs Natasha, one father asks Rishi if he is her father? he says yes in spur of a moment but realizes his words and worriedly looks at Tanu. Rishi says I mean her father is my good friend, he eyes Tanu warily. Tanu gets awkward. Kids leave for computer class. Natasha greets Rishi and talks to him before leaving, Tanu sees them together and what kind of fate is this? I try to separate them but they come more closer.

PRECAP- Naitra comes to Rishi’s room,she sees him lying on bed and thinks that I will tell him truth today, I dont know how will react or if he will stay with me any longer but I will tell him. Naitra sees Rishi busy on laptop and his back to her, Naitra gulps and says Rishi Natasha is your daughter, your and Tanuja’s daughter.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I luv ths serial a lot. I want dat natra should either get patner as abhi or punab with her biological daughter tanya. Then it would be more interesting. And evry bdy will get there life patner.

    1. Pz tell kasam is not going off ait or not???
      I love Ak and tanu

      first time hero is accha koe dekra hai and that is ak

  2. Please don’t separate Rishi and tanu the name of show is kasam they must know the truth of 7 years ago

  3. So finally Ak realised his love for tanu
    story is very interesting

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    omg !!! I loved the Abhishek Tanu moment … awww, he was totally smitten with her awww n hiding like a young lad spying at his lady love awww ???

  5. Is Kasam really going off air ? If so when? Anyone please reply

    1. kasam isn’t going off air. Maybe kasam’s time slot will be changed.

      1. Kitne bage lage ga any idea?

      2. VINAL

        Mabel Kasam has got time slot of 5.30 or 6.00 pm

  6. The story is all about Tanshi. I don’t think Tanshi will be separated. Amit (Abhishekh) comes to every serial as a very good human then becomes a villain. Create so much problems in hero heroine’s life but can’t separate them. Tanshi is the heart of the show . They can’t be separated

  7. @ Mohammad farrokh Lagha

    Man you don’t know even how to spell your name. What are you doing here???

    My god man who can’t spell his own name is judging the show.

    Dude go home and sleep.
    Don’t you dare to call people fake.

    I wasn’t writing for few days. But I read my name many times.
    I just don’t want to be famous between stupid people like you.

    So I am asking you peacefully , nicely-STOP TAKING MY NAME.

    You don’t have brain , you don’t have sense sensibility, you don’t have anything so go and sleeep. Good for you and for us.

    Calling fake – ha ha ha.
    I know who you are , and really don’t feel like insulting my intelligence by getting involve with any comment exchange with you.

    Many people do want to interact by provoking me.
    But you know what you don’t matter to me.
    I am not commenting anything on your comment BECAUSE you are lost cause.
    Who will never understand anything.

    I read you comment on people who are calling you fake , don’t get hurt.
    I wouldn’t have commneted if I had not read your honesty….I am with you.

    I can say say you are kasam fan like me.

    I like your comments. ..

    And I assure you if anyone again attack you that person will see me replying them
    Bless you !!!

    1. Thanks a lot Akki bro. I think I should avoid those haters. Whatever I know everyone has right to share their views and thoughts but some haters ( I think 1/2 with different names) try to underestimate me and kasam fans by mentioning their name. They are not only bad but also mad because of their lame logics. From now I will try to ignore them.In this website or in other social networking sites. I will try to interact with only kasam fans.

    2. mohammad farrokh lagha

      hey aditi, ah ,no priyal,ah no, fake kasam ah no akkie,
      i am proud if i have spelling mistak, but
      i have morality and decency to obey gods commads and take a marraige between a man and wife ,respectable and holy ,not
      like you as member of LUT PROPHET’S people ,who were sank in their sins ,
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      group of your fake names biting the ankle of pants of all decent people ,who say something against the show.
      as far as waste of space rishi’s believe’s goes, the woman , tanuja is married with a daughter and husband ,who frankly asking him to leave them alone not climing the wall of her bedroom in middle of night and asking her to stay with her all night.
      hey even you LUT PEOPLE , if someone does this to your brother’s wife , then you still supporting him? shame on you ,the forgotten god’s creatures.
      i wouldn’t waste my time on you sinfull creatures ,because the right and moral members will understand you lost people.

