Karn Sangini 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Threatens Kasturi

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Uruvi searches for clue in kitchen and seeing someone throws blanket on him and asks who is she. She sees Karn and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to check how fire was caught, but everything is cleared here. Uruvi asks him to go before someone sees and alleges him for doing injustice and helping his wife. Karn says it be, he wants Uruvi to get rid off her allegations like she got him rid off his allegations; he believes that clue will not be found itself, they have to check via 6th sense. Uruvi reminisces whole incident in detail and realizes ghee was put on her way and fire torch was far away, but fell. She reminisces Karn’s suggestion to use her 6th sense and walks near torch. She is surprised to see a thread and remembers seeing it somewhere else. She reminisces Kasturi tying same Champa Resham thread to tree and praying god to reunite her with her husband and telling she will not share anything related to her husband, then Chandi maa temple’s incident, etc., and realizes Kasturi has not lost her memory at all.

Kasturi in her room thinks if she can speed up time, she can punish Uruvi and get her rid off Karn’s life. Uruvi enters with medicine and asks her to have it. Kasturi asks her not to feel bad about her father allegations as he is woried for her, everything will be alright tomorrow. Uruvi smilingly says she knows as she tied champa resham thread to holy tree. Kasturi sees thread and says it is fake. Uruvi says seller told it is pure champa resham thread. Kasturi says one she tied the other day in temple in front of her was real champa resham thread. Uruvi confronts her that she did not lose memory at all and reminding all her incidents tell she will inform about her lies. Kasturi says how will she without any proof, Karn will not believe her, she is sorry for her. Aunt enters and asks why she is sorry on Uruvi. Kasturi says Uruvi will be punished tomorrow. Aunt thinks Kasturi is pitying on her sautan.

Uruvi goes to Radha’s room and tells she wants to tell her big secret which she does not have proof of. Radha asks to go ahead. Uruvi says Kasturi is tricking them all and has not lost her memory. She describes whole story in detail and says Kasturi is angry on her, but why she is troubling even Karn. Radha says she knows answer, Kasturi is very possessive about her things and cannot share them with anyone, especially when she knows Karn loves Uruvi and not Kasturi anymore.

Precap: A blind man pleads Karn that culprit has to lose eye for blinding his eye. Karn asks who in his family blinded his eye. Man points at Kasturi.

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