Karn Sangini 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Arjun Feels Guilty

Karn Sangini 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun meets Karn that whatever happened to Karn is not right and he did not know about that, Karn should believe him. Karn says even if he does believe him, he believes a warrior and is sure warrior is always loyal to himself. Arjun thanks him and says he feels very guilty and wants to gift Karn something, so Karn can ask anything. Karn says he always did charity and never took anything. Karn insists. Karn gets up with Uruvi’s help and hugging Arjun says he should fight in battlefield without any guilt. Arjun tells Uruvi that he always took something from him whenever he met, even today he is taking a pressure of Karn’s greatness on himself. Once he leaves, Radha gets emotional that there must be many warriors, but her son is unique as he has guts to hug his enemy, so she cannot

stop him from attending war.

Karn practices archery blindfolded and sensing someone shoots arrows towards his feet. Duryodhan enters and says Karn’s archery knowledge is great, tomorrow Karn will face his biggest enemy Arjun in war tomorrow. Karn stands silently. Duryodhan says he is amused to see Karn not fuming hearing his enemy’s name and reminds how Arjun insulted him repeatedly. Karn reminisces events where Arjun calls him charioteer, etc.., and says he did not forget anything and is thinking how to use powerful arrow gifted by Indra Dev after donating his kavach kundals/armor and earrings. Duryodhan says Arjun cannot escape Karn’s powerful arrow for sure.

Karn walks into Uruvi’s room and searches. Uruvi enters. Their emotional discussion starts, and Uruvi says she wants to print his image in her heart as he will go on a war and will return after many days. Karn says he is indebted to her words and tears and is bound to return to her. Next morning, Karn gets ready for war. Uruvi wishes him good luck and says he should fight so bravely and peple should know he is maharathi/great warrior. Duryodhan enters and says not maharathi, ardhrathi/incompetent warrior. Karn asks what does he mean. Duryodhan says Bhisma Pitamaha thinks that he is ardhrathi and being a suth puthra, he is not competent to fight. Karn says under Pitamaha’s guidance, he may not show his true potential. Duryodhan says that is why he wants him to not attend war as he does not want his friend to be insulted.

Karn fumes restlessly after being stopped from attending war. Radha walks to him. Karn says Bhisma Pitamaha thinks a suth putra is not equal to khatriyas and should not attend war with them. Radha says everyone knows he is Kunti putra and a khatriya. On the other side, Uruvi meets Krishna and asks why Pitamaha has such a low thinking. Krishna reveals that Pitamaha knows Karn is Kunti’s elder son and from his family, so he does not want 2 brothers to fight and shed each other’s blood. Uruvi apologizes for thinking Pitamaha wrong. Karn continues venting out his anger and says he wants to be respected for his bravery. Time passes, Radha thinks 11 days have passed and she does not know who will die in war today.

Precap: Uruvi wishes Karn good luck for war saying a new chapter is waiting to be made and nobody can Deny Karn’s bravery. Kunti enters.

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