  8. Kitne bage lage ga any idea?

  9. I like so much an and tanuja jodi don’t separate them plzzz

    1. Too lika Ak tanu jodi
      Ak kitna cute dekra tha when chup chup ke tanu ki dekte time pe
      I just hope kasam 7 bage lage

  10. Too lika Ak tanu jodi
    Ak kitna cute dekra tha when chup chup ke tanu ki dekte time pe
    I just hope kasam 7 bage lage

  11. @mohammad farrokh
    Boy shot your mouth else I will start talking about you people are not ashamed for 3-4 wives. Even if she is 13 years old.

    So shut the f…… up

    Liked the way you understood that intelligence is waisted on fools ?

    You are sensible girl. Be the way you are.
    We all have right to share our opinion.

    We are not stupid like Mohammad who is calling us fake. BecUse he doesn’t have good argument … he is talking about women respect , married and all.
    When he doesn’t know about heart, feeling janam janam then whybto waste our time.

    Let’s say these haters were there and are there. I personally believe they are frustrated and to pour it out they got this column.

    Avoid these creatures. They are virus.

    Let’s enjoy our show like we always did.

    Where have you gone … come
    Back. You are missed

    1. mohammad farrokh lagha

      hey coming back dirty fake kasam , whatever u threatened me with it is ur true LUT nature ,in which u was showing us as fake kasam and akkie, u can try to bite ankel’s pants or make noise of barking , but it does not make any difference to me , as your leader is devil and mine god,say the dirtiest words by judgement of decent people being sinful and dirty but for u , the rutine normal words , but I will not involve myself with cream of sin , you can bark as long as being out of breath ,I have my god on my side,therefor I didn’t hide myself ,because u are going to show your ugly and disgusting true personality , O..O…O this is your voice bye byeaditi,akkie,fake kasam,pariyal….

      1. Spoiler for this week
        (Read them at your own risk)
        Natasha will meet with an accident while saving Tanya and will get hurt. She would be requiring blood and her blood group would match to rishis. So unknowingly that Natasha is her biological daughter he would save her life.

    2. Akki bro please don’t say anything wrong about Islam. I am a Muslim bro. Mohammed Farrokh is a mad man don’t judge Muslims with his comments. You must be from another religion that’s why you have some misconceptions about Islam. Please don’t drag religion for a drama.
      Akki bro you are a very nice person that’s why I am telling you this. Thanks for your support.

      Farrokh is a mad man just ignore him. I have never seen such a disgusting and stupid person like Farrokh.I am also trying to ignore him.

    3. I think Farrokh is the same hater who used to irritate us. See those haters had spelling problems. She used to mention our names.She always used to say that her society, religion, community and blah blah. He is doing the same things. I am sure he is the same person. How cheap he is. Go to hell Farrokh. I will never give you any reply.

  12. @mohMmad farrokh

    Haven’t you finished your studies ???
    First you didn’t learn how to write your name.

    Plus when someone points at it , you like some dumb person says I am proud of my mistake.

    I have not seen anyone who is proud of their own names spelling error. Normally people love their name because that’s their identity.

    We are here reply and interacting with you because you called us fake.

    Imagine we must be laughing our heart out knowing you can’t even guess if people are many or fake.

    You are the stupidest person I am
    Interacting here.

    Many times haters but stupid like you oh god.

    Mohammad – stupid ” suits you.

    Byee stupid ?

    Hi …. I am learning from
    You how to give these people back

    I didn’t visite the site once I wrote my comment saw disgraceful commmet today only when I came here to put my commmet.
    Like akki said let’s avoid these haters.

    P.S loved the episode. And I really like that cute Abhishek hiding moment.
    And the song was so apt on him.

    1. Thanks for the advice Priyal. Yes I am trying to ignore him.Farrokh is really a disgusting and stupid person.

  13. These were just half of the spoilers. If anyone wants I can upload the complete spoilers

  14. @aditi
    Okay sweet sis I won’t.
    And I am sorry if have hurt you.

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