Karn Sangini 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Can Uruvi Prove Her Worth

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Uruvi serves ailing Radha and feeds her food like a kid. Radha smiles. Uruvi tells her that Karn is worried for her health and is donating 100 mann/400 kg gold. Kasturi with her father’s help changes gold coins with gold painted brass coins and thinks Karn is fool to donate 100 mann gold, she will not let that happen. Uruvi continues serving Radha whole night, pressing Radha’s legs. Next morning, Kasturi sends gold bags via servants to donate. A few coins fall down. Uruvi picks coins and sees paint smeared on brass coins. She realizes Kasturi’s heinous act and rushes to inform Karn, but Karn is busy hearing people’s plea and doing justice. She gets a plan to stop him and interfering in between says Karn should do justice to his wife first. Karn says what is her plea. Uruvi says she needs alimony as 100 mann gold. People yell how dare she is what kind of a woman she is to seek alimony and end her marriage with king. Karn orders to give 100 mann gold from his personal accounts.

Uruvi receives 100 mann gold alimony and hurriedly exchanges it Kasturi’s fake gold. Kasutri walks in and taunts that she broke up her relationship to help daridra/poor people, they would have accepted even brass coins. Uruvi reverts back saying she is more daridra than those poor people as she knows only to trick and steal things. Kasturi gets frustrated and giving Rudraksha maala and Uruvi’s bag asks her to leave palace now as she is not Karn’s wife now; boasts that Uruvi herself gave her right to me to stay here forever and enjoy Patrani’s position. Maid informs Kasturi that king is calling her to perform Patrani ritual. Kasturi walks away smirking at Uruvi. Uruvi thinks she cannot let greedy Kasturi fool Karn and ruin his life forever after becoming his patrani.

Kasturi’s patrani rituals start with she and Karn sit in havan pooja and Radha with others watching rituals. Pandit asks to perform pheras and announce Kasturi as his patrani. Uruvi walks in and says Karn has done injustice between his 2 wives and cannot consider kasturi as patrani. Kasturi angrily shouts, but Karn says he never does partiality, so both his wives have to prove who can become patrani by passing 3 tests. He explains 3 tests in detail. Pandit says they need prasad for maha pooja. Karn says god himself gave 1 test, Uruvi and Kasturi have to prepare prasad. Kasturi says she will prepare maha bhog, Uruvi says she will prepare halwa. Karn says they Uruvi cannot prepare halwa, both will be given ingredients by family members and they have to prepare prasad with whatever ingredients are given.

Precap: Kasturi prepares laddoos and Uruvi prepares batashe/sweet candies for prasad. Aunts yell they cannot serve cheap batashe as prasad.

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