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Tanuja comes to Rishi and tries to speak to him wondering why he is going to Puna. Rishi says now he would only listen to her after she has got the project. Naitra watches the argument between them.
Bee ji was angry at Raaj for marrying that foreigner who brought Poorab into their lives.
Naitra was excited to tell Rano that Rishi was angry with Tanuja. Rano suggests her to go with Rishi to Puna and steal him from Tanuja there. Tanuja overhear this conversation from outside the room. Bee ji comes there and calls Tanuja, Tanuja runs away. Rano comes outside and asks if she called Tanuja. Bee ji wonders why she would speak to Tanuja, she was telling a pigeon to leave. She feels love for Rano at which Rano thinks she needs rest.
Bee ji comes to the side where Tanuja was.
Rano comes to tell

Naitra about her next plan.
There, Bee ji asks if Rano wants Naitra to go with Rishi, Naitra would take Rishi away from Tanuja then. She tells Tanuja to stop Naitra from going along Rishi. Tanuja thinks she must stop Rishi here, everything would be fine once Rishi is in front of him. Naitra was determined to get Rishi in Puna.
Tanuja tells Bee ji Ahana would stop Rishi from going. There, Manpreet was hiding himself under the cushion as Ahana deterred to break his face, she insists on him to go to Puna and prove himself. Manpreet denies. Tanuja says he must be in Puna, she needs Rishi here… clarifying in office. She asks if Manpreet can’t do this much for her. Manpreet agrees to go, but asks videogames in return. Tanuja asks if he is a kid. Manpreet qualifies even elders’ play games. Both Ahana and Tanuja leave. Manpreet helplessly get to sleep.
Tanuja thinks she has ruined Naitra’s game, Naitra was excited to go to Puna.
Poorab sat burning some papers and say it would be fun when the family would burn. Naitra comes to Rishi in the hall, she gets Rano’s call who tells her that her mother got a heart attack. She poses to be worried and promises her dad to come by next flight. She then poses her father said there was no flight, she promises she would come with Rishi as he is going to Puna. Rishi assures they would go, then asks what happened to her. Rano comes from behind and says she had malaria. Rishi says that’s not a big problem.
In the room, Tanuja tries to speak to Rishi who was not in a mood to listen. She brings out his beddings and set it for him. He comes out of the bath, throws the towel on the couch and brings another blanket. He tells her to stay as an owner and not be a wife. He lay down angrily. Tanuja thinks Manpreet would go in the morning, Rishi would stay here and she will surely make him up.
The next morning, Tanuja wakes up at the alarm. She finds out the wardrobe empty and figures Rishi had left already. She goes behind him and tries to stop Rishi who was leaving the house. Both Rano and Tanuja run to stop Rishi, Rano says Naitra is coming. Tanuja wasn’t ready to let him go, both parties drag Rishi towards them. Manpreet and UV enjoy all this. Rishi and Tanuja fell down together on the floor, Rishi supporting Tanuja’s head from getting hurt. Ahana and Bee ji were happy. Rano tells Rishi to get up. Rishi angrily asks Tanuja to leave his hand but notices their sleeves had been stuck together. Tanuja says he can’t do this and removes it, she says she must cut it. Rishi watches her struggle with her teeth. Naitra comes to part it and breaks Tanuja’s bracelet.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Manpreet to keep an eye over Tanuja, and heads to Puna. He calls Naitra. Tanuja was determined to stop Naitra anyway and leave for Puna as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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