Karn Sangini 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Faces A Hard Time

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Kasturi shows gold coins given by Karn to her father and says she has to show her intelligence, so she can keep these coins for herself, but she will not do that. Father asks what she will do then. She says she will build Karn’s biggest monument which can be seen from even other dynasties around and it will be remembered for generations. Father asks what Uruvi must be thinking then. On the other side, Uruvi borrows Karn’s childhood bow from Radha and says Karn wanted her to do something unique, so she will open schools were underprivileged students can get education and become competent warriors and good human being like Karn. Radha says Karn will definitely like this idea. Uruvi draws school painting with guru teaching students under tree. Kasturi gets Karn’s biggest idol painted to make its idol. Aunt walks in and informs Kasturi about Uruvi’s painting.

Uruvi walks away after drawing school painting and is shocked to see it spoilt by a blanket dorned man. She pulls away blanket and is shocked to see Karn. Karn reminisces catching Kasturi spoiling painting and protecting her when Uruvi enters. Kasturi hides behind sofa. Uruvi confronts Karn, and Karn says he wants her to lose competition. She is shocked hearing that. Karn continues that he has started loving Kasturi and wants to make her as his patrani. Kasturi shatters hearing that. Next day in court, Kasturi presents her painting and says whole world will remember Karn’s monument. They wait for Uruvi. Kasturi tells her father that Uruvi will not come. Karn says since Uruvi did not come yet, he announces Kasturi as his patrani. Kasturi promises that she will follow her duty as patrani being along her husband always. Radha angrily walks away from there.

Radha walks to Uruvi’s room where Uruvi sits shocked remembering Karn’s changed behavior. Radha walks in asks why did not she come to court with her idea. Uruvi says when Karn does not love her, what is the use of competing. Karn walks in. Radha confronts Karn for ignoring Uruvi and asks if he married Uruvi to betray her. Uruvi tries to speak. Radha says she is ashamed to call Karn as her son and will take Uruvi to her hut, let Karn be in this palace with his patrani. Karn stands amused seeing his mother opposing him. Radha walks via corridor where Kasturi thanks her for making her patrani because of her foolish behavior and anger towards Uruvi; she can take Uruvi and her relatives with her and let me and Karn enjoy in this palace. Radha says she did a big sin by letting her in Karn’s life second time even after knowing her greedy nature.

Karn does suryanamaskar in the morning. An old man walks in and says he wants to go on holy piligrame. Karn says he can make arrangements. Old man says even he can make arrangements, but he cannot go with his weak and old body. Karn says he will send vaidya and servants along him. Old man says he needs Karn’s body and knows Karn is daan veer and will not reject his request. Karn is about to agree happily when Kasturi hearing that stops him and says he cannot donate his body. Karn confronts her that he never rejects any pleas during suryanamaskar. Kasturi says his body is not only his and she will not let him do that.

Precap: Kasturi confesses all her heinous crimes in front of Karn and says she did all that to grab Karn’s and cannot lose it for an old man. Karn is shocked to hear her confession.

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