Karan Kundrra calls Pratik’s mother stupid; Later Apologized

Bigg BOss house has an effect on it’s housemates that it manages to bring out the worst in them.  Abusing each other, calling names, making nasty remarks is something that is often seen as a part of every fight amongst the contestants and we have seen it in all the seasons over the years. And the stooping down knows no bounds. This week Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal locked horns over the word ‘stupid’ but it went too ahead when the former lost control of his stand.

When Pratik called Tejasswi Prakash stupid, what followed was a serious retaliation from Karan’s side. The former alleged that stupid is not a bad word and he doesn’t feel that anything is wrong with him calling her that. However, Karan didn’t feel that it was right on Pratik’s part and so the fight began. As the former tried to prove himself right, he questioned the latter if he would listen to somebody calling any of his loved ones ‘stupid’. Following his argument, Karan went on to say, “Teri maa stupid.” He further added that he won’t listen to Pratik calling his girlfriend ‘stupid’.

Going ahead, everybody tried to stop Karan from losing track of what he is saying. Pratik also got raged out and charged against him. While everybody asked Karan to mind his words, he didn’t pay heed. Following this Shamita Shetty screamed at him and lashed out for taking a wrong stand. She stated that he might be right in supporting Tejasswi but he isn’t right in calling Pratik’s mother ‘stupid’.

This topic was picked up once again during the ‘galatfehmi ke gubbare’ task with host Salman Khan. When asked to explain, Pratik shared his side of the story and Karan stated that he was just trying to prove his point. The latter added that he later realised that the comparison he drew was wrong and apologised to Pratik. Reacting to this, Pratik said, “Yaar, please.”

Later, Shamita had a calm conversation with Karan and explained how he went wrong with his words during the argument. She further explained that Tejasswi should and could have stopped him but didn’t which was wrong

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  1. Pratik is one of the most polite participants in the life of the big boss
    He never cursed anyone’s mother and father and always cried in a corner after insulting his mother. I feel very bad for him in those moments and he was like an innocent child.
    Only Nishant noticed this feature in his
    This is the reason for his support
    Nishant is a real mother 😁😍

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