Karn Sangini 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Is In Perils

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Karn asks Radha how can he love Uruvi. Radha says he loves her from before, but is taking time to realize. Uruvi tells her parents that she loves Karn. Shubdha shouts she cannot love a sooth putra. Uruvi says it is not his mistake. Shubdha shouts when his own mother disowned him, how will she accept Karn as son-in-law. Uruvi requests her to accept Karn as he is very competent and became king with his competency. Shubdha says never. Uruvi tries to step on glass strands. Shubdha keeps her hand on glass to protect Uruvi. Uruvi asks when she is so worried about her, why can’t she accept Karn. Radha tells Karn that Uruvi will accept him for sure and showing him in mirror says she sees a king and not sooth putra.

Uruvi gets adamant that she will marry only Karn. Shubdha angrily orders soldiers to chain Uruvi and throw her in dark jail. Soldier chain her in shackles and drag her towards jail. Her aide pleads Uruvi to forget Karn as she is afraid of darkness and cannot stay in jail. Uruvi says she has chosen her path. Radha thinks she will send Karn’s wedding invitation to Pukeya.

Uruvi is locked in jail. Shubdha walks in and says once she forgets Karn, she can ring bell. Uruvi rings bell and says she will never forget Karn. Shubdha angrily walks out ordering guards to infuse slow poisonous gas into jail chamber.

Karn meets Duryodhan. Duryodhan says Arjun dear Uruvi’s swayamvar is happening, don’t know whom arrogant Uruvi will marry. Radha walks in thinking of informing about her decision to send wedding invitation to Pukeya and take suggestion what gift to send. Bhanumati says she has selected her friend for Karn. Radha gets happy that she is talking about Uruvi, but Bhanumati says her maid’s daughter. Radha fumes that her son will not marry a maid’s daughter.

Shubdha returns to her husband. Husband asks if Uruvi will break down and forget Karn. Shubdha says she will. Uruvi starts losing her consciousness and thinks she will die than forgetting Karn. Karn on the other side thinks he cannot forget Uruvi. Uruvi’s parents open jail door and fume seeing her drawing Karn’s sketch on wall.

Precap: Radha takes Karn and Uruvi’s wedding proposal to Shubdha. Shubdha insults her to be in her limits and calls her sooth. Radha takes oath that Uruvi will bear a sooth child.

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