Kartik Purnima 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Soni gets to know that Purnima is not a maid

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Kartik Purnima 24th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Bina thanks Soni for having such a good engagement event. She asks if She asks if Purnima did her work? Soni says I don’t want to talk about that black spot.

Soni does roka ceremony for Shanaya and Sumrit. Bina teases Sumrit.

Kuldeep asks Bina to give him the engagement ring. Bina says you don’t have it? I think I forgot to take it. Kuldeep says I will call Purnima here. Bina thinks that if she comes here then they will know that she is not a servant.

Purnima says I have to take this ring there but then they will know truth.

Kartik asks Kuldeep what happened? Kuldeep says Bina forgot the ring at home. I should go and bring it. Kartik says no, I will go and bring it. Beeji says Purnima will give it to him. Kartik leaves.

Purnima says I can’t keep it here, I will go there and give it. She leaves the house.

Soni tells Kuldeep that you shouldn’t be that careless. She says let’s wait for Kartik to come back.

Purnima is outside Soni’s house and says I can’t go inside otherwise Soni will know. Kartik comes out and says you? Purnima says can you give this ring to Shanaya? It’s her engagement ring. Kartik says you can come inside. Purnima doesn’t listen and leaves. Kartik takes the ring inside.

Soni is angry at Bina for forgetting the ring. Chachi says Bina should have been more responsible. Kartik brings the ring and says Purnima brought it, I tried to stop her but she left from the gate only. Soni says let’s start the ceremony.

Purnima is outside Soni’s house but her scooty won’t start.

Sumrit and Shanaya exchange the rings. Sumrit goes to introduce her.

Purnima sees some spark and fire starting in the lounge from a window. She says I have to stop this fire. She sees Bina’s saree catching fire. She runs inside and shouts mummy. She runs to her and throws water on her saree. All are shocked. She hugs her and says mummy are you fine? Soni thinks that it means Purnima is not their servant but their daughter. She says you? Purnima says I came to give Shanaya’s ring but I saw the fire and had to come inside, she asks Bina to be careful, I can’t lose another mother. Nani thinks that she is destroying Shanaya’s life. Bina asks Purnima to stop it, she tells Soni that we we don’t discriminate between girls. Chachi says I have never seen a servant calling her boss her mom. Kuldeep says what? She is not a maid, she my daughter. all are shocked. Kuldeep says she is Shanaya’s elder sister and not some servant. He thanks Purnima for saving Bina. Soni says so she is not a servant? He says yes. Chachi says Bina was lying about her own daughter? She made her work here as a servant too. Wow! Shanaya has a fair complexion and Purnima is her sister? You said she is a servant and we accepted it. Kuldeep asks Bina if she made her a servant? Purnima says no they had a misunderstanding and we didn’t get time to clarify it. Chachi says to Soni that they lied to us. Kuldeep says enough, you can’t insult my daughter. Soni says the party is over. She leaves from there.

PRECAP- Sumrit tells Kartik that they must have been scared of Soni’s hatred towards dark complexion. Kartik says they shouldn’t have lied.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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