Karn Sangini 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shubhra’s Evil Ploy

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Shubhra and her husband walk into Uruvi’s jail cell and sees her drawing Karn’s sketch on wall. Window opens. Shubhra stands surprised. Krishna speaks and says he helps whoever prays and calls him for help. Uruvi collapses saying she loves Karn and will marry only him. On the other side, Karn tells Ashwathama that Uruvi’s swayamwar is after 3 days, but he did not get invitation yet. Ashwathama says nobody can defeat him in battlefield, but he is still novoice in love; women’s nature is to wait, but men’s nature is to move head. Karn says but..Ashwathama leaves by then.

Maid gives informs Shubhra that Karn’s mother Radha has sent Karn and Uruvis wedding proposal. Shubhra fumes that a maid is daring to get her son married to a princess, she has to show her place now. She sends invitation via maid.

Karn tries to write letter to Uruvi and thinks what to write, if she will accept his proposal or not. Maid delivers Shubhra’s message to Radha and says Shubhra accepted her proposal and wants to meet her. Radha happily goes to meet Shubhra. Shubhra says she is glad to meet her and asks her to sit, throws juice on chair and asks her to sit on next chair. Radha sits. Shubhra says she came to talk about their children’s alliance, so she should show her dance like she used to in her youth. Radha agrees. Shubhra throws ghungroo in front of her and asks to wear it and dance. Radha wears ghungroo and dances. Maids discuss Shubhra called Radha to insult. Uruvi wakes up and hears their conversation, runs towards Shubhra’s room thinking if Shubhra will insult Radha. Shubhra throws coins on Radha and starts insulting her that she is a dance and will always be, it is in her blood. She dared to bring her sooth son’s alliance, her sooth blood cannot turn into kshatriya, she son got kingdom in charity, etc. She continues insulting Radha. Radha stands shocked and shattered. Uruvi enters. Shubhra gets tensed thinking if Uruvi heard her conversation.

Precap: Radha challenges Shubhra that sooth color will overpower her khatriya blood and her daughter will marry Karn soon. Karn and Uruvi slip and fall on one another.

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  1. This shubra have no character she made kunti to test the boon and after karn was born she made kunti to abandon him and now alleging karn as lower caste such a disgusting character even by fiction Thank god it is just a fiction but not in real mahabharath.

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